258 Bank St corner Cooper.
Opened in Dec 2010.
Greek food like your Greek friend's grandmother used to make.

Foods from Greek Souvlaki Shack


2013 Mar 20
Next time try the shortbread cookies if they have them. Home-made buttery goodness in cookie form.

Actually, no, i take that back. Leave them for me.

2013 Mar 19
I visited for the second time today and, for the second time, everything was fantastic.

I got takeout a few weeks ago - the chicken souvlaki platter. For a grand total of $11 I got a chicken skewer, roasted potatoes, rice (all this filled a large takeout container, and I was able to eat about half the rice and potatoes) and in a separate smaller container I got super fresh Greek salad, generous on the feta and dressed in an awesome homemade dressing of olive oil, lemon, and oregano. So much food!

Today I went with a colleague. We each got a pita (chicken for me, pork for her), split a "personal" salad (read: served on a dinner plate), split the spanakopita, and I got 2 chocolate chip cookies to go (blame that on pregnancy, not on normal hunger). The pitas ($5 each!!) were awesome - charred pita, tomatoes, onions, and generous serving of tzatziki. The spanakopita was fine - a bit doughy and reheated only slightly in a toaster oven, but tasty. All of this, though - was $23. I dropped that much last week on super crappy chicken fingers and onion rings at the Oak. And THIS food was fresh and delicious.

I will say the cookies are not my favourite - they are of the cakey cookie variety, and I prefer chewy/crispy.

I will be back!

2013 Feb 27
More new menu choices!

Two new entrées: pan-fried non-breaded calamari, which I didn't try, because of the sautéed, flambéed shrimps (8) in ouzo, tomato sauce and feta. The sauce absorbs the smell of the ouzo, and though I hate licorice, I could not detect any smell; the ouzo added a bit of unctuosity to the sauce, and the herbs really managed to marry well with the ingredients. Also, the shrimps are cooked what I call "al dente", maybe a touch crunchier, keeping a tiny bit of sweetness. Excellent. Will be served with slices of french bread to sop up the generous amount of sauce; I used a spoon, and left as little as I could. Yum.

Also within a few days, they'll have loukaniko, the spicy greek sausage.

2012 Dec 5
Now always available but not on the menu:

- Saganaki (the flambéed soft cheese - Opa!)

- Pan-fried breaded haddock. One whiff as it passed by to another table convinced me. Flavourful, certainly not lean in calories, but not tasting greasy (to me) at all, flaking off properly, and the batter is not overly thick. Delicious, even dipping in the tzatziki sauce! Only available as a platter with the humongous salad (with great feta cheese and two olives), with choice of rice or slices of roasted potatoes (those definitely are oily, in the good way).

I think they also have the grilled shrimp skewer always available now, too.

The greek soft drinks are worth a try, there's even an orange one without carbonation. Not as sweet as ours, light tartness is refreshing.

2012 Jul 23
S'funny - the way the Shack does donair/gyro with chunks of real meat as opposed to slices of minced/pressed meat is exactly why i prefer it at the Shack. I find the processed meat most places use to be overly salty and less tasty. To each their own...

2012 Jul 23
Went to the Greek Souvlaki Shack for supper last Tuesday. I've noticed the place for a while and have been on the hunt for a gyro replacement ever since the The Greek Souvlaki House left the scene. Just to give the details, I don't need the volume from the GSH but I haven't found any gyro meat from a spit that has come close in flavor.
So, with that in mind, checked out the Shack and was a little disappointed. The pita was fresh, good toppings, and good sauce. For the meat, they were more chunks than strips, not the end of the world. But I found it fell short on flavor straight up. Also, had a side of fries that were delicious. The lady had a chicken souvlaki meal and it was good.
We also noticed after we paid that they have a pretty great assortment of home made baked goods at the cash. Some traditional greek plus some chocolate chip cookies that looked amazing. Too full to try though. Wouldn't hesitate to go back but would probably go with the souvlaki plate.
Still looking for that missing gyro in my life!

2012 Jan 20
I have been here 4 or 5 times now, always for the pita gyros. Love it! except that there are no fries in the sandwich tastes just like Greece. ANd for me that is a winner.

The atmosphere is a little sterile, but those lovely gyros make up for it.

2011 Aug 18
They now have a liquor licence! Metaxa brandy, Beau's Lugtread bottles and Greek Mythos lager, plus wine - but I didn't ask about the last. The Mythos is quite nice as a lager, which I usually just tolerate; it has a slightly different end-taste that makes it more palatable to me. (It's been described as "bright", which is as good as anythign else.)

While I still dislike olives, I have recently found out that good feta is quite digestible, so I put confidence in the owner and had my greek salad just "no olives". The feta is almost powdery, not portions of cubes. It is most excellent! The waitress was also one who didn't know much about greek cuisine or liked feta until she started working here, and now knows that feta can be made from cows (such as theirs), goats and sheep.

I'll let those who know wine much better than I to report on that side.

2011 Aug 16
I was here Friday night and it was pretty quiet. Great service and I thought it was good value at ~$20 before tip for a gyro pita, an order of potatoes for two (plus leftovers!), a lamb souvlaki, a cookie and a beer. Everything was great, except the cookie -- I think you're better off sticking to the Greek food (not that the cookie was bad per se..).

2011 Aug 16
Just finished off the gyro plate from Greek Souvlaki Shack.

Sorry, I forgot my Camera..

My overall experience was great. Although the price was a bit high at 14 bucks, the quality was great. Beautiful roasted potatoes (skin left on), tasty flavorful Greek rice, great gyro meat and a fabulous Greek salad.

My only complaint is that they didn't include any kind of sauce, like tzatsiki. That was pretty disappointing. But since the food was quality and full of flavor I managed.

Staff here are really nice. Just make sure you double check for sauce - cause it's kind of important for this type of food.