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2016 Aug 17
I've been to the Baseline location a few times over the past months. I used to think it was at least decent, but the last number of times it's been awful. I can't really pinpoint what's different, but not feeling it.

2015 May 21
I stopped by the other day because someone recommended the poblano popper. Run, don't walk! This is a great burrito with chicken, roast poblano peppers, Mexican rice, black beans, veggies, cream cheese, queso, and bacon. It a delicious, cheesy, salty concoction.

2014 Jan 3
They've recently (summer 2013) changed the style of their fish tacos and chorizo and for the better, in my opinion.

2013 Dec 23
A pal gave me a "Hotter Then Hell" chocolate bar that he bought here while getting a burrito. It was great! This lovely milk chocolate taste and melty creaminess and then this searing heat that catches your breath. Good times! Now, I am not recommending that you do this as it would be juvenile and unappreciated by your in laws, but mix a few chunks of this into your selection of Christmas chocolates...

2013 Oct 17
I went to this place solely to try the ghost pepper burrito. I have always liked the place and I was in the burbs when the need for heat arose. Now, if you like sweet and heat, this is the burrito for you. If you do not, avoid. If, you do not like sweet in your meat (the popular mixing of sweet and savoury as it were) skip the fig marmalade. They load it on first and it is black and syrupy. I do not like sweetness especially ( now it seems on a burrito) so let me try and review it with that in mind. I ordered the chorizo as my protein with beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, etc. Great toppings and very fresh. Right at the end they ask if you are going for the hot or wimpy ghost pepper sauce. I went hot and they put very little on in comparison to the size of the burrito. But it was hot. Not so much at first but it built. Great flavour. I would suggest if you are a chile head, ask for extra. If not, the amount of sauce is just right. I will go back but I will skip the syrup.

2013 Jun 16
Stopped in at the Orleans location on a whim for lunch, I was pleasantly surprised and will return when I have a high sodium, fast food mexican craving.

I had a whole wheat, black bean, chicken burrito combo and it was pretty good. The amount of toppings on the burrito were good here. The tortilla chips, salsa and queso cheese sauce are almost identical to Lone Star.

I agree the concept is similar to Subway or Quiznos.. but by far tastier.

12$ for small 10" chicken burrito with guacamole (yes, extra), canned drink and tortilla chips with salsa and queso.

2013 May 29
I eat at this chain regularly as it is my boyfriend's favorite place for a quick and not totally unhealthy meal.

Service is always pretty fast at both Kanata and Merivale (provided it's not a promotion day like that free burrito thing...), and the servers are usually very friendly. Sometimes their staff seems a bit too excited to be making burritos, but I can't really complain. It goes with the awesome salsa music they play. Never enough cowbell.

The Kanata location tends to load up your meal with too much meat.
The Merivale location used to skimp on ingredients, but has much improved in the last several visits.

I prefer the Merivale location as they have a better balance of meat-to-other-ingredients. You might have a different opinion.

Try getting the burrito sauce, as I find without it the burritos aren't nearly as good.

I really, really appreciate that you can swap out rice for lettuce in burritos. Burritos made this way are probably one of the healthiest fast food items I've encountered, and its one of the things that keeps me coming back.

The largest size is huge. If you have a small stomach like me you might consider sizing down. A burrito the size of my face is just not necessary.

The quesadillas are great, but I'm really disappointed that if you pick pico de gallo for quesadilla, they will put it on the side in a cup instead of grilling it shut inside the thing. They told me the reason they do that is because it makes a mess inside their press. I'm not sure why it would as the stuff is chunks of vegetables, not a sauce! (Having used panini presses in the past I would say that cheese is more of a hazard.) Anyway, I find that really annoying because you can't dip the quesadilla in the pico de gallo, and if you open the quesadilla to put it inside, the thing falls apart. They also never give you enough of that delicious sour cream...

The Jarritos drinks they have (soda in glass bottles) are excellent. Kind of expensive for soda but I will occasionally get it as a treat. I've tried all the flavors and I like them all! It's not a twist off top though, so make sure they remember to open it for you if you aren't able to yourself.

Overall a consistently good fast food place with a nice atmosphere and staff with good attitudes.

2013 Feb 23
Merivale/Clyde location.

I hate to agree w/ pamskizzzel but my two visits to Mucho Burrito was underwhelming to say the very least. I really wanted to like this place as I quite enjoyed my visits to Chipotle in the US.

Paid $15 for a quesadilla, as guac was extra (I believe something else was an extra charge but don't recall). Bit steep but I didn't mind as it had been awhile since I last enjoyed a quesadilla.
My initial reaction to the presentation was disappointing but I didn't want to judge a book by its cover. Upon cutting up my quesadilla, I was utterly disappointed to see how barren it was. There was very little of everything. A handful of chicken pieces, and sparse amount of veggies. It felt like I had ordered a tortilla and cheese sandwich (and something resembling guac) w/ a thimble of salsa and sour cream. You'd be hard pressed to make something taste this bland as I can't even imagine frozen dinners tasting any worse than this. Total, total miss in every way imaginable.

Next visit I ordered a beef and pork burritos and was sadly disappointed again w/ the lack of flavour and skimpy amounts of meat and whatever else is supposed to be included as everything seems to be an extra charge...and it just ended being extra bad!

There seems to be a lot of Mucho Burrito fans, which is why I gave this place a second chance but unfortunately this place is not meant for me, the food was horrible even by fast-food standards.

2013 Feb 23
I always get a laugh at the word authentic. I'm 15 minutes from the Mexican boarder in Texas at the moment and have had my fill of tacos burritos and quesidillas and as far as authentic goes pretty tough to make an unauthentic burrito when it is basically a wrap with different ingridients in it. Though I'm probably guilty of doing the same when mad at a ceretain vendor for shorting me on some ingridients.

2013 Feb 23
Don't waste your money!!!

This is definitely the Mexican version of subway. The food was bland, expensive and not authentic at all. I had the quesadilla and did not have enough garnish to make this thing taste like anything Mexican, awful. I also got cookies with my combo that tasted like someone took chips ahoy cookies and stuck them under a heat lamp to make them even crispier than they already are. At least subway gets the cookies right!

Definitely two thumbs down for this place.




2014 Dec 15
I've been here a number of times and had mixed results. The food is ok with the right server, but it seems to be 50/50 chance you get rushed though the line and they are wrapping it and asking if its "for here or to go" before you have added anything.
Most of the time, they never mention the sauces and you end up with a bland tasting balloon that they call a burrito .
The chicken is quite plain, but the beef and pork is really tasty
They put the burrito on a press grill at the end, but it was only on for 15 seconds ! It was still cold inside when i sat down to eat it.

I find the Quesadilla is better than the burrito very good especially with the chopped green jalapenos.

I have been to the Merivale and Orleans locations and found the service was very rushed, but the train yards one has a better trained staff. They were the only ones to mention trying the burrito sauce.

I would recommend Burrito Gringo as a more pleasant experience with better servers and better food if your looking for fast Mexican food.