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349 Dalhousie Street.

Located right next to Dunn's.

Does not currently have a large sign, just a small placard on the ground and a paper sign in the doorway.

Los Tacos de Mauro
Tres Leches Cake at Los Tacos de Mauro
Los Tacos de Mauro
Los Tacos de Mauro
Los Tacos de Mauro
Los Tacos de Mauro
Foods from Los Tacos de Mauro

2012 Jan 2
We had a quick supper here the other night and the dance floor with disco ball was definitely a hit with our toddler and children from other tables! The food was good but I didn't find it as good as the short-lived El Porton that used to be on Montreal Road, which I loved. Maybe it was just an off night as it's the same Mauro. They were out of soup and all the sandwich options so we had the chicharron, lamb and carnitas and a chicken quesadilla for the little one, with salads on the side. I really liked the salad dressing. Chicharron was tasty but not what we were expecting - slippery soft with no crispy bits - and it probably wouldn't agree with some given there was no illusion about the fact we were ingesting pure fat, which crispy chicharron kind of manages to get around. The rest was fine and good and satisfied our craving for Mexican but didn't blow our socks off. Also, I'm not entirely convinced about the food-cost ratio given the set-up. But my husband and I are big eaters and, as another poster noted, it's not necessarily a bad thing to have reasonable portion sizes imposed, especially during the holiday season. Their tamales are available frozen for takeaway for $3/pop and we had these for a lazy new year's breakfast this morning and they were yummy, especially the mole ones. We'd probably give this place another go at some point when we're in the area looking for a quick and healthy meal. Note that they don't take credit but have an ATM on premises.

2011 Dec 31
We had a nice dinner at Los Tacos de Mauro -- it is simple, tasty fare done right. Highly recommended, as everyone else has said. More about meat than veggies, although you can order a side salad if you like.

They run the disco ball at dinner time and have dance club lighting so it's a pretty cool place to sit and enjoy your plate of tacos! :-)

2011 Dec 21
Tried it, loved it, will be back, will send others.

Went for the first time last week, Thursnite.

Place was quiet, two other tables and a lone dude mowing down tacos at the bar (and dude, if you're reading this, from the look on your face as those tacos landed i KNEW i was in for a treat...).

We tried the tostadas, which were great - medium sized open face tortillas loaded with chicken and cheese, sauce and lettuce and super tasty - the pork tacos con mole verde - i loved these, very authentic tasting, might have benefitted from some lettuce or pica de gallo type toppings but nothing bad to say about the meat and sauce other than i wanted more! - and the mushroom quessadillas, which were so good we ordered another plate of them after two bites, nuff said.

It took us a minute to get past the fact that the plates are what you ordered, no rice, no salad, just a small amount of (awesome) guacamole and beans with the quesadillas, but we got over it pretty quick once we started eating.

Service was pleasant.

Four beers, four plates, about $60, totally worth it, will so utterly be back to try more things.

2011 Oct 23
Went to Mauro's again yesterday and here's a tip: Not everything is on the menu. We were presented with a laminated "saturday sunday" menu that had a few more things than the weekday taco menu: We loved the chilequiles - which features a spicy tomato/chopped tortilla/cheese/onion concoction that was authentic and had a nice bite, but unless you read Spanish, you wouldn't know that it also came with carne asada, because it's not in the english description.

I asked for horchata, and our server said they didn't have it, but offered the usual soft drinks. When we said we'd just have water, she came back and showed us bottles of pineapple coconut juice and admitted "we also have this". Then we saw another table being served what looked like wonderful tamales and a stew. I asked her about the tamales, and she said "oh yes we have many kinds! The cheese tamales are so good!"

So if you are obviously not hispanic, you might not get the full offering at Mauro's. We will definitely ask next time if there are any dishes available that are not on the menu.

2011 Oct 19
Unbelievably good, please go to this place, it's about the best Mexican you can find in Ottawa and better than anything I've had in the northern States.

Full review once I've gone for a seconds.

2011 Oct 14
Malintzin, respectfully, there is more than one kind of mole, just as there are many kinds of BBQ sauce. I had a Duck with a dark Mole at Topolobampo that was brilliant and complex. Mauro's may not be Topolobampo or street food in Mexico, but it's the best Ottawa has to offer, and the lamb taco is a wonderful taste that you won't find anywhere else in Ottawa.

2011 Oct 14
I'm a big taco fan - I had the great pleasure of trying a bunch of them on many Mexican streets and markets. I know what the real thing is supposed to taste like. In Montreal, El Rey del Taco in Jean Talon Market is right on, but, alas, Tacos de Mauro is not.

