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2012 Dec 21
We visited today (Friday) for lunch. The ambience is nice... dim and upper class steakhouse-y as you might expect. Real tablecloths and napkins, and a server who calls you "Monsieur" but then ignores you over and over again as he walks by, even when he isn't busy. The people who brought food and removed plates were friendly and efficient but our waiter seemed inexperienced, clumsy (almost spilling my wife's lobster bisque on her), and pretentiously snooty. Not that I'd really care about any of that if the food rocked my world.

But it didn't. My shrimp cocktail was overcooked and bland (shrimp cooked without salt?), save for the fresh and tasty cocktail sauce. My wife's lobster bisque could have come from a premium tetra-pack. While $12 is not a kingly sum for these appetizers, we expected better. We have encountered many tastier bisques and shrimp in our lives.

My wife's lobster cobb salad was impressively large ($20) and loaded with a topping of lobster, however the strong cheese (likely Roquefort) made the salad almost inedible and overwhelmed the lobster in a bad way. She ended up picking out the many chunks of cheese so she could taste the rest of the salad, which was nothing fancy -- Romaine lettuce, crumbled bacon, avocado, grape tomatoes, red onion, and a slightly sweet garlicky dressing. Individual lobster chunks were properly cooked but had a background white pepper taste.

My fish and chips at $16 were priced about the same as at a good pub. However, the fish was terribly overcooked. Dry and mushy, requiring a dousing of tartar sauce to make it palatable. The crusty golden-brown batter was delicious, so if you like your fish well done, then you might love this dish. The lemon wedge suffered from a heat-lamp dried surface. I was offered a choice of "regular fries" or "shoestring fries" and I opted for the latter. Wow! Tasting like Salt and Vinegar potato chips in chewy-soft frites form, these were unique and quite spectacular. If this place had a take-out fry window, I'd likely return.

The complimentary bread was hot, moist, yeasty, and arrived with comforting pats of salty-rich butter.

For dessert, we shared the acclaimed coconut cream pie ($10) which was fresh and inoffensive. My wife said, "It's good but it's just kind of bland." To which I replied, "That pretty much sums up the entire meal, doesn't it."

All in all, the food was a combination of hits and misses. Quality is that of an upscale chain restaurant (think The Keg or Milestones, but with linens). It's not bad, but the bar has been raised much higher by Ottawa's many wonderful chef and sommelier-owned restaurants.

2012 Aug 13
Fish Tartare trio

2012 Aug 13
Went out for a walk with the lady in the byward market and decided to stop here for cocktails.

Decent selection of cocktails but i was thinking of a bigger menu since the restaurant displays cocktails on the sign. The drinks were very good.

What impressed me the most is the menu, they print a paper menu with todays date and very good selection of seafood. West & East coast Oysters are available. We decided to try the Fish Tartare trio and overall it was good, the Tuna was very flavourfull and also the Halibut but the Salmon had too much sauce which took out the salmon taste.

I will be back to try the night menu...too bad they don`t have a patio since the inside feels dead with all the empty space.

2012 Aug 8
Dropped in to get some takeout for a fabulous and extravagant picnic on the beach (no leftover sandwiches at this picnic...champagne, anyone?).

And we ordered the motherload.

While we waited, I had the lobster bisque and he had the seafood chowder. Both fantastic and the bread - just divine. My mimosa topped it off nicely.

Our waitress went above and beyond for us and packed everything nicely and restaurant made an exception for us as they do not regularly allow take-out.

After doing some errands and checking out the view at Rideau Falls, we finally settled to our pinic at gatineau beach and it was definitely worth waiting for. Our favorites: the shoestring salt n' vinegar fries, buttermilk chicken and lobster club sandwich. The fish in the fish tacos was great but had just a bit too much mayo and coleslaw for my taste and the clam pasta was just okay. Our waitress also packed lots of bread and that was a nice gesture.

It was a great day and night - thanks shore club :) Will be back for soup and to try other fish dishes on the menu!

