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This is a pizza place with an attitude. A GOOD attitude. They make wood-fired pizza and a few other dishes to round them out as a restaurant.

Pizza at Tennessy Willems
Pizza at Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Pizza at Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Macaroni and Cheese at Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Salad at Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Salad at Tennessy Willems
Caesar Salad at Tennessy Willems
Caesar Salad at Tennessy Willems
Wood Oven Thin Crust Pizza at Tennessy Willems
Wood Oven Thin Crust Pizza at Tennessy Willems
Wood Oven Thin Crust Pizza at Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
Tennessy Willems
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2011 Oct 20
Went last night and it was as good if not better than our first visit.

Had the cesar and the beet salad to start - both as awesome as we remembered.

And the pizza... oh, that is some fine, fine 'za!

Had the special du soir, a peppers, heirloom tomatoes, squash, brie, arugula thing that was fresh, tasty, not heavy at all and we could taste each ingredient.

Also had the pulled pork pizza, has the meat plus bbq sauce and smoked mozzerella... was a little sceptical but they nailed it again. Meat was tasty, done just right and a little more crisp from the wood oven, BBQ sauce wasn't too sweet, moz pulled it all together.

And of course, their pizza crust rocks.

The above plus four glasses of wine, about $100 before tip, worth every dollar.

Service was exceptional even when it was busy. Will be back, will send others.

2011 Oct 19
Has anyone else noticed something different here?

I have not seen the original chef working by the wood oven for months and unfortunately I have to report that the sauce on my Margherita pizza earlier this week seemed to be missing the scrumptious sweet but spicy flavour that I am addicted to.

The second dish consumed at the table was the lasagne which was tasty but at $15 (or might even been as high as $17), it was expected that it would have more than one layer of noodles.

I hope this was just a bad day and everything returns to delicious normalcy soon!

2011 Aug 6
Absolutely agree with Ted83 – this is Ottawa’s best pizza (not whoever CJOH watchers voted as the best!). I LOVE the Margherita. The Duck Confit pizza is innovative and delish. Haven’t tried the Wild Boar (although the restaurant claims this is their most popular) mostly because I can’t get enough of the Margherita and Duck Confit!

Concur that the tomato sauce is amazing and the crust fabulous.

They do take out too!

2011 Aug 2
Ended up going with my unit to celebrate my job a couple of weeks ago. Made reservations for noon on a Wednesday but no one was there when we entered the restaurant.

I had the Duck Confit pizza while the other three people had the Margherita, Wild Boar and the Cappricioisa. It only took around 15 minutes for the pizzas to come out but we were the only ones in the restaurant.

The Duck Confit pizza was awesome! It was so moist and rich. The duck confit was spread out evenly across the pizza and I was happy with its quantity. Any more of it and I probably would have died from a heart attack. In short, I've never had a pizza like that and I would gladly order it again.

I traded a slice of my pizza for the Wild Boar pizza and wish I hadn't. It tasted nice but it was rather bland in comparison after having the Duck Confit.

There was only one negative comment that was echoed from the group. The pizzas were very heavy on the oil. The Duck Confit didn't suffer from it as it's already rich but the others (especially the Margherita) had puddles of oil on the dish afterwards. Regardless, I'd still go back.

2011 Jul 2
Had a Canada Day Eve dinner at TW Pizza. We started with the cheese platter, which included 3 Québec cheeses, spicy almonds, peach chutney, and homemade bread. The cheeses were
-Blackburn (www.fromagerieblackburn.com)
-Roche Noire (www.alexisdeportneuf.com)
-Baluchon (www.fromageriehamel.com)

The amount of each cheese was minuscule, about a 1cm x 1 cm x 3cm piece, however the flavour combination between the cheeses, chutney and almonds was worth the $10 price tag. I am hoping to find these cheeses, especially the Backburn, in store. The spicy almonds were complex.. with hints of fennel I believe.

We also had a pizza each
- the Greek pizza (basil pesto, red peppers, kalamata olives and feta). Very good fresh basil taste, the saltiness was just right.
- the Napoletana pizza (red onions, capers, anchovies, mozzarella and tomato sauce). Delicious tomato sauce, great taste combination. Again, the saltiness was just right.

