Fine country dining in a restored 19th Century farm house; live shows every Friday night.

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2013 Dec 2
Had breakfast here last week, I am not a brunch/breakfast regular so bear that in my mind with my review-fruit and cereal are my usual breakfast. I felt the cost was quite reasonable. I had the basic breakfast which included 2 eggs (any style), meat (bacon,ham, sausage), potatoes, toast (white,wholewheat or rye), fruit, and coffee or tea. For me it was just way too much food but I'm sure some people would like the deal. The potatoes were good but there were alot of them and they didn't seem like breakfast homefries-they were small whole potatoes,halved, roasted & then pan fried. 2 eggs, 3 sausages (nicely done), 2 rye toast,all those potatoes, a nice fruit selection (slices of canteloupe, honeydew, pineapple & orange slices) and refilled Equator coffee for 7.50. Hubby had the toasted western sandwich which was artfully presented but not what he was expecting, still fine and alot of eggs and ham. His came with the potatoes and fruit but coffee not included. The value was great, the food was really good but next time I will not order the potatoes-just too much. They do offer substitutions like fried tomatoes. Very friendly service and excellent coffee. Nice ambience. Several tables of regulars were nearby and seemed to know what to order "No homefries, dry toast, etc.) Great value if you live in the area (& I do)

2013 Jun 12
It isn't just that it sounds like a shill, the writing style perfectly matches the style of some of the postings on the facebook page. It is a shill.

The restaurant might be great, but flamboyant anonymous self promotion is a major turnoff for me. And saying "check out *their* facebook page" instead of "check out *our* facebook page" is just plain disingenuous.

2013 Jun 12
I know the below sounds like a shill, but I have heard good things about this place from a coworker whose palate I trust. I need to visit myself, and will post a review once I do.

As for the below reviewer, tone down the praise, add some constructive criticism, and change your username. Then we'll be able to take your opinion seriously.

2013 Jun 12
the best breakfast on Ottawa!!!!!!! IT IS 100% WORTH THE DRIVE. People's Choice Award Winners for 8 years running and the gift shop next door IS THE BEST LITTLE SHOP EVER!!!!!! The food is made fresh from scratch... sometimes the best things take a little more time to prepare BUT 100% worth the wait for GOOD FOOD!!!!!!!!!!They have a really great TAKE OUT MENU with some CHEAP EATS too!!!! Anyone who has not had the BEST experience. I SAY GO AGAIN!!! They are a family owned and operated business and VERY POPULAR!!!!They want to make you happy and it shows in the service. Plus....They may have just been really busy or having an off day because I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN BAD SERVICE OR FOOD FROM THERE!!!! Weekends are busy and if you call ahead on your way OR make a reservation by calling 613.832.9942... it's a breeze! A wonderful destination spot and a GREAT place to meet during the week too!! Week days are not as busy...FYI. BUT THE FOOD IS SO GOOD, I mean really GOOD!!!! ....Check out their facebook page... FYI and take a peak for yourself. I LOVE THE HEART AND SOUL CAFE. YOU WILL TOO!!!!! XO Heart & Soul... XO

2012 Aug 19
We were disappointed with the food and service, particularly after reading several positive reviews about their breakfast.

We waited over an hour for mediocre eggs benedict (eggs were overcooked) and a Monte Cristo sandwich (bread was hard and dry). The side of salad was fresh and the raspberry vinaigrette was good, but some of the potatoes were a bit undercooked. The ambiance is okay, I guess. The best part was the coffee.

As someone who often goes out for breakfast/brunch, this place is not worth the drive. Instead, check out Les Fougeres in Chelsea.

2011 Mar 30
We visited the Heart and Soul Cafe for brunch last Saturday, and it was well worth the drive! It's not as much of a drive for us since we are already in Lanark County, but the Dunrobin location may be a bit of a hike for city-dwellers. That said - take the trip!

Its a lovely spot, in the rooms of an old farmhouse, and as Qster mentioned, the coffee (Equator Coffee Roasters) is great. Also, the food was perfectly done - I had the eggs benedict (see food review) and the FH had the "Classic", which remains a steal at $5.50!

Great bread, great side potatoes, lovely fresh fruit, friendly service - who could ask for more? Looks like it will have a cute patio in the summer - we will be back to check it out!

Caveat - they rightfully recommend reservations - we got lucky on the tail end of the morning rush.

2009 Aug 17
The cutest little gem out in Dunrobin; I've only been twice and both times for breakfast but both times I've walked away completely stuffed and content. Everything here is made from scratch, the portions are huge and the coffee really surprisingly good.

The standard breakfast is incredibly filling and a steal for only $5.50. The hot chocolate is an indulgence, topped with loads of whipped cream and the pancakes are thick, fluffy and in the shape of a heart... some may consider it a gimmick but it still appeals to the child in me :D


2011 Mar 30
Delicious eggs benedict at Heart and Soul! Miam miam miam. Nice hollandaise, and a pretty giant portion. Side potatoes get two thumbs up. Also kudos for the fresh side salad and raspberry vinaigrette! Very nice work.