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See also: Grace in the Kitchen & Serious Cheese
Locally owned and operated - Serious Cheese is located in Old Ottawa South. A special little cheese shop with a warm and inviting selection of some of the finest cheeses from around the world or more importantly from Canada. Now stocking a great selection of Fifth Town Cheese (Prince Edward County, Ontario) as well as artisanal cheeses from Quebec. A very diverse choice of the great blue's from Italy, Spain, France, England and Belgium. Periodically, they carry rare cheeses from Spain, Italy and France such as Blue Taleggio. With a selection of some of the creamiest Brie and all your raclette needs there is really nothing more to say...They are SERIOUS about cheese! You can also come in for a delicious lunch, grilled cheese sandwiches, soups and the best Mac & Cheese you have ever had.

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2011 Apr 1
They are moving to Hintonburg soon, along with their sister store, Grace in the Kitchen. They will be in the same facility and promise better parking.

2010 Oct 25
stopped in for lunch today and had the soup & sandwich special ($9.95). the soup was a very small bowl of creamy tomato. it tasted fine, though a bit too salty for me. the sandwich was their plain grilled cheese and was great, loads of cheese and the bread was really nice. not sure what kind it was, but had sunflower seeds along the outside.

the soup was really small and i won't order the combo again, i'll just stick to the grilled cheese or try mac & cheese next.

i would have really appreicated something to dip my grilled cheese in - terrible i know. i really like a nice mustard with grilled cheese, so this would have been nice to see, or a home made ketchup. maybe it is just a personal habit of mine to want to dip even gourmet grilled cheese, i'd probably also want a little ketchup on the mac & cheese.

2010 Oct 6
Bacon Mac n' Cheese with the Turkey cheese grilled sandwich in the background. I'm having a cheese overdose!!! Great place to satisfy a cheese craving. I don't think there was any sauce in the mac n' cheese just incredible amounts of cheese, I don't think that's a bad thing?....

2010 Aug 31
My co-workers and I were hungry for some lunch. We decided to check out Serious Cheese because...well, we love cheese and it was close by.

The shop was really cute, nice bright colors and well organized. For take-out, the only options were grilled cheese, mac & cheese and a few other grilled sandwich options. It would have been nice to have a larger selection of take-out options but it wasn't that big of a deal to me.

I got a "pig & pig & cheese" sandwich. It was a grilled cheese with havarti, ham and prosciutto. I thought it was pretty good - not sure what type of bread was used but I liked it. It had a bit of sweet mustard on it (I think) which was nice and th ham was quite good too. The only problem I had was with the prosciutto. It was just cut way too thick and I had a really hard time eating the sandwich because of it.

One of my co-workers got the mac & cheese with bacon (and truffle oil). She has eaten it before and really loves it (that's why she keeps on buying it!) Another one of my co-workers bought the plain ham & cheese. She said it was great other than the fact that she would've liked the cheddar cheese to be a bit stronger.

I enjoyed my sandwich from this little shop and can't wait to go back for some cheese and baguette!

2010 Aug 17
If you like all things cheese, there is a great little cheese shop called Serious Cheese, on Bank street located in the Old Ottawa South.

I've blogged about them in my Check it out!

So, once again I did not bring a lunch with me.

I was so busy this weekend and didn't have a chance to do the groceries.

I wonder if keeping track of these blogs will be an indirect way of tracking how often I eat out!!! Crap :S

I was not the only one who didn't have a lunch today. I was invited to "Serious Cheese" it's a great cheese, sandwich, soup, etc shop on Bank Street in Ottawa. We took our lunch to go, and sat outside at a pic nic table :) Loves it!

I had a delicious "grilled cheese and ham" sandwich with a small macaroni and cheese with bacon. Basically the same thing served differently! I just realised that I ate a grilled cheese last week too!! What is my problem?!

Anyhow, It was delicious...

This is all that is left of my lunch.

2010 Aug 15
I was out running errands yesterday and down on Bank Street South I noticed this shop called Serious Cheese. I had already had it in my mind that I was going to pick up a few things to nibble on before dinner, so this was perfect.

I had never been in this place before. At first glance I thought it was a restaurant, I could see tables inside and some people eating. But the name had me figuring there was more to it than that. And just as I approached the window I noticed that it was in fact, a giant cheese heaven.