The crust was great, mine was maybe a tiny bit over done, but i like burnt taste so I didn't mind. Very thin crust but holds the toppings without any problem. Everything was well balanced.. with some of those ingredients, it could have easily been too salty, but it was just perfect. Only small complaint is the crust became kind of tough towards the end - it was a bit of a workout for the jaw. Maybe a bit more sauce around the edges would help.

All this well down very well with the help of a little lubricant, i.e. Beau's lug tread.

Great atmosphere and good service.

2011 Jun 25
Thanks, Pan Bagnat. Maybe they use both cornmeal and salt? Or maybe the salt's in the dough itself and I've got an overactive imagination :)

2011 Jun 25
Momomoto- The woodfired pizza place that I used to work at out west used cornmeal to dust their pizza peel. The pizzas would slide on and off well.

2011 Jun 24
God, I ate an entire wild boar pizza and probably could have eaten an entire second one, too.

Delicious thin-crust. Just the right amount of charred bits. Just the right amount of toppings, although I would have preferred them to be distributed a little bit better. At least one slice didn't have any apple on it at all.

Does anybody happen to know what they use to keep the 'za from sticking to the peel? I have this suspicion that it might be a coarse salt of some kind, simply because every so often I'd get a crunch of salty goodness, and it seemed to be from the bottom of the crust and not from the toppings.

2011 Jun 2
Usually doing the walk in we broke down and made a reservation here tonight. Beau's on tap :) We started with the cheese board 3 local cheeses who's names escape me. Was not a fan of the moldy one but the pear chutney and spiced almonds more than made up for it. Pizzas are wood fired with a bit of charring to them that gives the crust a great flavor. The Elmdale with fire roasted tomato sauce,fiore di latte mozzarella,spicy Italian salami,mushrooms and roasted red peppers was very tasty. The sauce simple yet compliments the whole pie without overpowering it. Our second choice The Chorizo with olive oil,caramelized onion,chorizo sausage and goat cheese was very good as well the onions giving a sweetness for the sweet with meat lovrs out there. I detected something similar to zatar spice if I'm not mistaken on it as well. I do not think you can build your own here but specials I think do vary from the printed menu. This place reminds me of Lombardi's in N.Y minus pepperoni:( but can't say which I like better since it has been a while since we last visited.

2011 May 30
Just barely barely narrowly holy crap jump JUMP IN THOSE SEATS managed to snag the last two empty chairs at the bar on a busy Satnite mid May 2011. No joke, i think they turned away about 12 people after us who just walked in and at least two more tables over the phone... lesson learned... on weekends at least, a reservation is a must.

And they showed us why...

Beet/goat cheese salad and Ceasar salad were two of the best of those kinds we've had in Ottawa... the baby cilantro on the beets was glorious and i don't know what they do to the bread crumbs on the cesar but i suspect that it involves crack they are that addictive!

Pizza totally lived up to the hype... tender but crisp on the outside crust, fresh toppings... and we know everything was made to order because the pizza chefs were prepping the 'za right there in front of us (extra points for entertainment value and not whacking each other in the head even once with the pizza scoop or the flying dough!).

We had a pepperoni and other good stuff za off the menu and the pizza of the day involving double smoked bacon, maple dijon and tomatoes. both were delicious.

Staff were awesome, especially considering how busy it was.

Two salad, two pizzas, two glasses of wine, tax and tip = about $85. Fully worth the dollars.

Will be back, will send others, may or may not warn them to make a reservation depending on how much i like them...

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2011 May 29
The pizza here is very good! Is it better than Grand Pizzeria and Bar? Given my experience there two years ago I'm not sure I can say (time for a revisit!). It is definitely better than what we had at the famous Lombardi's restaurant in NYC a couple weeks ago.

My wife ordered my usual choice, the Margherita. This was spectacular, with a generous distribution of fresh basil leaves (unlike Grand Pizzeria and Bar) and tasty cheese. The crust here is great when done right -- thin, chewy, slightly charred. Our only minor complaints were with the sauce; slightly too much of it and it was somewhat undersalted for a meatless pizza. Nevertheless, we highly recommend the Margherita Pizza!

