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2015 Oct 10
I dropped in for a brief visit with my wife. She had a tea and I had a cocktail. At 8:30 on a Friday night it was pretty quiet. I've noticed in the past that the busy-ness is somewhat unpredictable, with large and small groups coming and going throughout the evening.

I could swear they've greatly improved their complimentary popcorn recipe! When you sit down, they immediately bring you a martini glass full of seasoned popcorn. The one I had there a week ago was incredibly addictive... salty and sweet, with butter, cinnamon, and spice. Soooo good!

2012 Sep 24
We went here on Saturday evening before starting our 8 hour tour of Nuit Blanche.

We had to have the menu explained to us - was 'Protein' a salad? A soup? There is no way to know... (In this case, it was a salad). The server seemed to be used to these questions. Why be so obscure? Just put down: Soup... Salad... etc. That was my only annoyance.

There were only 2 vegetarian options available (besides a selection of cheese). I opted for the the Protein salad. This was a layer of hummus, with lentils, cauliflower and something else, lightly dressed. It was very tasty, but would have been even better with some bread to put it on. Eating hummus with a fork was weird (but the flavour was good). There were no options on the menu to get a basket of bread. The food was all served on a piece of wood. This looks nice, but when you try to get a dip off the wood board, it just smears into all the cracks.

My companions enjoyed their food. The plates are meant to be shared, but we each ate our own. They are small portions, but perfect for a snack to go with your beer before heading out on the town.

I had the Granville Island Pale Ale. The beer list is small, but better than average.

We were the only customers (7pm).

I was pleasantly surprised and would return.

2012 Jan 27
Me and my girlfriend decided to check out the location not knowing what to expect. Let me tell you, we are so happy we did! Now I know people want to jump to compare a space like this with Moonroom or Trio (which we frequent as well), but it isn't like those spots at all. We sat at the bar and spoke to one of the friendliest people we have ever encountered, and he turned out to be one of the owners. Rani was his name. He explained to us the concept of the location and we loved it. He even said to us " this isn't where you come to eat until you are full. If you want that there are lots of great restaurants in the area like the Hintonburgh Public House, Back Lane Cafe or Tennessee Willems all just down the street". We of corseted stayed and enjoyed the food off the chalk board menu. The hummus was amazing. Rank was very quick to point out that his Mom makes it. You have to love that.

We loved this place. It isn't pretending to be a "foodie" location or anything it isn't. They have a great wine list and the prices were extremely reasonable.

We can't wait to come back. It's our new favourite spot.

2012 Jan 8
So did you have anything to eat?
(..and as an aside, while I really like Trio, I wouldn't confuse it for a 'tapas place')

2012 Jan 8
Dropped in on a Saturday evening for a bit of tapas and wine before a show. We were unimpressed upon arrival. No one else was in the place yet it too the server 10 minutes to come and see us to order. She said he menu was not printed and that it would be ready soon. Another 5-10 minutes passed again and while her and another 2 other staff members were working, we were still left unattended. AFter this >20 min. wait she finally asked someone about the menu and she delivered it, only to find it was the drink menu and no food. The chalkboards were bare so we did n ot know the menu. She recited what they had and even though they call themselves a tapas place, it is more of a munchies. Both Moonroom and Trio know how to serve good tapas and this place is DEFINITELY not a tapas place. It is a sterile bar, overlooking a xx shop with poor service. Never again, stay away and try the other two mentioned above for great service, excellent food.

2011 Dec 21
Dropped into this new Hintonburg establishment on opening night and found it to be quite busy. Even without a sign hung, this new tapas bar across from AlphaSoul Café and almost next door to the also new Hintonburg Public House was full (for a time there were a number of people standing around the bar because there were no available seats).

The space is rectangular with windows along the front and a bar along one wall. There is a mixture of tables, booths and a couch at the back. There is no kitchen – all food is made behind the bar. As a result, I found their menu to be limited – 8 (cold) tapas items, 4 choices of cheese and 3 choices of meat. This is not really a place where you could have a meal and leave full (but maybe that’s not what they are trying to be). The food menu is on a chalk board so perhaps it changes often. The wine list is decent.

We tried the seared tuna on a bed of beets, a bowl of edamame and the four cheeses. Pleasant but not “knock your socks off”. Overall, we found it to be a little expensive for what you got, especially the cheeses - $4-$5 for two thinly slices of cheese!! The bill came to $70 (including 3 glasses of wine). Recent visits to other places around town (Wellington Gastropub, Urban Pear) also resulted in a bill around $70 however we definitely left those places with fuller stomachs.

Overall I found the atmosphere a little cold – maybe some more use of fabric would warm the place a bit. Good mix of music playing. On their facebook page they indicate that they plan to be open 7 days a week from 4:30pm-2am so lots of opportunity to stop by for a drink and nibbles.

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2015 Oct 10
The cocktail list is usually very good here, and it changes once in a while to keep things interesting. I recently enjoyed this Pisgroni -- a humorously named mutation of a Negroni, made with pisco standing in for gin. I couldn't really pick out the rhubarb bitters mentioned on the menu, but the Campari and sweet vermouth were prominent. I love a good Negroni and this was a nice change.

I have some pisco at home that I'm trying to work through. This gives me a nice alternative to pisco sours. :D