Things got even better once I got inside. A fridge over to the right filled with meaty delights from Maison du Gibier I grabbed a caribou, port and fig terrine and some smoked, dried ostrich. Yum! I continued along that side of the wall to some prepackaged cheeses. An Italian Pecorino Pepato cheese was calling my name. This salty sheep's milk cheese studded with peppercorns did not disappoint. I then tried a sliver of Fifth Town's Cape Vessey absolutely to die for. So this one made it's way home with me too. And finally, Le Cendrillon, one of my favourite goat cheeses.

Once I got to the cash, I fell in love with some locally made jams. The strawberry and balsamic one especially. That, in combination with the Cendrillon and some walnut and rye baguette (from True Loaf but bought at the cheese store), was the tastiest thing I ate this weekend.

I'm so happy I found this place. I have a feeling I'm going to be visiting them a lot. I just checked out their web site and have my next cheese purchase already planned Blue Haze, a Quebec smoked blue cheese, sounds amazing. And on the lunch menu, bacon and truffle mac and cheese!

2010 Aug 12
Such a nice and welcoming place. The people are so friendly and let you try any cheese you want! I will have to go back for a sandwich one day. I also appreciate that they carry True Loaf Breads there!

2010 Jul 22
I've been in a few times, and I find that the advice about what to try is outstanding. There is a "10 cheeses to try before you die" list that is regularly updated, and I've worked my way through many of them. If you can describe the kinds of things you like and dislike in a cheese, the folks who work here can give you terrific guidance.

2010 Jul 22
I went once while in training in the neighbourhood. So sad I found it on the last day of training, as I would have been there EVERY DAY if I had known how amazing the food would be.

I had the mac and cheese and half of a turkey/cheese sandwich. Divine. Rich, creamy, and a stunning depth of flavour. I needed a nap after, though ;)

I look forward to returning!!

2010 Jun 14
I stopped by here Friday afternoon to see what it was all about - I was very excited to see that Old Ottawa South, right near where I live, has a cheese store with a) variety b) local artisan cheeses and c) really good sales! With the intention of getting an aged Manchego, I ended up instead getting a Chimay de la biere... ever been to Pub Italia and tried one of the Trappist beers, brewed in one of only 6 monasteries in the world that makes beer that particular way? Well they also make cheese, this particular cheese having its rind actually washed in one of the beers. It's creamy and peppery, not sharp like a cheddar but definitely with a bit of a hops-y bite. Also picked up an applewood smoked cheddar, which is to die for - but I challenge anyone to find a cheese that doesn't taste better smoked - and a Camembert that was one sale for 1/2 price, which goes great with this ginger-rhubarb compote I got from the Bagelshop. I will be returning soon!

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2010 Jan 12
Stilton, Colston Bassett - I was at Serious Cheese, A little gem of a shop in Old Ottawa South. They have a fantastic selection of Blue's...I will start with the one I buy most often- Stilton, Colston Bassett. It is one of the nicest, creamiest well rounded Stilton's available.

"Colston-Bassett Stilton, from Nottinghamshire, England, is the finest and creamiest example of Stilton available today. Made with the milk from five herds of cows grazing near Colston-Bassett dairy, this hand-made Stilton develops a fine, bark-like natural rind and ample blue veining. Aged for four months, Colston-Bassett Stilton tastes best from October to February, when wheels produced from rich August milk are released."

If you get a chance, two words...Serious Cheese


2011 Apr 16
Had both the serious mac and cheese and the mariachi mac and cheese and found both to be unfortunately subpar. Maybe we came in later in the day, but the cheese had congealed and the oil had separated and it wasn't so much creamy as gummy :(. The cheese sauce had also curdled in an unpleasant way and to top it all off the pasta they choose to use are big rigatoni-like pieces which were soggy and dry at the same time. The heat lamps were really harsh I guess.

Really expected the mariachi to be more tangy and zesty but found it just to have some cut up veg to differentiate it from the original kind.

I'm making it sound disgusting but it really wasn't that bad. The cheeses they chose to put in tasted great and they chose them well, they had just sat out and separated. A different texture like a breadcrumb topping would have been super welcome.

2010 Mar 29
glycogen stores depleted and in need for small portions of tasty mac & cheese. $6.95 for 12 oz portions. a rare rich carb splurge.

serious bacon mac & cheese = gruyere + gouda + bacon + hint of truffle (left).

serious mac & cheese - perron cheddar + thunderoak + gouda + spices (right).

interesting combos. subtle flavors. would be nice to have golden crisp panko breadcrust for textural contrast. maybe fried onions...