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Food truck in the Stittsville area serving perogies, schnitzel, meatball sandwiches, and fry truck options.

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2011 Jul 29
That was funny! and of course I remember you now! you should have introduced yourself :) Next time for sure.

Good suggestion - perhaps I will put them as a side option in lieu of fries? I could try that for a week and see how it goes perhaps.

If you have any suggestions for a cool sanwhich let me know. Have you tried one yet? We put them on the panini press - yum and quite popular. Try the chicken parm for sure - I have people who come by each day and buy a bunch of them for their offices. Regulars already - after only one week is 'tres cool!' :)

Re Schnitzel - issue with breading today on it... and likely got cooked too long :( sorry about that.

2011 Jul 28
Andrea0102, hahaha.. no I'm pretty sure I didn't eat the fork. :-P I don't think the taste was cayenne either. I'll definitely give it another try and pay more attention.

I was there today -- I was the guy who got a complimentary diet pepsi because I was told it came with the platter, then offered to give it back after my cheapskate coworker exposed the administrative error by asking why he wasn't getting a pop with his sandwich. ;-) I'll introduce myself next time!

This photo shows the Schnitzel and Perogies ($7.75). I found the schnitzel to be somewhat chewy and dry (the meat, not the breading) compared to what you might expect at a good German or East European restaurant. Still, this is a food truck so probably shouldn't be judged against full restaurants. The accompanying four perogies were excellent -- and sautéed with browned onions and bacon!

I would love to see an option of some other meat with these perogies. Maybe pulled pork with perogies or meatballs with perogies!

Lots of promise here!

2011 Jul 28
Thx hungry hungry hippo - no offense taken! :)
The only thing we don't make on site are the pogo's and onion rings. Everything is breaded, mixed, blended etc on site each day.

warby - did you eat the fork? haha - kidding. hmm... Sorry if you got a funny taste. I will keep an eye out for it. We did change our gravy a bit since last week though so give it another go - we are still learning and will continue to :) (could the taste have been Cayenne? I do put a bit in it)

Next time you two come by (hopefully you will be) please introduce yourselves! I will give you the grand tour if you like (other than during lunch rush!)

2011 Jul 27
I visited for the first time at lunch yesterday and was pleased to find a shiny and very clean operation. This is a far cry from the usual grimy chip truck.

I opted for the Poutine on my first visit, but I'm really looking forward to going back to try the sandwiches and the Schnitzel and Perogies plate.

There are picnic tables with umbrellas. Service is friendly. All in all a great addition to my workday lunch zone!

2011 Jul 27
Sorry Andrea0102, didn't mean to imply otherwise (re: the meatballs). They are quite tasty. I only mean't that the sign said homemade sauce, and I didn't want to be presumptuous.

I've been back 3 times since... and really enjoyed the schnitzel and perogies. The other two I went back for the meatballs!

2011 Jul 27
Thx Hungry Hungry Hippo! I can assure you that the meatballs are in fact pain stakingly homemade.. never considered otherwise. They contain 1/3 lean ground pork and 2/3 beef, freshly grated parm, italian bread crumbs, egg, freshly chopped parsley and a little 'sometin' sometin'"

Jamie and I are just happy to share what we have enjoyed making and eating - spending weekends perfecting sauces, roasted turkeys - talking for days about a great steak we had.... We are brand new and just for poops n giggles thought we would search "Bexx Eatery" to see what would come up. Thx for taking the time to share your comments - we are so excited to continue to do what we started :)

Please add our Facebook Page (Bexx Eatery) - we will do a free FRYday soon for the community and announce that event via facebook. Tell your friends!!

2011 Jul 20
Thanks for posting, I saw the truck but have not had a chance to try it yet.

2011 Jul 19
Dropped by on Monday. Very happy to see a new food "truck" option. Even happier to have it in Stittsville.

I had the meatball sandwich. Housemade sauce (not sure about the meatballs) on a pressed panini. The sauce was excellent. The panini tasted like it had garlic butter on it... which was pretty awesome. $6. Way better than Quiznos or Subway.

