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A casual family restaurant that specializes in Mexican food. It is located near the corner of St. Joseph and Orleans Blvd. and includes 60-seat patio in a former Mexicali Rosa's.

While the primary focus is Mexican food, there are other items such as pasta, burgers, and a kids' menu to cater to families.

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2012 Feb 18
This place is now closed. There is a sign out front that says that it will become a Connor's Irish Pub soon.

2011 Apr 3
As a family, we like to go to this restaurant for 'casual' eating, when we want something half-way between fastfood and fancy dining AND close by! Another reason why I crave this place everyonce in a while, is to fill up on beans.

We have tried the layered dip for appetizer, and loved the levels of flavor. Shared the half-half fajita with hubby and thought the chicken was good, but the steak dried up. Have also tried the burrito's and liked them. Hubby has once ordered enchiladas and didn't like them at all.

I wouldn't compare it to other Mexican rest's downtown, but reiterate that it is good as half-way between fastfood and dining.

2010 Jul 29
I visited twice before the previous post and once after and I have to respectfully disagree on almost all counts. I sat outside twice and inside once and, each time, the tables were clean. The service was generally good each time but one server in particular is refreshingly honest with his recommendations.

As for the food, I very much like their Southwest Burrito. It actually has pieces of beef instead of ground and it's spicy enough for my taste (although I was told that you can ask them to leave out the beans in it and just have a double helping of the spicy beef inside, if you wish). For the sides, the rice was fine but there weren't very many beans on the plate. Overall, though, the portion size was generous.

The Tijuana Dip was fairly good, too, but a bit heavy if you're going to have a main dish afterwards as large as the burrito. I like that the dip came with both crispy nacho chips to dip into it, and soft tortillas to spoon the dip into and roll up.

The nachos on the appetizer menu were a bit large for one person and a bit small for two. They were good but I've had better. However, the salsas that accompany them are fantastic, particularly the spicy green one.

If you stick to the Mexican items on the menu, I think this place is worth a visit.

2010 Jul 20
Avoid like the plague.

It was much better when it was Mexicali Rosas.

We chose to sit outside.
Waited almost 5 minutes to be seated, we were sat at a dirty table that was unwashed, they had no intention of cleaning the table at all.

The food was not very fresh at all.
Definetly going down hill.
The baked beans and rice tasted as if they had been sitting there all day.
The sangria was untastefull.

I will never return.