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Foods from Bistro St-Jacques


2014 May 16
Bistro St-Jacques closed last year. In its place is Gy Resto, relocated from its rue Laval second floor home.

2011 Jul 20
My husband and I went to Bistro St. Jacques to celebrate our 14th anniversary on July 5. This was our first and last time at this restaurant. We had the daily specials for appetizers - an excellent trout on a warm salad and a cold tomato based soup. We should have stopped there. We ordered, upon high recommendation from the maitre d'/waiter, the pork three ways and the quail. The pork tenderloin, ribs and belly all had the same grey colour, the same dry texture and the same taste. My husband really enjoys pork belly - when it is cooked correctly and he likes the taste of chipotle which the menu stated the ribs were sauced in. A big disappointment. My quail was dry and the filling of fig and foie gras had a mealy texture with a bland taste. This restaurant should not serve food like this. We thought we were given the weekend's leftovers. We did not stay for dessert. I wrote to the owner, Vincent Denis, the next day and did not receive any acknowledgement of my letter. The staff should be ashamed of having served inferior food as well as not to try to make amends for our bad experience in their establishment. Obviously this restaurant has inconsistencies of which to be aware.

2011 Jan 9
Late last year we tried Bisto St-Jacques located at 51, rue St-Jacques in Gatineau, before they switched to the winter menu.

One of the highlights of the night - our bill came to a squeak under $80, before tax and tip. You may be shocked when you read about all the good things we had.

Our meal started with an amuse-bouche, a delectable single bite-sized hors d'œuvre consisting primarily of duck confit.

Our warmed and toasted bread came with a caramelized vegetable butter.

I decided on three appetizers.

My first was one of their evening's specials. A salmon tartare with salmon gravlax and avocado. It was perfectly seasoned. This was my favourite dish.

I followed with their salad of tender leaves, fried shallots, marinated vegetables, maple & lime vinaigrette. I was so craving a salad. I wanted fresh. I wanted light and I wanted simple. Again, a perfectly executed dish.

To finish, I had their risotto with asparagus, over-night tomatoes, coffee mushrooms, pancetta, chervil & vegetable consommé. You guessed it, I was still looking for fresh, light and simple. I am a fan of 'traditional' risotto but this time I was really appreciating that it wasn't heavily laden in cheese and richness.

While I worked away on my starter salmon, my date was collapsing to the temptation of their 'famous' frites and aïoli. I hate to bring the church into this but that aïoli was sinful. And I am sure they weren't telling a lie when they describe their frites as being 'famous'.

My date then went to work on his main - a cassoulet with a leg of duck confit, pork belly, toulouse sausage and sprinkled with toasted crumbs. He said the meats were really nicely done, though he prefers the skin on his duck crisped. The date's benchmark for cassoulet is a restaurant we frequented in Paris called Le Dauphin on Rue Saint-Honoré, near Palais-Royal. Those cassoulets seemed like they had been smoldering their flavours together for days and days into that fine mellow blend of sauce and beans. By contrast, my date's beans on Friday night were fine enough but still a bit 'young'.

My date sipped on a Griffon Red ale while I enjoyed a Sauvignon Blanc.

The service was particularly warm, friendly and knowledgeable.

If you are interested in seeing pictures and reading more, feel free to visit my write-up on my blog.

2010 Dec 22
Had a marvellous dinner here for a girlfriend's birthday a few weekends ago. I started with the veal sweetbread that could have easily been more then enough for a main. This dish is not everyone's cup of tea but Bistro St-Jacques does it oh so well. For my main, I had the filet mignon with a port and fig reduction.. it was absolutely perfect. I was able to sneak a spoonful of my friend’s lemon & vanilla crème brulée and I must say it's the best I have ever had. It was different, very smooth but light. It almost seemed that mascarpone or something of that sort was added... Our server also made our evening very enjoyable.