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2014 May 20
I absolutely love this place! The kirsch Amarettis are my favourite, they are so unique to this place and keep us coming back!

Every time I am in the area I stop for (at a minimum) 6 Kirsch Amaretti, 1 small quiche to snack on immediately and a few sausage rolls. Depending on our destination, we usually also get some berliners, soft pretzels and bread (and anything else we fancy at the moment). The food is always fresh and delicious.

Keep in mind she is closed for a month or two in the winter (I think February)

2014 May 12
Love that you went here! It is our cottage bakery stop and we just had our first visit of the year.
We also had the berliner, perfect size, perfect taste and awesome price.

Other favourites are the soft pretzels (they sell out quick), pretzel shaped sugar cookies and apple turnovers.

2014 May 12
This closet-sized gem of a bakery is a real find for fans of Swiss baked goods! The famous Kirsch Amaretti (bottom right in pic) are quite delicious, although a little too sweet by Swiss standards. They are the closest thing I've seen to Zuger Kirschtorte ( outside of Switzerland.

On the shelf in the pic, you can see three wonderful German-Swiss nut and spice cakes: Engadiner Nusstorte (, Lebkuchen (, and Linzertorte (

The benefit of this bakery being in the middle of nowhere is that the prices are probably less than half of what you'd pay at a high end bakery in Ottawa.

My folks were visiting, and my Mom had brought her own homemade Linzertorte, so we didn't buy any cakes. We did try the sausage rolls (yum) and the apple turnover -- excellent, not too sweet and with a wonderful light butter pastry.

The breads looked great too. Can't wait to go back!

2010 Aug 5
I concur on the yum factor for the kirsch enhanced cookies. My son's girlfriend works at this bakery and last night brought me six of these little morsels. Would it be wrong to eat all of them at once?

2010 Aug 3
I think these are called Kirsch Amerettis. It's a good thing this place is over an hour away cause I'd be in serious trouble. The base is a sort of meringue, chewy and sweet. The cream on top is, ...I have no clue but it's silky smooth with that nice thin chocolate on top. Very addictive...
and of course there is Kirsch and amaretto flavour somewhere.


2014 Jun 18
Great minds think alike FF! We stopped here on Sunday driving back to Ottawa and picked up pretzels as well and I agree, great shell with a soft, flavourful interior, just like I've had in Germany. The plan was to get a half dozen and have them with some Weisswurst from the Sausage Kitchen but alas they were out of these wurst so the pretzels were happily devoured on their own as well as with some sweet Bavarian mustard :)

We also tried their sausage rolls and tourtiere and both get top marks as does their Linzertorte that a neighbour shared with us, although the Kirsch Amaretti was too sweet for my taste.

2014 Jun 17
I was excited to try the soft pretzel here and it lived up to my expectations. It is less salty and more fluffy than other pretzels I've had in North America. The interior has a beautiful tender-chewy cloud-like texture. So good. $1.

2014 May 17
I really like this little bakery. Speaking of Berliners, I was at the Westboro Farmer's Market today and noticed that Art-Is-An were selling their Berliners for $3.00.

2014 May 15
Gouging? Really? Maybe people are standing in line because they love the doughnuts, not because they want to throw their money away…

2014 May 12
The Berliner (jelly-filled doughnuts) are excellent! The $1 price tag is very fair, unlike the gouging you may experience after standing in line for a similar product in Ottawa.