Foods from Fox and Feather Pub

2013 Dec 13
Date of Visit: December 2, 2013

I have visited this place many times in the past but the last occasion must have been nearly seven or eight years ago. I do recall that I ate there on at least one previous visit but I cannot honestly remember much of the meal and so, as I happened to be staying nearby on my latest trip to Ottawa,, I decided to see if the place was as generally pleasant as I rememberů

My Meal
10oz Ribeye ... Rating: 4 out of 5

The Fox and Feather is a pleasant enough place that does a pretty good job for the class of establishment it represents. Maybe a little bit more quality control on the service is in order but, on the whole, I enjoyed myself and would be happy to return for a simple meal or just a drink or two. For my experience on this occasion I would rate it at a 3 out of 5.

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2012 Feb 22
This was a pleasant surprise a few nights ago. After wandering Elgin for a bit, we stopped in for a late-night pitcher and app.

They've got all (or at least many) of the Big Rock beers on tap, which was pretty exciting. We went with the trad brown (very good) and a plate of nachos.

I've been scouring the city for years now looking for good nachos, and have to say that F&F put a pretty good plate together. If they were layered, I'd be running back.. but toppings and cheese were probably only on maybe 60% of the chips. But I will still keep it in mind as a spot to grab nachos if I'm in the area (I think they're half-price from 10-midnite or something like that, too)

As an aside, I hate how it's become standard to add $2 for a small cup of canned/bagged/whateverequalsnothomemade guacamole. I don't see why it shouldn't be included, especially when plates are upwards of $11-12 each.

2011 Nov 20
I don't see why a pub should change their menu just to "keep up". Some pubs try to be creative, and some stick to the classics. If it ain't broke, don't fix it :) That whole hipster attitude is what put me off a lot of restaurants when I first moved to Ottawa, most places don't even serve real pub food - it's always Brie this and Focaccia that. Maybe it's my old-school upbringing, but sometimes I just want a predictable meal, where a club sandwich is a plain old club sandwich and not "pan-seared duck with arugula and blueberry dijonnaise on a bed of rice crackers".

From that perspective, if I want comfort food, I know I can count on F&F. If I'm feeling curious, there are a hundred other places to try.

2011 Nov 10
Saurian I am not questioning the type of establishment or the quality of food (which is very good BTW). But when I go to a place that hasn't changed their menu in the last 15 years it's a little off-putting. I am not expecting high-end meals but there are alot of new restos opening up that they now have to compete with. Town seems to be consistently packed from opening to close every night they are open and they seem to have an inventive yet affordable menu. (Sadly I have not been yet.) On the bar front Chez Lucien for example serves burgers but also salmon, steak, and croque monsieur. There are a number of restos that have opened in recently (Tennessy Willems and Burnt Butter) that have been getting great reviews here that reasonably priced and offer alternatives to fried zucchinis, nachos, etc. And we can anticipate Hintonburg Public House and the Mill Street Brewery offering a more up-to-date menu IMO. As a matter of fact my alumni association used to have our pub nights at the Fox and Feather every year for many years. But this year our pub night was moved to another establishment this year due complaints about the lack of variety of food. That's just my two cents.

2011 Nov 10
Is that not what it is...a bar?

Agree that F&F, the last few times I've been, serves up good, fresh, and hot stuff. I wouldn't expect it to "upgrade" to a higher gastronomic level.

They have free pool (one table) and darts (two boards) which is a nice draw for my group of friends. Nice place to go and chill over a board game in one of the corners too!

2011 Nov 10
Last night I met up with some friends for dinner at the Fox and Feather. I used to go here regularly when I worked nearby over 10 years ago and I have always enjoyed their Spring Hill salad. Last night I decided to live dangerously and order something different so I ordered an Albany burger. It came with carmelized onion, mushrooms and Swiss cheese. All burgers come with a garden salad and fries on the side however you can substitute sweet potato fries or caesar salad for an extra fee. I asked for a caeser salad. The hamburger was delicious and he bun was very fresh. The salad was perfect - nice and garlicky and not too much dressing. My only beef is that the fries were a little mushy - I would have preferred having them alot crispier.

My only complaint is that they haven't updated the menu since I started frequenting the resto 15 years ago. The menu is still heavy on bar food (nachos, fried zucchini and the like), burgers, pizza, and sandwiches.

2010 May 3
We hosted a party here a few weeks ago... and everyone was impressed!

I called 2 weeks ahead of time and the reservation was easy. We confirmed our numbers twice. We had our own server on the night of, in a semi-private area. They also agreed to serve a cake for us, which I purchased at a grocery store and brought with me. They refrigerated it and brought it out for us, and didn't charge us extra for the use of the plates and utensils. We were also allowed to decorate the room and we didn't need to take them down when we left.

Our server was kind, personable, polite and attentive. I ordered a chicken wrap and it was full! I also love that they bring their meals with a small salad and a small serving of fries. The best of both worlds! The food was hot and the salad was fresh. Very quality and value for the price compared to other pub establishments downtown.

I'd highly recommend the F&F for a party location.


2009 Dec 30
The Fox and Feather Pub has a typical "pub" atmosphere and menu, a good selection of beer, a great summer 2nd storey patio and a selection of half price appetizers between 4pm-6pm and 9pm-12am. I tried the half-price ($4.99) wings last night and was very disappointed with both the wings and Server. I ordered medium wings - simple enough. The wings arrived. First impressions - the wings smallish, the sauce in a little plastic cup on the side...I've never seen this - but maybe I'll like having control over the sauce - turns out, I'm just as happy having them sauced before I get them. First bite - maybe this is why its a good idea to have the sauce on the side - its BBQ sauce, not medium. The Server returned and I explained the mix up and asked if I could have medium sauce, but it is only at this point that she informs me they don't have medium sauce, only Hot or BBQ - this is what you get for knowing what you want without consulting the menu (Checked menu later - they list Hot, Mild or Honey Garlic). She offered to bring me Hot sauce so that I could mix the two of them together - not what I wanted..but whatever, I'll take it. The Hot sauce is a Frank's base and masks most of the BBQ flavour. My friends ordered zucchini sticks and nachos - which looked great. They enjoyed everything except the salsa - I didn't sample so can't comment. Aside from not being clear about the wings, the Server was great and attentive to our drinks and clearing our table.

Wing size - 6/10
Flavour - 4/10
Recommended Beer - I enjoyed Grolsch, however given that you receive the wings bare and can moderate your own sauciness, you could easily go with a red or something heavier.