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2013 Feb 23
Don't waste your money!!!

This is definitely the Mexican version of subway. The food was bland, expensive and not authentic at all. I had the quesadilla and did not have enough garnish to make this thing taste like anything Mexican, awful. I also got cookies with my combo that tasted like someone took chips ahoy cookies and stuck them under a heat lamp to make them even crispier than they already are. At least subway gets the cookies right!

Definitely two thumbs down for this place.

2012 Sep 26
I went to the Mucho Burrito at South Keys yesterday. I love it for what it is - Mexican Subway. The burrito was good, as always. It was stuffed full of porky-goodness. I guess my only gripe is about the chips and salsa that come with the combo.

When this location first came out the chips and salsa were super fresh and in a pretty sizable portion. Yesterday the chips were like the no name tortillas and were bordering on stale. They had also been smashed to bits, I had little quarter-sized pieces of chips. The hot salsa tasted amazing, but the portions have gotten tiny! I got this tablespoon of salsa in my container. Not enough salsa to override the stale chips, in my opinion. Next time I will stick with just the burrito. They often charge 99 cents for these tiny portions (like when you order quesadilla).

2012 Aug 16
Apropos of nothing i want a t-shirt that reads

'consider the quesadilla' .

2012 Aug 16
Ravi: consider the quesadilla. It's usually filled liberally and comes with salsa and sour cream on the side. Thanks for the tip about mixing meats (and salsa). The quesadilla would work well with a half-and-half meat arrangement I think. I know exactly the server you mention too - skinny blond kid. Hardest worker in a fast food restaurant I've ever seen and really keeps the (often long) line moving.

2012 Aug 15
Very pleased with our visit today. Went to the Baseline/Clyde location. Same young kid at the cash as previous few times, extremely attentive, asks each customer if they've been before, welcomes them, and walks them through the menu. Prompts quickly and explains choices. He moves fast in the prep as well. If the owner had gotten off his cell phone, I'd have told him to give the kid a raise. He deserves it.

I was thinking Chorizo, but also Carnita.. and then to my pleasant surprise.. He suggested.. why not half and half. SCORE!! I did a medly of sauces as well, all three hot, mild and the medium green. I find that it works very well with the guac. Warning.. the hot. is HOT. so if you make the choice of just hot sauce.. boy. You're asking for it.

I'm in Toronto shortly, and I'll be stopping in at Chipotle, which is the original resto that MB cloned. MB I used to fault previously for their sauce, but I think with the mix of three, they do fairly well.

I just wish there was more options, some different sort of burrito or something similar. It's not their fault really. I'm just greedy for more lol.

of note. my nachos were stale again. reoccurring theme with this place.

2012 Jul 28
Ate here for the first time (Baseline location).

Ordered two burritos: one chicken, one pork.

The highlights were that the people behind the counter were very friendly. More importantly, the burritos were quite delish. Very savoury.

I found the prices to be high considering the portions but overall the taste won out, which was a pleasant surprise.

2012 Jan 22
Second time at the baseline location. I ordered two small burritos one pork one beef both with black beans,rice,cheese,jalapeņos,cilantro and guacamole. The spoon technique they use for measuring how much meat goes in is not very consistent. I could see the difference immediately as the small spoonful of pork went onto the tortilla compared to the larger spoonful of beef. Luck of the draw I guess. The flavors are good and everything was fresh right down to the bright green cilantro leaves and fresh chopped jalapeņos. If only they would put a bit more meat this would be the perfect go to place for a quick bite.

2011 Dec 5
Fourth time at the baseline location last night, and always the same problem; the food is fresh, tasty and.....never more than lukewarm. Why can't they figure out how to serve the food hot here?

2011 Nov 12
I went in to the one on Baseline today. I didn't order anything, just left.

I'd never been to one of these places before, so the girl behind the counter was trying to explain how their 'system' for ordering worked. The music was so loud that I had to ask her to start over. By the third go-around I just gave up.

Really? Rather than turn the stupid music down, you'll just keep on trying to repeat the same pitch in an increasingly screechy voice?



2011 Nov 7
Went to the Nepean location for lunch on Friday.

It was....fine.

I had the smothered carne asada small burrito. There is no question that the ingredients are fresh - meats are grilling behind the servers, veggies have planty of crunch, the beans are not mushy. With that said, it's nothing a halfway decent home cook can't reproduce at home for a third of the price.

The rice is white parboiled rice (tastes exactly like Uncle Ben's), not seasoned, so it really only adds bulk to the burrito. If I ever go again, I will definitely skip the rice. They are VERY skimpy on the meat. I'd say there was an ounce of beef in my burrito. The flavours were fine, and the burrito sauce was tasty. The only questionable ingredient was the sour cream - definitely some kind of milky substitute with stabilizers in it...foamy, runny, and really quite strange.

Hubby got two bean tacos and nachos and salsa. These were the saddest little tacos I have ever seen. Literally (no exaggeration) a teaspoon of beans in each one.

Lunch for two came to $18. Not terrible, but we can definitely find better ways to spend $18. That said, it's better than Subway or Taco Bell on the fly.

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2014 Dec 15
I've been here a number of times and had mixed results. The food is ok with the right server, but it seems to be 50/50 chance you get rushed though the line and they are wrapping it and asking if its "for here or to go" before you have added anything.
Most of the time, they never mention the sauces and you end up with a bland tasting balloon that they call a burrito .
The chicken is quite plain, but the beef and pork is really tasty
They put the burrito on a press grill at the end, but it was only on for 15 seconds ! It was still cold inside when i sat down to eat it.

I find the Quesadilla is better than the burrito very good especially with the chopped green jalapenos.

I have been to the Merivale and Orleans locations and found the service was very rushed, but the train yards one has a better trained staff. They were the only ones to mention trying the burrito sauce.

I would recommend Burrito Gringo as a more pleasant experience with better servers and better food if your looking for fast Mexican food.