2012 Jun 18
Excellent late lunch here on Saturday..

Exceptional.. fantastic service and beautiful decor.
Mojitos are delicious.
The lobster cob salad is to die for. Superb.
Great selection of fresh delicious oysters.
Will be returning very, very soon its that good.. Awesome experience

2012 Mar 27
I have been remiss about posting a review of the exceptional dinner enjoyed here in Dec 2011. Fortunately a business lunch in Mar 2012 gives me a perfect excuse...

Dinner was a delicious barramundi, done in a butter wine something sauce I cannot describe other than as exceptional, and an equally excellent arctic char dish with delicious accompaniments. Seriously, this place is my fave for fish in Ottawa but also vs cities where fresh fish is more easily available. And the stacked cheese potato side dish remains diabolical in the best way possible.

Lunch was a hurried visit that the staff carried out beautifully. We had perhaps 45 min and needed a better setting than the Rideau foodcourt. Shore club nailed it. Two Waldorf and a tuna salad were delivered in record time and fresh, tasty and totally worth the dollars.

Remains one of my top restaurants in Ottawa.

2011 Sep 14
I would just like to make a mention of the great staff here during my visit.

Despite someone at our table being difficult, the waiter and manager went out of their way to please us. I have nothing but good things to say!

In fact, I was a tad embarassed, but the situation was special. I actually dropped by to apologize for the situation, but the manager wasn't there that day.

I enjoyed my meal, but it wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been due to a fellow diner's attitude sadly.

2011 Aug 18
The Shore Club is rapidly becoming my "go to" spot for family celebrations. Last night we had a nearly perfect meal with outstanding service. The Shore Club is on "open table", and we have found that when we make reservations this way, there is often a little something extra waiting for us, and last night was no exception. When the three of us arrived, we were greeted warmly and provided with complementary flutes of champagne.

We were dining with a birthday girl, age 10, who is eager to try all kinds of food, and I have to say one of the nicest things about our evening was that our excellent waiter did not condescend to her at all. She had several questions about the items on the menu, including what was the difference between the three types of fresh oysters on the menu, and he described their characteristics perfectly.

After the champagne, we were presented with an amuse bouche of tuna tartare topped with caviar that was brightly salty and quite refreshing. Next came a dozen fresh oysters that we shared, Blue points, Tatamagouche, and lucky lime. All were good, and served with mignonette, fresh horseradish and cocktail sauce. My favorites were the tatamagouche, since I am a salt junkie and they were definitely the saltiest of the three varieties.

Birthday girl had an app of fresh dungeness crab cake with horseradish cream. It was fried to perfect crispness without being greasy and full of large chunks of crab with a minimum of filler. Two of us shared an app of clams casino; 14 tiny clams about 1" diameter topped with an herb/butter/bread crumb/cheese mixture, perfectly cooked and delicious with fresh grape tomatoes on the side.

For the mains, Two of us shared a large porterhouse steak ($50) that had been sliced into sections, then reassembled, which made presentation beautiful and sharing much easier. It was the best example of this cut that it has ever been my pleasure to devour. Perfectly cooked to medium rare with intense flavour and a texture so tender that we almost didn't need knives to cut it. After the oysters and apps, the one porterhouse was the perfect size for sharing and we were very satisfied with the portions. The birthday girl ordered the double cut lamb chops; A very generous portion, cooked to medium rare with a sauce/reduction on the side that she found a bit too intense. I agreed with her - the sauce was fine, but unneccessary, since the lamb chops were bursting with flavor on their own. At the shore club, sides are ordered separately from a few dozen options, and we selected mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and braised fennel (see picture). All the sides were well done, but my favorite is always the caramelized fennel.

Desserts were vanilla bean creme brulee, key lime pie, and old fashioned gooey brownie, which were each fine examples of these classic desserts, although the graham crust on the key lime pie was perhaps a bit thicker than I like to see. Total bill including two large glasses of Clos Jordanne, cappuccinos all around and a 20% tip came to $330 and was well worth it. Even though the apps and one of the mains were shared, we still had leftovers with were elegantly boxed and delivered in a black gift back with the Shore Club logo that delighted the birthday girl.

