Foods from Shawarma Laguna

2011 May 31
And yet it's one of my fave shawarma places, though I usually go after work since I work in Hull.

The owner says he marinates the chicken spit for 24 hours, and I find the chicken to be quite tasty, more than the other places on Bank towards Gladstone. Castle is better, but it's not often I go towards Rideau, so this is a good second choice for me.

Even though it closes at irregular times in the evening, I can be there at 6pm and there's a near-fresh spit kept warm. I've never seen them cut the spit in advance. Potatoes are not super-garlicky, which is how I like them.

Shawarma pita for $5 and full plate for $10 is not what I would call steep prices - and the plate is more evenly-divided between rice, potatoes and salad than most (I've seen places with huge salads, some rice and a few potatoes), giving me good value for the money.

2011 May 30
I have eaten here once or twice.

According to my memory, this place is super mediocre. The reason I say this is because I love shawarma and I have never thought "I should go to shawarma laguna for lunch" and it is right around the corner from work. It certainly did not make an impression on me.

RATHER, if you are downtown, check out the ORIENT HOUSE or Shawarma Town.