I saw the fries. They looked like very good chip truck fries... but I figured the sandwich would be plenty of food, and I was right. I would have tried the perogies and schnitzel, but I was in a bit of a rush and eating on the run.

They just opened a couple of days ago and looked to be working out a few kinks. Good luck to them, we need more like-minded purveyors.

P.S. They are located on Carp Rd, just south of Hazeldean (the funny little segment just before Stittsville Main). They have a couple of picnic tables with umbrellas out front.

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2011 Sep 8
Yup. Definitely the best poutine I've had in a long time. I loved the slight spice in the gravy. Very good service, too. The woman working at the time was pleasant and chatty. She brought out a little sauce cup of fries for our toddler to eat on his own (which worked out well because I didn't want to share the poutine. Ha!) Yum yum yum.

2011 Aug 12
Tried the poutine here again today and enjoyed it more than last time. There's nothing exceptional about the gravy but it's decent. The cheese curds are in moderate quantity. And as I've said before the fries here are great! Andrea0102 reminded me not to eat the fork, which was very helpful. :P

Stittsville and Kanata have traditionally suffered from a lack of great poutine. I believe Bexx Eatery now offers the best option in that area.

2011 Jul 27
My first visit to a chip truck mandates that I order the gold standard. After seeing other people's Medium poutines, I realized that I would need to get a Large. As you can see, this large is sized more like a typical medium (although my pic makes it look smaller than it really is). Oh well, smaller portions smaller waistlines right? ;-)

The fries here are excellent! Soft and brown, with a crispy exterior -- perfectly done for those who like them this way. The cheese curds were good. The ratios of fries, cheese, and gravy were well planned and the ingredients appropriately layered. My only disappointment was with the gravy, which I found to have a slightly plasticky taste. However, I gave some to a coworker to try and he didn't taste any plastic. Anyway, there's something in there that didn't work for me.

I will probably try it again just to see if this was a one-off thing. Regardless, the fries are excellent and would be spectacular with ketchup and vinegar!


2011 Aug 2
We do have Malt Vinegar... perhaps it was hidden behind other condiments... the counter is pretty high... sorry - just ask if you don't see it. Thx

2011 Jul 28
Fries were good, solid chip truck fries. Malt vinegar would be a nice addition - at the moment they just have white vinegar.


2011 Aug 2
Tried the Chicken Parm Sandwich today, on a multigrain bun. This is really quite nice! Light garlic butter, breaded chicken breast, baby spinach, and just enough tomato sauce and cheese. And then it's all toasted on a panini press.

Full disclosure: I ended up eating at the same picnic table as the co-owner (Jamie), which gave me insight into the dedication and enthusiasm they have for this place. They showed me the kitchen and it really is as clean as it looks from the order window!

Andrea0102 slipped me a little freebee: the side coleslaw ($0.75 on the menu). This was a well balanced slaw, with some Craisins tossed in to differentiate it from the other well balanced slaws out there. It's a worthy addition to a sandwich!

2011 Aug 9
This is a solid burger, which is probably a good thing in terms of wide appeal. There's nothing super interesting about it though. $4 on its own, or $7.50 for combo with pop (pictured here). The fries are quite lovely!

The price is a little steep for what amounts to a plain burger. Bacon and cheese would add up to $1.50 extra ($5.50 total). My pricing recommendation, for what it's worth: plain burger for $3.50 and bacon cheeseburger for $4.50. This would make it an obvious choice over fast food places.

However, the length of the lunchtime lineup today suggests that my recommendations should be ignored. :-) Revisit them if the crowds ever start to dwindle at some point.

2011 Aug 26
Had the pulled pork on a bun platter today. Although it isn't *real* pulled pork, it's probably the best slow-cooker version I've had. Super tender, with a good balance of smoke and sweet.

An interesting thing about pulled pork sandwiches: If you're in a rush, they're way quicker to eat than a hamburger because the meat is premoistened and prechewed. Win win! ;-)

The platter comes with their excellent coleslaw and fries. A nice little meal for $7.75 (tax in).