A small Italian grocer on Preston. Also makes deli sandwiches to go. Located just north of the 417.

Foods from Casa Nicastro


2010 Apr 8
came in on my way home yesterday from school, to pick up some sausage and pancetta.

the guy behind the deli counter was quite helpful.

the sausages were as good, if not better than la bottega's--which is our go to-- although a bit more expensive.

comparable prices on most things, and certain things (paella rice, for example) seem to be a bit cheaper here.

2009 Jun 29
McLean Organic, if you are interested in showing your product to the owners of Casa Nicastro, just show up =)

Also, I apologize for the continued derailment.

2009 Jun 29
Also my apologies for this being in the wrong place, but I follow a good pedigree!

F&T: Don't you think you're being a little harsh with McLean? Other than a newbies poor choice of where to put a posting, it looks to me like she is saying her products are available in Toronto now (presumably a good thing) but currently has no distributors in Ottawa. Although she communicates it poorly, her post leads me to believe she was ASKING for advice on what local Ottawa retailers would be a good place to be possible distributors for her food. Perhaps she also thought of the Nicastro vendor listing as more of a 'mailbox' for Nicastro, as opposed to a review section. I find it hard to believe that any ill intent was meant, when she quite clearly posts her REAL picture, and gives her business name. Technically she can't be a shill if she clearly identifies who she is. I could be wrong, but I think we've jumped a little too quickly onto the tar and feather bandwagon. We must seem quite the band of ogres to the uninitiated. Perhaps Michelle can clarify for us?

2009 Jun 26
First off, my apologies to Fresh Foodie for continuing this thread (it really should be in the Forum... but I continue here to keep the conversation in order).

McLean Organic - You of course are nothing but another SHILL (anyone can look at your OF Profile Page) this is just an attempt to "stir the pot".

Your references to organic nitrate-free deli meats being available in Toronto "BUT no store or deli in Ottawa" are offensive... just another case of someone from outside of Ottawa, suggesting that we are but a backwoods food wasteland as compared to Toronto...

And I am guessing by posting this here alongside Nicastro's you are in someway hoping to promote your product McLean Organic Foods of Vancouver.

Thing is... you haven't a clue!

Ottawa is a very food forward thinking community and Ottawa Foodies are "always on the leading edge" of what is happening.

Nitrate-Free Deli Meats were recently discussed (June 3, 2009) in the OF Forum topic "Terroir - PECounty Spring Wine Festival" ottawafoodies.com/forum/1920

I have spoke with Niagara Food Specialties and they are indeed marketing their products in Eastern Ontario... and many restaurants in the area are using their products. And their now famous absolutely delicious All-Natural Nitrate-Free Sea-Salt Cured Air-Dried Artisanal Prosciutto is available at The Piggy Market - The Piggy Market

BTW, I now have NO PLANS to be purchasing any of the McLean line in the future... I much prefer to buy more local and if that means Niagara vs Vancouver, I am ok with that.

--- --- ---

Gardener Mom - Yup, only Fresh Foodie can move items around... although any poster can always edit their own posts (or delete them) if there are no comments after theirs. And ya, LWB is right sometimes Newbies (or those with an Agenda) don't take the time to get to be fully accustomed to all the aspects of the site.

2009 Jun 26
Gardener Mom: only Fresh Foodie can actualy move posts. That said, something like this does indeed belong in the forum, but a lot of people get into the habit of using one aspect of the site, but not the other (ie. reviews, but not forum).

2009 Jun 26
I'll reply to where you might find organic, nitrate free deli meats, then try to find out how to locate this comment properly.
First - I've found the above deli meats at The Bagel Shop on Wellington. It was last year some time and so I'm not sure if they still carry them.
Second - I think this should be in the forum under a different title, perhaps nitrate free deli meats? However I have no clue on how to do this or does it have to be Fresh Foodie? Help anyone?

2009 Jun 25
Hey if you're into cool deli meats, you can buy organic nitrite free deli meats in Ontario now, mostly Toronto (The Big Carrot, Whole Foods, Loblaws). BUT.... no store or deli in Ottawa. Can someone make a recommendation?

2009 May 31
I stopped in for some deli meats and a sandwich to go after being put off by the 25 person line up at DiRenzio's on Beech.

I had an excellent sandwich of goat cheese, artichoke, turkey, lettuce and sundried tomatoes. I think I had a shot of mustard added.
The original sammie comes with roasted peppers, which I detest. The sandwiches were $5-6.

The guys at the deli counter will make up any requests that you can throw at them, provided they've got it in the deli counter.

I picked up a few groceries too- Some extra turkey for the cat- meow! She only eats when it's fresh. I also got a can of my favorites green olives stuff with anchovies.

They also have some premade sandwiches if you can't wait 5 minutes for it to be made up.