Mole verde has always been my favourite Mexican sauce. Made with ground squash seeds, this green version of mole has a tartness that goes well with pork. I was really excited to see it on the menu! But my enthusiasm plummeted with the first bite: the dry corn tortilla was filled with a very small portion of shredded pork lightly tossed in a commercial sauce. I can even tell you the brand: it was Dona Maria's !

It isn't bad, it's just not what I expect in a restaurant. And for 10$, I can buy 3 jars of Dona Maria’s, enough to feed 20 hungry friends!

2011 Sep 11
Suspect that the white cheese served on top of the refried beans was probably Cotija, not queso fresco. The former has a stronger taste and smell and is very traditional on beans.

2011 Sep 8
This restaurant is located in the Discoteka latin nightclub on the second floor, next to Dunn's in the market. The menu pronimently displays that the restaurant is run by a caterer, which would make this a reversal of the situation others thought it was - it's a disco which added a restaurant during the day, and not a restaurant which closes for dancing. Thus, expectations should be slightly changed from your usual eating establishment.

The decor is a slightly different mix of the predominent dark blue of the floor and seats for the nightclub and the sunny splash of bright yellow tableclothes with little tomatoes on them, really giving it a nice vibe for me. There are 13 small tables, most low and a few high, sitting 43 people. The menu, as described, changes between weekday and weekend; as a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to see impeccable French descriptions, a rarity around Ottawa.

I was alone on a Tuesday at 6pm, so I received my food quite quickly from what is obviously the chef/caterer. I took the three mole verde tacos from page 1, which were a little on the small side, with a fair amount of refried beans imbedded by three tortilla pieces. It was only after quickly eating two of them that I realised I was not served any utensils - those tortillas were meant as bean eating implements. The texture of the refried beans was smooth, less 'beany', almost unctuous, sprinkled with bits of a crumbly white cheese I could not place (but blubarry identified as queso fresco). Unlike what others said, my tacos were folded, not open-faced, and without bowls of fixings, so maybe I chose from a different section of the menu (mine were from page 1) or else the menu itself was different.

I noticed that the three main entree sections had different sides - one had refried beans, one had "fried beans" and the third had.. something different. (Curse my bad memory.) The caterer side of the operation in action, from what I've seen of many menus over the years, as opposed to a 'family' restaurant where all sides are choosable as options.

The tacos may have been small, but they packed flavour quite a bit. The texture was different than I expected, the meat was more filamented; and while it may have looked like grey goop, the first bite screamed "freshness" in my mouth. Very different than the standard tex-mex tacos filling, texture or taste. I had a fair sense of this would be served in a typical Mexican home. The only time I tasted something like this was in a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place in Richmond, Virginia, which was also pure Mexican and frequented by a lot of expats.

By the second taco, I was getting happy about their size; it's nice to have what could be normal and healthy dinner serving sizes, not gargantuan "restaurant" portions of cheaper food. You do pay for caterer-level quality here, but for ten dollars for tacos this good, I really don't think I'm being ripped off either.

The dessert list showed a "tres leches cake", but this was very different from Poutine's versionfrom the last potluck - normal cake shape with thin frosting. Moist and nice, but not quite as much as Poutine's. A bit expensive for over $5.

Don't expect your typical restaurant once you get up the flight of stairs. Come for the food (and the nice Market view); the varied Spanish-Mexican music is great, not intrusive but not "elevator" either. Around 7pm, expect that the raised and lighted disco dance floor (right out of Saturday Night Live) will get readied for the evening. Unique! As are the 8 disco balls above the dance floor, and one more at the staircase, for good measure.

Nonetheless, this is true Mexican, not tex-mex, and in my opinion should be sampled and encouraged, even if it can't be for late dining or huge groups (who could put some tables together, but there's a limit in the way the place is designed). I definitely want to sample the weekend options.

2011 Sep 4
I think you can get Huitlaloche/cuitlaloche at some South American stores, but it is frozen.
I think the south american place on Merivale might have it.

How is this place compared to the Salvadorean place on Merivale?

I was going to go to Los Tacos de Mauro today, but was stuffed from my giant frozen yogurt.

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2011 Dec 31
This was wonderfully done! A nice big slice, moist and comforting. It comes with coffee or tea, and the coffee is unfortunately just nasty -- I think it has some kind of flavouring. Skip it in favour of tea!