I opted for The Elmdale after reading opinions here. It was delayed because they messed something up in the kitchen and had to make another one for me. When it arrived it was a little too charred. My wife would have sent it back but I don't mind a couple bitter carcinogenic mouthfuls. This pizza was over the top tasty and very salty (in contrast to the Margherita). There was just too much of the acidic sauce, presumably to counter the rich salty salami. This is kind of a wood oven pizza meets Ottawa pizza joint meat-lover's pizza. Some people will love that, but I'm a bit of a purist. Next time I will definitely get the Margherita for myself!

2011 May 11
Greek ... Kalamata olive, roast red pepper, pesto and feta cheese.

Yummy. And not too salty.

2011 May 11
Pear, prosciutto, gorgonzola and walnut.

The walnuts pull it all together.

In the background ... duck confit. OK but the pear and prosciutto is much more interesting.

2010 Dec 22
Here is a blurry camera phone picture (sorry) of the delicious Sopressata pizza. I have nothing but good things to say about this pizza.

The sauce was rich, sweet, and a little spicy. The sweet red onions pulled out the sweet in the sauce, and the spicy salami pulled out the spice in the sauce.

I personally don't care for heaps of cheese on my pizza - I like that the sauce is exposed to the heat of the oven and touches the toppings, so the way the pizza is topped is right up my alley.

The crust wasn't too crispy, but not too soft. All in all it was excellent and would easily recommend it.

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2017 Oct 1
Nice thin crust, not too much cheese and generous application of fresh basil makes the margherita pie at TW a real winner!

2016 Sep 2
Well, this time the Margherita Pizza was adorned with lovely shaved Parmesan! So I don't know if the last one was an anomaly or if they changed how they do things. Either way, good on ya!

I was there with 4 friends and we each ordered a different pizza and then shared. I thought the Margherita was by far the best as it allowed the great crust and sauce flavours to come through.

2015 Apr 19
This Pizza Margherita is still great here! My wife opted for The Elmdale (background in pic) and regretted not getting this one. I find that with the more complex pizze at Tennessy Willems, the toppings overpower the very thin crust. With the Margherita, it's just perfect.

Definitely accept the offer of spicy oil. It makes the dryer bits of crust really nice.

But WTF is up with the powdered parmesan cheese shaken over this pie?! This can't be anything other than the green-can Kraft dreck. Not cool. A wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano and a microplane would help differentiate this pizza from other offerings in town.


2013 Sep 29
I am not sure if this is a new addition to the menu or not. I have only ever ordered pizzas here because they are so good in my opinion that it is all I want to order. We did order the Mac n cheese as a supplementary platter to each our pizzas because we were hungry and did not want to share with our 4 year old (lol).

It is very good! Try it! With chunks of mushrooms, bacon, onions and a bit of bread crumbs on top. The pasta was a good texture, not too soft - a pet peeve of mine. Tasted cheesy.


2011 May 11
Caesar close up. Notice the coarse crate on the parma. Nice touch.

2011 May 11
Pour deux.

Double smoked bacon, house croutons, fresh crisp lettuce, hint of anchovy, lightly dressed.


2011 May 29
After seeing Captain Caper's picture, we expected the Warm Beet Salad to be a miniscule thing; it was not! Very generous, with mild and tasty beets. The goat cheese was rich and creamy, and the whole thing came together well.

For sheer flavour, I preferred my Charcuterie Plate, but this is a nice menu option.

2011 May 11
Warm Beet Salad.

'C’est Bon' tarragon goat cheese, apple vinaigrette, pickled fennel, purple and golden beets.

Very nice. The flavors made some chamber music in my mouth.

2011 May 29
Hit and miss!

Hit: My Chocolate Terrine was just great! A dense slab of silky milky creamy chocolate terrine studded with pistachios, swimming in a generous puddle of lemon-scented custard. What's not to love! The custard is what made this dish.

Miss: My wife's Lemon Tart was more of an overcooked shortcrust filled with runny lemon pudding. She admitted to having been spoiled recently by excellent lemon tarts at Black Cat Bistro and (less recently) Domus Cafe , but this was really not very good. Our expectation of a lemon tart is that the crust should be tender rather than crunchy, and the filling should hold its shape when cut rather than dribbling out onto the plate.

Get the terrine! :-)