The menu at Shore Club has a great range of classic steak and seafood options, all well prepared, and the service is impeccable and friendly without being stuffy. Every staff member we came in contact with took pains to make sure the evening was special, and will all look forward to the next opportunity to celebrate here.

2011 Apr 28
This place is awesome and I can't wait to return.
The bread is fresh and delicious. Ordered the mussels In white wine as an appetizer which were very good.

The salmon wellington is delicious and fresh. The mashed potatoes are out of this world - so good!

Everything was perfect and served hot. Our waitress was very attentive. Will definetly return!

2011 Apr 10
Went last night with a party of 8 to celebrate an 80th birthday. Overall a very nice experience but a few recommendations/reservations as follows:

Atmosphere is very elegant. It's a beautiful space, clean and modern with high ceilings. Kind of an odd mix of customers though. Ours was one of at least three tables of 8 out for a celebratory dinner. There were also a few single business travel diners. The bar also was packed and it had a 30+ singles kind of vibe. The music was high energy and a bit loud for the seniors in our group (we were celebrating an 80th birthday), but I appreciated it, because it helped to drown out the noise of the undisciplined 5 year old a few tables away.

We started with old school cocktails which were correctly prepared and served in the right glasses with the appropriate garnish. It is becoming increasingly rare to find bartenders who get everything right, so we appreciated this.

The menu includes some daily specials served complete with sides, but most of the menu is steaks and seafood a la carte with shareable sized portions of sides priced separately. The server explained that some of the portions are quite large - The fried chicken is apparently an entire chicken - but that sharing is encouraged. I had a selection of oysters that were delicious, served with freshly grated horseradish and a nice mignonette. Reports on the crab cake, lobster bisque and scallop and shrimp seviche were all good. Beet salad was tasty and easily large enough to serve 2 or 3 as a first course. Manhattan clam chowder was not so well reviewed, as it was bland.

We were presented with an amuse bouche between courses (odd timing I thought) of a spoonful of grilled portobello mushroom pieces with oka cheese and pickled jalapeno. It was fine.

The steaks were all perfectly cooked and so buttery tender that we almost didn't need knives to cut them. I ordered bearnaise on the side and it was just okay; I suspect it had been sitting for a while, as when it arrived on the table it had begun to form a skin and was not very hot. The fish dishes were also well reviewed although the black cod special was thought to be "too smoky" to the extent that it overpowered the flavour of the fish. Sides I would choose again were the braised fennel, which was quite refreshing and light, and the corn, which was rich and delicious, though maybe a bit overly sweet. The scalloped potatoes were a split decision. thinly sliced potatoes so tightly packed and thick that when served it had the texture of potato fudge. Some liked it this way, but personally I found them to be overly heavy and bland. Creamed spinach also got mixed reviews - some liked it, but I found it to be overprocessed and more like a spinach puree. I prefer a creamed spinach that still offers the texture of whole leaves. Fried rice was not well received, and french fries were just ok.

We were too full for dessert, but we shared coconut cream pie around the table, a bite or two each. It was specatacular. Often I find that coconut cream pie can be very cloying, as if it were made with condensed milk or something, but the Shore Club coconut cream pie is the best I have ever had. Cookie type crust that remained crisp, a light and delicate coconut cream filling, coconut flavored whipped cream topping and freshly grated coconut on top. I wished I could have eaten more. A creme brulee was presented to the birthday boy with a happy birthday message written in chocolate. It was decent enough.

The service was friendly, attentive and very professional. Because our party was so large, courses were served by a team, so that we all received our orders at the same time. The staff took great pains in explaining the dishes thoroughly and really did a good job of making the celebration special.

Cost worked out to about $100 per person including apps/main/drink/wine. I would like to go back to share the 24 oz. porterhouse ($50), which they will apparently gladly divide for sharing.

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