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Karara - The Indian Take Out
Karara - The Indian Take Out
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2012 Sep 25
Good lunch - 2 curry lunch for $7.95 includes salad and rice. Get a fresh full sized naan bread for an extra $1. I find their food a bit too salty for my taste, but not big deal.

PS: 2 freshly fried samosas for $1.50 including sauce (didn't have this for lunch, but I hope Shaan will see this)

2012 Jul 12
I ordered from them tonight. The food was phenomenal but the cashier was rude.

2012 Jun 2
Haha! You feel ripped off now, but I bet you'll get more than $5 worth of mileage out of that story. It even has a punch line. :-)
Made me LOL!

2012 Jun 2
The oddest thing happened when I ordered some food to be delivered from the Merivale location this afternoon.

The bill for butter chicken with rice, aloo chat papri, garlic naan and a mango lassi came to a very reasonable $32. I gave the driver $40 and asked for $5 back. He said he didn't have $5 in change and would go downstairs (I live in an apt building) and get it from his car.

Well, 40 minutes later, he never came back, so I guess I'm forced to assume he just walked off with an $8 tip. When I called the restaurant to ask about it, they told me I would have to call back later to speak to "the boss." When I asked them to just call the driver for me and ask when he was going to come back, they asked me if he wore a turban and when I said yes, they said the guy WAS the boss! They said they would call me back but never did.

I don't know why a restaurant owner would do such a thing?! It's not about the $5 but about the fact that he just walked away with it so blatantly. The food itself is all right - but I just have such a bad taste from such actions, I won't ever order from them again!

2012 May 31
Continued to work my way through the menu at Karara Merivale last night and I have a couple of further recommendations. The tandoori shrimp were amazing, served with chunks of pepper and onion and a spicy green condiment. Vegetable Biryani was complex and flavorful, with lots of fresh veggies none of which were overcooked. Garlic butter Naan was also good, but I still prefer the coconut version. Looking forward to the leftover Butter chicken and samosas for lunch today.

2012 May 23
Went to the Marivale location the other day.

I had a butter chicken, chunna masala, rice and naan, and it clocked in at around 14 ish after tax.

The food is very good north indian style. But just a word of caution - the "take out" descriptor is misleading, cause it took like 15 minutes to prepare my food - and I was in a hurry. They assured me it would be quick. No biggy, just a word of caution.

The channa was really good, more pungent then tomato/sweet flavoured - but it was fantastic.

The butter chicken was rich and beautiful. Real Naan too.

If your in a hurry, go to Shaan Curry house, it's way faster. Shaan's food is simpler, and a tad cheeper, but their styles are different and they are both quite good. Shaan doesn't have real naan though...

I will certainly return to Karara.

2012 May 2
Follow-up to my previous post. I've tried Karara a few more times since. Food is consistently excellent. New reward points system for online orders is a bonus. However, I do have a bit of anxiety every time I order because I don't fully trust their online ordering system. One time I ordered and the order was received at the other location, even though Merivale was specified. Another time, I ordered in advance for pick up later that evening. I ended up showing up 20 minutes in advance and my order was already ready. Had i showed up at the scheduled time, my order would have been sitting there at least 20 minutes. I like my food hot. All these issues will hopefully be ironed out, but it won't stop me from ordering from there again, it's just too good.

PS: The curry portions in the meal combos are smaller than the portions of that same item ordered separately. This was a bit of a disappointment.

For under $50, for the two of us, it's dinner and small lunch the next day.

2012 Apr 15
Have been to the new Karara on Merivale road twice in the last 2 weeks and it has impressed me both times. I have been enjoying another Indian restaurant on Merivale for years, but it closes quite early on weeknights, and Karara is open until 9:30, which is why I checked it out the first time.

Everything I've had has been among the best Indian food I've tasted in Ottawa. The Samosas were hot, crisp and chock full of tasty veggies with a nice dipping sauce. Only $1.50 for 2.

I have sometimes been disappointed with Indian food in this city, that different dishes have a boring similarity, and taste as if they have probably come off a steam table somewhere.

Not so at Karara. Judging from the wait time and taste, things are freshly made. Chana Masala and Daal Makhani were both good options from the veggie menu, rich and complex. Chicken Korma was creamy and Chicken Madras had a very spicy coconut sauce. In both cases the chicken chunks were tender and not overcooked. There are many types of Naan, and I've particularly enjoyed the coconut version. Pilau rice is also a favorite and I like the floral flavour. There are a variety of Indian desserts, and the Gulab Jamun milky dumplings were tender and super sweet.

Although Karara is billed as Indian takeout, there are about half a dozen tables, and while I waited for my order I enjoyed a bollywood movie on their big screen tv.

The only issue that I had was that the meal that was delivered was nowhere near as hot as the one I picked up. Same distance from the store to my home, and it was somehow hotter when I brought it home myself than when it was delivered from an insulated bag.

I hope to try many of the other offerings in the weeks ahead, and recommend Karara on Merivale if you want excellent quality, reasonably priced Indian takeout.

2012 Mar 3
Love this place after the first try. I think i'm just so happy that now we have three real options for take out in this area! Great place for a vegetarian meal. The food is just as good as a good indian restaurant, but in the comfort of your own home. Had the samosas, korma, chana masala, paneer tiki, and gulab jamun. Only complaint is the masala was a bit too salty. Love the paneer, specially the one baked in the tandoori oven, i am craving is as we speak.

There are plenty of tables inside, so it's not strictly takeout. This place will rival Shaan Curry House for lunch crowd.

2012 Feb 15
Tried takeout from the Merivale location on Monday and really enjoyed the food but had a mixup with the online ordering system (for which I was partly to blame), so beware. When you place an online order - particularly if you are juggling an active baby and a hyper toddler whilst doing so - you might not notice (ahem), that the system doesn't ask you to specify which location you'd like to pick up from. The end result was that my husband showed up at the Merivale location and they had no record of our order. In my defence, the Strandherd location wasn't able to dig up my order for a good 20 minutes either, so there might be some other issues there as well. Overall, they handled it well and discounted our order by 50%, which I thought was great. The one thing that I didn't like was they said they had tried to reach me and they obviously hadn't or else by cellphone would have shown an incoming call. All's well that ends well though and we'd try this place again to see if our positive impression of the food holds, though we might try a lunch combo as we found it somewhat pricey (pre- discount) for the amount of food we got. We had the lamb roganjosh (13.95), daal tadka (8.95) and Karara fish curry (13.95), as well as paratha and naan. All were very, very good. The fish dish had four smallish pieces of fish (maybe 2 inches x 2 inches each) and the lamb about 9 1-inch cubes, which we devoured in short order - so no leftovers, sadly.

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2013 Nov 16
This is the "Half Tandoori Chicken" we received for $13. Honestly, I've never seen such a tiny chicken, and the poor thing was missing its wing. There were four tiny pieces: thigh, drumstick, and the breast cut in half. The meat was dry and mushy like it had been sitting around, and the seasoning was muted.

The salad with coriander sauce was a nice touch, but it didn't make up for the disappointing chicken.