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300 Booth Street, (613) 680-5230‎

Bn Thịt Nướng at Pho'licious
Phở at Pho'licious
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2015 Aug 2
Pho'licious is closed now, as the owners focus on opening SEN Lansdowne at Lansdowne Park.

2011 Nov 6
Ordered the large P10 (pho dac biet, review below) and the strawberry sherbert bubble tea. Restaurant was empty and I was most likely the first customer of the morning. Service was prompt and friendly with a complimentary glass of green tea as soon as I sat down. Newspapers were available at the door for browsing, which was a nice touch. There was a large widescreen TV in the corner and it was set to the sports channel, which is kind of odd for a pho place. But better that it was sports instead of Paris by Night 36 (famous series of Vietnamese music concerts).

Strawberry sherbert bubble tea was a bit pricey at $4.50 but it was about the same size that you would get for a regular sized bubble tea at another bubble tea place like Bubblicity. The strawberry flavour was from a powder but that was expected. The tapioca pearls were just boiled and there were no hard pearls that needed more boiling time.

Overall, definitely in the upper-tier of pho places in the city.


2014 Jun 8
I tried the grilled pork with Pho'licious spring rolls on vermicelli. It was delicious and a great portion! I heard the pho is really good so will be back to try that next.


2012 Aug 12
I couldn't decide if I wanted shrimp, BBQ pork, beef, or seafood in my satay chicken soup with rice noodle so I had the Combination that has everything! :-)

This was a very nice soup. It was the sweetest broth I've encountered in Ottawa, which may or may not be to your taste. The spice level was perfect for me -- exciting without overpowering the flavour of the broth.

This place has a young, somewhat non-traditional vibe. I like that, especially if the food is good. I'll be back to try other menu items sometime!

2011 Nov 6
Pho dac biet is what I order at pretty much every pho place. Pho'licious' version of the pho dac biet had the following: beef balls, rare slices of beef, slices of beef with fat, tripe and a quail egg.

Unfortunately, there was no tendon which is the norm at other places but the quality of the beef and the quail egg (which was a surprise as I usually don't find quail egg at the pho places I go to) definitely made up for the lack of tendon. The tripe and rare slices of beef were fairly ordinary but there was a large quantity of it in the broth. But it was those slices of fatty beef that had me really salivating. The cuts of beef was thin and long and were wonderfully tender. If I remembered correctly, there were only a couple slices.

The broth was surprising. To me, the flavour was light and definitely not as oily and salty as other places. Oh and the large bowl is larger than the size of my head and priced at $8.99. Not too expensive but not what I would consider cheap either. Overall, it was a damned good bowl of pho.



2014 Jun 5
They don't make Banh Mis anymore. :(

2013 Jul 24
Tried it today for the first time. The warm/toasted sub is indeed tasty, however I miss the coolness of the snappy pickled veg. The filling over all I thought were less than co cham. The meats were tasty, however the sub didn't pack the filling up power I was hoping for. Also for those grabbing and going in your car - the toasted bun got crumbs all over me while trying to eat and race back to the office. So I liked it, but would still lean to my untoasted favorite. I also really like the chew I get from a good baguette.