Broadhead is a scrappy little beer company that aims to do big things. It's the underdog - a long shot, a dark horse. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in spirit. With five feisty, flavourful ales brewed through good old-fashioned hard work and know-how, Broadhead pays homage to the perfect pint.

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2019 Jul 16
Broadhead will be moving to Orleans in the near future. The new brewery with tap room is nearing completion, I think it's on Innes.

2014 Aug 1
Went out to Broadhead for some growlers this week, picked up 3 different varities.

Backbone Standard - The taste was there, this is a great beer to quaff back, but has some carbonation issues, was fairly flat.

Longshot White - This is a great beer! Great aroma, perfect for hot summer days. This growler did not last long while I was out supervising the BBQ.

Bodacious Blueberry - I'm not a fan of flavourde beers, but this one was excellent! The ladies really liked it. Good carbonation. Nice smell of blueberries, with out an overwhelming fruit flavour. I giess this is seasonal, so get it while it lasts!

Overall this is some great, tasty beer - but I agree, it is disappointing when you are excited to crack a growler and that first pour comes out flat :(

2014 Jul 26
So I go out Friday to get some beer at Broadhead for a small dinner party. Saturday arrives and I open one growler of Wild Card and it is flat. This is the second time in the past two months this has happened. I explain to the guy behind the counter and he simply says they are filled by hand this is going to happen. I said I have guests at home and this is an inconvenience for me he shrugs his shoulders. I ask for my money for the five empty growlers I am returning and for a refund on the beer and he says I can't do that. I say you sell me a bad product and you won't give me my money back. He says no I will only give you another one. I said to him really this is your customer service and you are going to risk losing a customer over $11. No response. I said fine give me your crappy beer and realise you have now lost a customer for good. Wow these guys must be making a load of cash to not take care to keep their customers happy.

2013 Jun 23
Had an issue with their Wildcard ale yesterday. I brought my growler back and one of the brewers tasted it while explaining there has been some issues with certain caps. My friend and I both found the beer on the flat side yet it still had carbonation. It was replaced even thought he seemed to think it ok. Good customer service. The new growler now had a white cap and tasted different due to the new hops but carbonation level was what we have come to expect. Very happy that I will not have to shop else ware for my growler fix.

2012 Aug 2
A great piece of the city's microbrew scene. I find they sometimes have some issues with under-carbonation (which I think might be a little on-purpose, though not to my liking), but those aside, it's always good stuff in their growlers. Their 2 most recent wildcards have been my favourite so far (galaxy and xthzana-somethingorother?). Friendly group running the place, too.

2012 May 7
Sorry, I just meant that we bought beer there to bring home, which our friends then tried. Didn't mean to confuse anyone.

2012 May 7
ksw: They'll give you a small sample or two, but as far as I know, they only sell their beer in growlers -- no orders by the pint or hanging around to drink it.

2012 May 7
No there aren't any tables. It is a pretty modest set-up at the moment, I don think they have the room for tables. I may have heard that they are already looking to grow though... so maybe they'll plan for some tables in the future

2012 May 7
Oops - sorry, didn't mean "just" in a derogatory way.
Was more trying to figure out if they have actual tables where you can hang out and order beer.

From what "thenommer" says below, sounds like you can show up there with friends and order beers.

So not quite sure of your response FoodMonger - other than at local restos, can you sit and drink beer at the brewery?


2012 May 7
just a brewery? JUST A BREWERY?!?!

Well yes, that it is. Just a brewery that turns out some deliciously tasty brews. (And cold to boot! something that beer from the beer store is not).

They are serving up some of their offerings in local restos - they are listed on the broadhead website.