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Asian Fusion kitchen, concept of shared plates, large and small. Mixing of various japanese, thai, vietnamese and other dishes and flavours.

Open lunch and dinner.

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2013 Mar 12
“using Japanese flavours for the North American palate."

What does he mean by that lol.

2013 Mar 12
Shirako!!! Shirako for everybody!!!!

2013 Mar 11
"Izakaya Gets a Chef with Izakaya Experience in Japan"

2012 Dec 9
Another amazing meal at Izakaya. This is their chicken curry, a delightful mélange of textures and flavours skillfully prepared and artfully presented by Chef Radford and his team. If you haven't yet been to Izakaya, I recommend sampling the small plates during happy hour, 3 to 6 weekdays and after 10 'til closing. 25% off and $6 featured wines. This is one of the best and most interesting new restaurants in Ottawa.

2012 Aug 17
Went here not to long ago for dinner with a friend and have to say that overall it was quite good, better than I expected after reading some poorer reviews.
- Decor: We sat outside, it was a gorgeous day but we had a look inside and the interior decor is very nice.
- Drinks: We tried two different cocktails. I had the Izakaya cosmo which has kaffir lime and ginger syrup and mandarin in it, I quite enjoyed this twist on a classic cocktail. My friend had the Izakaya Caesar and didn't especially care for it, said the Wasabi in it was too overpowering.
- Service: Average, nothing to complain about, nothing to rave about. Standard 15% tip style service.

For dinner we split two mains:
- Beef Basil Stirfry: We both really enjoyed this dish. My only complaint would be that it was quite a bit spicier than I expected, not mentioned on the menu that it will be spicy as I'm not the biggest fan of heat.
-Shrimp Vermicelli: I really liked this dish, much more than the first. Lots of shrimp in the dish, good curry flavour, and portion was generous.

We will definitely go back. There are so many interesting dishes on their menu that I want to try.

2012 Jul 15
Went here last night for a special dinner with my Nana, who loves Asian food and anything Asian inspired. I had been initially suspicious of this place after seeing the name and then reading the menu - not like any ikakaya I've eaten before and I've been to several in Vancouver. However I did not want to let my judgement of the place get in the way of good food... I should have listened to my gut.

We came by early, about 6:00pm, as my Nan is nearly 80 and enjoys eating dinner at "dinner time". We were seated straightaway and before we'd even had a chance to pick up the menus someone asked us for a drink order. Prompt, but a little too prompt given that we didn't know our options yet! Eventually I did order a prosecco. One comment about the menus - incredibly awkward to read. Super stylized - and I get the design concept - but kind of counter to the purpose of informing customers of their eating options.

The plates we decided to try were the scallop ceviche, veggie tempura (added the shrimp) and the dumplings. I have only good things to say about the ceviche; fresh tastes, combining scallops, avocado, radishes, fresh hot peppers and sprouts. Yum! Could have done without the plantain chips on the side but that's a small thing.

The veggie tempura was just ok. I loved the long beans and the mushrooms but the asparagus was a very bizarre choice. Also I felt that the whole thing was a little greasy instead of crisp. For the three shrimp we were charged $9 and they were definitely sub par shrimp tempura. The batter (on everything except the long beans) was way too thick and there were points where it was almost muffin like in texture. Gross. As well the dumplings were awful and the sauce they came with was totally overpowering. The meal was saved because my Nan was a fan of the dumplings and enjoyed the tempura - I think she was just being kind though :)

As well, a note about the service - WAY too pretentious. NB servers: you work in a restaurant in Ottawa, ON and you're not that special. When a customer makes a genuine inquiry (do you know why the owners decided on Izakaya for the name?) please do not be condescending in your response. Please remember that it is very possible (in fact likely) that your customer may have more life/world experience than you. Honestly the way this guy snottily responded, I really wanted to take him aside and give him some suggestions about how not to be an asshat to people. My Nana even picked up on the condescension and when the waiter walked away said "why do you think that gentleman has such a problem with his customers?" From an 80 year old woman, that's revealing.

Not that it needs saying, but I won't be back.

2012 Apr 10
I really have enjoyed my time spent at Izakaya! I live in the area so have been able to dine there three times.. The owners, Laila and Neil.. and I think there is one more I have yet to meet, have been so hands on and talk to what seems like every table that comes in. A friend of mine who is a chef had a critique about another dish and the next time he came in, the dish was sent out for him, (without him asking and for free) as it had been changed! He was so pleased and is one of Izakaya’s biggest fans.. (and a harsh critic). So they are obviously up for pleasing people and changing to suit the needs of us Elgin-ers. I have absolutely loved my experiences at Izakaya! Much better than Big Daddy’s... It was getting a little run-down by the end! I agree that it will take time to perfect the serving staff and a couple other details.. but all in all I think it could become one of my favourites and go-to’s!

Also, if you look at their Facebook page it says right on it that Izakaya is an “Asian Fusion Restaurant.” So, the Fusion aspect wasn't too surprising..

2012 Apr 5
Yes, Niall. I really did like the dumpling themselves, with maybe a bit more sweet potato, and perhaps a different sauce. I thought the tamarind sauce a bit over powering, and didn't pair well.

I really do hope they do well. I'm more than positive that they will!

2012 Apr 4
Thank you kayvee. I'm glad my thoughts on the dumplings weren't off the mark. Maybe if they were pan-friend and have only a little bit of the sauce on the side, and not presented in a plate that makes them look.. kind of lost. But as I said, they may retool this anyway.

You also seem to agree it has promise, but some things may be too "fusiony". I was not surprised to see non-asians as staff and owners, not on that street with that name. The owner's willingness to please did make me think it can find its mark though. But they'll have to do so quickly - Elgin is not kind on new places that don't shape up.

Those saltfish cakes do look interesting to try...

2012 Apr 3
Sweet potato dumplings - not my fav...

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