The Hintonburg Public House located at 1020 Wellington Street West in Ottawa is somewhere everyone will feel welcome to enjoy high quality micro brews, wine and food at an affordable price.
The menu is an exciting rendition of traditional pub fare and comfort food all made in house from scratch using local ingredients.
With a cozy atmosphere, up beat music and easy going staff the HPH is a place you will want to frequent again and again.
Opening November 2011.

The Hintonburg Public House
The Hintonburg Public House
The Hintonburg Public House
The Hintonburg Public House
The Hintonburg Public House
The Hintonburg Public House
The Hintonburg Public House
Foods from The Hintonburg Public House

2012 Jan 29
Weekend Brunch 2: French toast with sweet cream, sour cherries, a side of double smoked bacon and a poached egg ($10 + $2 = $12)

2012 Jan 29
Weekend Brunch 1: Poached egg on pulled duck hash with a side of cranberry chutney ($14)

2012 Jan 27
Yumm medium burgers. Smaller burger than HintonBurger D-Lux sure you didn't order a slider?

2012 Jan 27
Just got back from lunch with some co-workers. It was busier than we expected in there, but it wasn't jam packed. It has a comfortable homey interior with mismatched chairs, tables, and cutlery.

Most of us ordered beer. It's a damn shame that the place declares itself a Public House (Pub) but doesn't serve pitchers! I'd almost consider it a crime especially considering pints start at $6.50.

A few others and myself ordered their hamburger. The waiter had made ME aware that the burger was prepared medium, but he did not warn my more squeamish friends about it. They were quite surprised by the bright pink inside.

It took close to an hour to be served our food (even longer for one who ordered the pork sandwich, although he did get a complementary bottle of beer), which is bad enough, but I found the Burger was on the smaller side of the portion spectrum, at $14, I was expecting more. Especially considering Hintonburger is a very short walk away that will give me a MUCH bigger serving of burger and fries for $8.75. The fish and chips (also $14) looked especially modest, with 2 tiny battered pieces of fish and a small handful of fries.

I found the taste to be adequate, but again, my co-workers who were not expecting such a rare serving of beef could not finish. The burger wasn't anything I'd shout out from the rooftops about. The sauerkraut had no bite to it and I barely noticed any Dijon flavor, although the small piece of bacon that I did find was tasty.

In summation...

Atmosphere - Pleasant

Service - Very slow, but friendly

Drinks - A fine small selection of beers on tap...but no pitchers is a BIG disappointment for a Pub.

Food - Small portions, improperly cooked, most certainly overpriced.

2012 Jan 19
We dropped by the Hintonburg Public House this evening, a Thursday, around 6pm and it was busy but there were a couple of tables to choose from.

The last time we were there we only had drinks but this time we decided to try the menu. We ordered three sides/bar snacks: the Isle-Aux-Grues Cheddar, the fries with curried mayo and the mushroom flatbread. We enjoyed all of them. I enjoy all kinds of cheese and have recently tried quite a few from Quebec. This one was new for me and it was deliciously flavourful. It came with a just enough toasted baguette slices and a thick spiced cranberry sauce that was a great pairing.

The fries were good and the curried mayo very nice. The portion was larger than we expected. The mushroom flatbread was very good too. It consisted of a large piece of thinly sliced bread topped with marinated (a bit of tamari?) mushrooms and a poached egg.

The service was prompt and we were very pleased. We'll definitely drop by more often.

2011 Dec 9
went by last night as well, around 8pm. My friend and I had already eaten dinner, but decided to have a small snack. I had a beau's, wish they had waupoos cider on tap. There was a MillStreet I didn't recognize, so I'll try that next time. My friend had a Pim's cocktail. The prices for drinks were $6.50/pint, $7/cocktail.

We shared fries & curry mayo, then she had blue cheese snack - a chunk of Ermite, diced beets, honey and some toasted bagette. It was good too (she said).

The bar itself is cute, lots of antique/country-ish charms. Old wood floors, old bar - big and wide and lots of room for sitting at (we sat there). The plates, cutlery, serving containers are all mismatched and antique or replicas. Our bills were brought out on tiny silver platters.

The walls are neutral cream, and I think a darker colour would be nice, it felt a bit too open and bright. There was a big table down near the kitchen that looked like a great spot for hanging out with friends. I think the bathrooms open directly into the dining area. I didn't investigate, but I'm hoping if someone leaves the door open, the people sitting across aren't given a view of the toilet.

It was a nice spot and a good addition to the neighbourhood. It seems different enough to make it unique. The food looked great, the prices are good and it is casual enough that you can go there after yoga class (I saw a group of women in yoga clothes).

Btw, there were a lot of empty tables at 8pm, but when we left near 9pm it was full again.

2011 Dec 8
We dropped by the Hintonburg Public House this evening around six o'clock. It was busy. There was only one table available but as we didn't have much time and were only there for drinks, we decided to sit at the bar. The service was excellent; both prompt and efficient. I had the St. Ambroise Pale Ale and my companion had the sparkling Angels Gate. The menu includes numerous offerings that look delicious and we're looking forward to trying them on our next visit. For us it's a welcome addition to the eastern end of Hintonburg and we're looking forward to going back again.

2011 Dec 8
Now open!

Did anyone make it to the grand opening last night? I have a date for a pint there tonight.

2011 Oct 26
I found the website on facebook

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2012 Aug 6
The beer selection is not huge but it is very good - clearly there was some thought put into it and they made some good choices that include 2 local micros on tap and other Ontario micros in bottles. Well done.



2012 Aug 13
@zym: Could you provide more detail on where you heard that they grind their own meat on site? I was in for a beer last weekend and when I asked if they grind their own meat in-house I was told no, it is ground by their butcher.

2012 Aug 6
I always try the burgers whereever I go because it is the mark of a truly good establishment if they can make a good one. And wow, they sure have done that here - one of the best burgers I've had in years, hands down. They grind their own meat on site which must have something to do with it.


2012 Dec 16
Thought we would give HPH another try, this time for brunch (we had first tried it at supper and found the food average and the restaurant to be very loud). Arriving around 11am on a Saturday, there were only a few patrons so the loudness factor didn't come into play.

The morning we were there, there were eight different brunch options ranging from breakfast-y things to more lunch-y things. We both chose from the breakfast offerings (each $10):
- A plate with scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of toasted white baguette with two (smallish) sausage rounds on top, and a very large mound of fried grated onions. It came with a little dish of jam and I was offered ketchup which the server was quick to point out was house made and therefore would not taste like bottled ketchup (actually tasted more like bar-b-q sauce - not really to my liking)
- Four large pieces of French toast covered with a raspberry sauce with pieces of bacon balanced on top – the comment on this dish was that it was quite sweet but still tasty

By the time we left there were only a few empty tables left. This experience has changed my mind about this place, at least for a meal earlier in the day. I would definitely return to eat brunch here again.