Double Decker Diner and Dairy Bar
Double Decker Diner and Dairy Bar
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2012 Jun 10
Took my family to the Double Decker yesterday for the first time...we all loved it! Tried the burgers & also had a cone. (want to try the sweet potato fries next time) The upstairs diner was pretty warm, so we chose to sit outside at a picnic table. Will definitely be back.

2012 May 28
I found the fries great....crispy,no oily taste, squeaky curds and great portions. Burger was great..lthey asked if i wanted fresh mushrooms amd fried no charge! That's a first at a "burger joint" for me. All in was a great experience for the buck and rather a nice place to eat in a grassy parklike setting! Other chip places seem to be just dropped on to hard,hot ashphalt mall parking thanks!
I say...try the double decker...i have no idea if its the "best in town " but it must rank up or near there in my humble opinion.

2012 May 21
First things first...i always try fry stands...always. Everywhere I go i love to sample the fries. I love poutines and burgers too. So, this review comes with lots of experience :)

Fries : no doubt in my mind that these fries are simply not that great. THey're not terrible, but they are by no means worthy of a trip to Barhaven. They were overcooked and dry.

Poutine : likely above average. And why? Because the cheese and gravy were high quality. If the fries were high quality, then this could really challenge as an amazing poutine. But alas...the fries are subpar.

Burger : well charred and cooked properly. But,the burger was wildly overdressed and the bun is notr that great. If this was dressed normally and had a better bun, could be a good burger.

shake : no better than mcdonalds, and way more expensive. Chocolate shake had a faint taste of chocolate. This shake is made with soft serve, and in my books, that makes for a second rate shake.

In summary. I am amazed that this place won best fries in ottawa valley. THey must have stuffed the ballot box.

I still haven't found fries better than Wes' in Arnprior. But, I'm always looking. Glen's fries at kanata Canadian Tire are very good too.

2012 May 4
I wonder if User4730/owner even read the reviews all the way through and thought about changing his product. Instead of getting all his buddies to vote for his chip truck a better use of his time.

2012 May 3
...AND if you call RIGHT NOW they'll throw in a free set of steak knives!!!!

2012 May 1
Hey folks, completely ignore the few negative reviews here, there's a reason this place has won best chiptruck for 2 yrs since it has been open! What other chiptruck offers shakes, cones & burgers with sauteed mushrooms & caramelized onions for no extra charge? The fries are always crisp & poutine great with curds layered. New location is now in Barrhaven at the "On The Green" golf driving range in Barrhaven at Jockvale & Greenbank.

2011 Aug 2
Part II: Now, I'm no poutine expert, in fact I'm something of a novice. Which is why I have the fancy-schmancy French chef in my life; to judge such delicacies.

But before he even opened his mouth I knew it was not going to be good. The fries were limp, soggy and soaked in oil.

They were not fried at all - merely boiled in hot oil until they were sufficiently coloured and then some canned gravy was spooned over the top of the curd.

This does not constitute "good grease" in my book. I don't think I've ever seen him throw out half a poutine --- he was NOT a happy Frenchman.

Double Decker "Best Chip Truck" check your oil temp, blanch your fries and get back to me with a burger that does not bounce.

(Snazzy truck though.)

2011 Aug 2
Part 1: Had to stop. How can you resist a giant, red Double Decker bus plastered with signs that read "Best Chip Truck" and "Best Fries"? It just cannot be done. I must know... I must.

Now I know. $28 for 2 cans of pop, two fries, two burgers. The burgers were dry and overcooked to the point of rubber. No amount of goo could revive that piece of beef. The buns looked like someone had sat on them.

The highlight for me were the sweet potato fries... because I knew they were frozen, bagged, processed fries and knew that I would need to hit an antihistamine directly following lunch.

Why would that be a good thing? At least I knew what to expect, and they were crisp and hot unlike the poutine...

2010 Oct 2
Thanks for the info Fresh Foodie.

2010 Oct 2
Ken V, I haven't tried their product myself, but I can tell you that I was under the impression that CTV's contest degenerated into a "who can get the most regulars or friends to vote for them" contest. This is fairly normal for popularity contests, and is why one should take all such results with a grain of salt (including the "Top 15" list on this site!). :-)