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Tom and Son's Donuts are a wholesaler. Individual orders can be made via the web site and picked up or delivered (deliver only on orders over $20.00).

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Tom and Sons Donuts
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2014 Mar 17
Question for Tom and Sons: Are your croissants all butter ones and can you buy them frozen and not baked so they can be made up fresh at home?

2014 Mar 16
To reply to everyone, yes Tom and Sons is still open. We have moved to a new, solely wholesale location. So we are no longer located on Bentley. We are in the process of changing our website, in the meantime our new phone number is 613-257-2626.


2013 Aug 19
Can someone confirm if they are still open & located at Bentley avenue?

I read the posts and got really excited about fresh donuts. But when I tried to order them on Sunday no one called to confirm and the tel # on the website was out of service? Don't seem to have operating hours on the site either.

Thanks in advance

2013 Mar 23

The donuts were actually too awesome.
There was no oil on them at all for the vanilla sugar (which is what I was trying to showcase) to stick to!

The paper lining the box had a few tiny spots of oil when they were all removed.

The little cake doughnut holes just rolled around in the jar of sugar, doing nothing.

Oh well, I still have 120 delicious little bites in the freezer that I intend to enjoy whenever I want.

No loss.

2013 Mar 22
I have it on good authority that the holes have only 1 calorie each, so eat your heart out!

2013 Mar 22
I ordered a gross of their Sweet Bites (cake doughnut holes) that they are going to deliver to an event I'm at tomorrow for giveaways/testers. Free delivery helps me out and certainly saves a step.

I can't wait to try them!

The holes don't have any calories, right?

2010 May 20
apple fritters and mixed yeast. these were regular size (option of ordering large fritters).

2010 May 20
here are some pics i finally downloaded.

2010 May 11
Tom and Sons is for sale!!!???!!! They make the best donuts around town. There is absolutely no comparison. Our favourite is the whipped cream filled, chocolate topped donut. I'm hungry just thinking about it. We order from the web and pick up. A box doesn't last very long in our house. We recently box some Tim Horton's donuts while on a road trip and it only confirmed what we already knew. Tom and Sons is the only place to go for donuts.

2010 May 9
the best apple fritter in the city! we ordered 6 apple fritters and 6 mixed - their choice. we picked them up at 3pm (earliest pick-up time on sunday). they were still warm and fantastic. the small size fritter was the size of a normal donut, i have no idea how big the large size is. the full dozen was $7. i'll post a picture later.

definitely the best donuts i have had, being warm helped too.

we invited 3 friends over to help us eat them and the box was polished off within 8 minutes. i'll try to post pics tonight.



2010 Jun 3
Does Tom & Sons sell at any retail outlets?

2010 Apr 30
Agreed, best apple fritter (and probably best donuts) in Ottawa. Do not settle for T-Ho's cooked/frozen/thawed "donuts", they are terrible and resemble sawdust, and now your memories of a real donut are probably fading and you've forgotten what a real, fresh donut tastes like. Tom & Son's fritters have chunks of real apple in them, streaks of cinnamon and a nice sugary glaze. This is maybe a once a week indulgence, carb+sugar overload on these suckers.

2010 Apr 30
OK I tried out the large apple fritters. They were very good, probably the best currently available in Ottawa.


2012 Jun 28
+1. Brought in a couple dozen donuts to the office -- the folks loved it.

I'm going to try the Boston Cream later today :-)

Needless to say, they are still in business.