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2016 Jun 18
Four years is too long for this place to have gone without a comment. Shekarchi is a modest and unassuming family-run (or so it appears!) kebab joint with banquet rental style folding chairs and generic restaurant supply grey marbled tables. Even with a sign and windows opening into the restaurant, you could easily walk by it 100 times and not realize it's been there (it's on Kent St, between James and Florence).

I've had both their chicken and their ground beef kebabs. The chicken is moist and flavourful and the beef is well-seasoned. It's all served on a long mountain of rice (or salad) with grilled tomato, yellow hot peppers, pita, and half of a raw onion if that's your thing.

I believe they also do wraps. Portions are big enough for two of us to share, but I imagine one very hungry person might want their own. Prices are a little on the high side ($15-$24 for a plate, depending on your kebab choices).

Very friendly people, never too busy.

2012 Mar 31
I've been here once before too and was disappointed. I couldn't remember exactly where it was though, so thanks for the heads up.

I got a sandwich with a ground-beef kabob in it. I think it was topped with fairly standard toppings -- tomato, onion, parsley -- on a pita. I remember being quite disappointed by the whole thing as there wasn't a lot of flavour, nor was it a particularly good deal at around $8 for the sandwich if I remember correctly. The guy working there was friendly but the food left a lot to be desired. Needless to say I've never been tempted to return.

2012 Mar 31
I have been eying this place for years - seeing as though it's near the whalebone and the bus station. I trekked out for lunch on friday to see what it was all about it. I found a tiny little restaurant with 5 or 6 tables and a couple behind the counter. The menu consists of various "meats on sticks" if you will. Kafka, shish kabob, etc. It's not like a traditional shawarma, I didn't see a spit in the place.

I ordered a combo plate which had a ground beef kabob and a chicken kabob. It came to 18 after taxes, a tad pricey. It was my first visit so the guy threw in a pop for free. I have to say, although I though it was good quality food, it didn't have enough 'umph' for me to spend 18 dollars on it. My meal consisted of 2 "sticks of meat", which were nothing special, very lightly seasoned with lime. A ton of really amazing basmatti rice (this was the highlight of the dish), a whole roasted tomato, half a raw onion, and a few sprigs of parsley (not tabbouleh). There was no sauce, hummus, garlic, anything. Maybe this is authentic "Persian", but meh, I like Lebanese better. No salad, just odd accompaniments. No potatoes, pretty much just meat and rice. The rice soaked up all the fat from the ground beef, which made the rice really tasty.

in the picture the meat is buried under all the rice

The problem is, I can get a much more satisfying shawarma platter - with all kinds of taste variety - for 6 bucks cheaper. And although I thought that was some of the best quality rice I have eaten, it wasn't worth 18 bucks.


2011 Jul 8
I will definitely ask for the red berries next time! The lady brought us butter to melt on our rice, but I've always enjoyed places that sprinkle sumac or something tart.

Thanks for the info!

2011 Jul 7
It is a great little place. I enjoy their barg, which is like chunks of tender steak. I also like to order their zereshk pollo, which is when they add tiny tangy red barberries to the rice. It makes a HUGE difference but it's not on the actual menu.

The owner is very friendly and good to repeat customers.

2011 Jul 7
I can't believe I didn't know this place existed!!

It's on the corner of Kent and Florence - a tiny little family-run place with the BEST Persian food I've had in the city.

It's run by a husband and wife, and after chatting with the owner a bit I learned that his brothers and cousins have locations in LA, Vegas, and the Bahamas. They all use the same 150 year-old family recipes, and it certainly tastes like it.

I'm a fan of shabby little places that have stellar food, so I think the outdated decor is charming. I'd say there are about...6 tables in the restuarant? It's mostly takeout. The kitchen is pretty much the prep counter and open flame grill and stove right behind it, so you can watch your food cook! The owner told me that they don't own a freezer - they get everything fresh in the morning, and when they run out they close for the day. That's it that's all - super fresh, super high quality.

I got a chicken skewer (dark meat) and a ground beef skewer with rice and a grilled tomato. All meat is Halal. They also have white meat and steak kabobs, and you can get any of those in a wrap.

The chicken and beef were DELICIOUS. Flame-kissed, juicy, no freaky chewy bits, and the portion was very generous. The rice was fluffy basmati, and you get pita with butter and onion while you wait. They warm the pita too :)

My dish came to about $15.00. Incredible value for such high quality food.

I LOVE family-run places, especially when the family treats regular customers like close friends (I saw a lot of people greeted by name).

Can't wait to go back - please try this place out! You won't be disappointed!