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See also: Grace in the Kitchen & Serious Cheese
Locally owned and operated - Serious Cheese is located in Old Ottawa South. A special little cheese shop with a warm and inviting selection of some of the finest cheeses from around the world or more importantly from Canada. Now stocking a great selection of Fifth Town Cheese (Prince Edward County, Ontario) as well as artisanal cheeses from Quebec. A very diverse choice of the great blue's from Italy, Spain, France, England and Belgium. Periodically, they carry rare cheeses from Spain, Italy and France such as Blue Taleggio. With a selection of some of the creamiest Brie and all your raclette needs there is really nothing more to say...They are SERIOUS about cheese! You can also come in for a delicious lunch, grilled cheese sandwiches, soups and the best Mac & Cheese you have ever had.

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2011 Jun 27
Fresh Foodie I did find that a little odd because the person I spoke with said they will have a café set up in the store but no mac 'n cheese will be served. They seem to have quite a mac 'n cheese following so hopefully they will reconsider. Especially if enough people ask for it...

2011 Jun 27
" it will be pre-made for take-out only."

This is terrible news for the lunchtime crowd near the new Kanata location! I hope they will reconsider -- even if they only offer hot mac 'n cheese on Thursdays or something.

2011 Jun 27
OSoloMeal I can confirm the rumor is actual fact! I paid a visit to Serious Cheese on their last day of business a couple of weeks ag. They mentioned that Life of Pie will be making their mac 'n cheese. Serious Cheese will continue making it when they open their new digs around the end of September/early October but it will be pre-made for take-out only.

2011 Jun 27
RUMOUR: i could be wrong about this, but my sources (yes, i have 'sources'... humour me) tell me that the lovely lady from LIFE OF PIE obtained the mac n sheese recipe from the outgoing Serious Cheese and will be offering it for lunch at some point.

I feel mildly less hatred for Kanata now.

2011 May 7
About a month ago, we took a walk over to Serious Cheese -- we regularly crave anything and everything cheesy.

I had the regular mac and cheese, which was delicious .. I'm a bit of a sucker for that crispy, overcooked pasta texture that I found in parts of my serving, and the rest was creamy and distinctly tasty.

Partner had the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich combo. The soup was thin and not very flavourful. The sandwich was perfectly cooked-- very very cheesy, and we appreciated the bread crust being coated with miscellaneous grains and seeds.

We sipped some pineapple soda drink from the fridge, might've been branded Aunt _____'s. It was sweet and nothing special to us.

Service was friendly, and we thought prices were a touch on the high side, but appreciated the novelty and specialty of the place.

Solid snack all around .. probably won't make it often, if at all, to the Kanata location, but for that, my wallet will is thankful.

2011 May 4
Ditto what OSoloMeal said-;)

2011 May 4
Yeah, it's Kanata-bound.

And now, finally, after years of living in Ottawa, i have a reason to hate Kanata.


...sorry, sorry.... i'll be okay eventually...

2011 May 4
They are actually moving to Kanata not hintonburg. Just spoke to the owner over the weekend. I think in the same little plaza as M&M on hazeldean?... It will be good to have some good sandwiches in Kanata.

2011 Apr 16
Sandwiches were on nice bread but the grilled cheese was pretty greasy. The cheeses in it (aged cheddar and gouda) were nice but I would have preferred something a little sharper. But oh man, the grease on mine was really just too much. Especially since me and bf also ordered the mac and cheeses. He had the turkey which wasn't that greasy. Bf also really wanted some ketchup :(

2011 Apr 1
They are moving to Hintonburg soon, along with their sister store, Grace in the Kitchen. They will be in the same facility and promise better parking.



2010 Jan 12
Stilton, Colston Bassett - I was at Serious Cheese, A little gem of a shop in Old Ottawa South. They have a fantastic selection of Blue's...I will start with the one I buy most often- Stilton, Colston Bassett. It is one of the nicest, creamiest well rounded Stilton's available.

"Colston-Bassett Stilton, from Nottinghamshire, England, is the finest and creamiest example of Stilton available today. Made with the milk from five herds of cows grazing near Colston-Bassett dairy, this hand-made Stilton develops a fine, bark-like natural rind and ample blue veining. Aged for four months, Colston-Bassett Stilton tastes best from October to February, when wheels produced from rich August milk are released."

If you get a chance, two words...Serious Cheese


2011 Apr 16
Had both the serious mac and cheese and the mariachi mac and cheese and found both to be unfortunately subpar. Maybe we came in later in the day, but the cheese had congealed and the oil had separated and it wasn't so much creamy as gummy :(. The cheese sauce had also curdled in an unpleasant way and to top it all off the pasta they choose to use are big rigatoni-like pieces which were soggy and dry at the same time. The heat lamps were really harsh I guess.

Really expected the mariachi to be more tangy and zesty but found it just to have some cut up veg to differentiate it from the original kind.

I'm making it sound disgusting but it really wasn't that bad. The cheeses they chose to put in tasted great and they chose them well, they had just sat out and separated. A different texture like a breadcrumb topping would have been super welcome.

2010 Mar 29
glycogen stores depleted and in need for small portions of tasty mac & cheese. $6.95 for 12 oz portions. a rare rich carb splurge.

serious bacon mac & cheese = gruyere + gouda + bacon + hint of truffle (left).

serious mac & cheese - perron cheddar + thunderoak + gouda + spices (right).

interesting combos. subtle flavors. would be nice to have golden crisp panko breadcrust for textural contrast. maybe fried onions...