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@ 1137 Ogilvie Road, stocked w/ decent selection of Asian ingredients.

Foods from Win Tai Market

2010 Feb 1
Thanks Pete-in-Ottawa! Wasn't aware of that. I did indeed boil them longer than usual lol. I'll delete my posts.

I still have the product so I can probably get definitive "results" from another source.

2010 Jan 30
Without disputing your results schnicken, we (OttawaFoodies) as a general rule try to avoid making casual accusations of food poisoning, partly because many people have a poor understanding of what can 'poison' you. Frozen food, that has inappropriately thawed, if COOKED thoroughly by you should not make a person sick, if there was no cross contamination. You could eat a rotten piece of meat if you boiled the heck out of it (ask Zym ;-)) Stomach upset can occur due to things other than what most people consider food poisoning ( bacterial infection or byproducts of an anaerobic bacteria ). Not saying you didn't get ill, just saying we should be careful about our public accusations. Big Wing Chun Guy should either admit he's an insider, or admit he couldn't possibly know the freezer maintenance habits of his apparently favourite grocery store.

2010 Jan 29
Thank you for the input Bin Wing, but the inside of the dumpling was full of water and the meat did not look right, it was runny and not formed, but I presumed it was simply a new brand. The product was the only thing I ate that night AND there was no preparation involved other than boiling them.

As I said, I was there a few months ago and their freezer was broken, so it is obvious the product I had was from that freezer. Someone missed throwing out a bag.

I'm not saying that everything is bad there or that the prices are bad or that the people who work there are not good people, but I for one, won't be going back as food poisoning is not something I enjoy. It is unfortunate as I enjoy those types of markets.

I am sure that I could bring the product for testing and they could confirm it was bad.

I did buy product before the freezer was broken and it was fine, but after this, unfortunately I can't bring myself to go back.

2010 Jan 28
Win Tai Martket is awesome. They treat you like a member of the family and they are great hard working poeple. The old man is very nice, and I know would never want to harm anyone with the food he is selling. It's a very clean store, i have ate many foods from there , from the freezer and all over the store, never got sick. Actually never been healthier ,trying out many of there foods. I highly recommend this place, if you want some good Asian foods go there this is from my daily experience as i shop there on a regular basis. Prices are really good especially for the Wong Lo Kat herbal drink which has many health benefits at .99 cents compared to other places $1.69 and up. Little rectangular bean paste stick, is also real good at only $2.49, the pastry is awesome, especially them potato stuffed things at only .99 cents. Never saw a great deal on the Aloa juice at 2.29. Definitely not greedy and the are kind,honest. I saw a posts on here, that claims to have got sick when in reality probably did get sick from cooking on a uncleaned counter in his own house. They are not stupid, if the fridge would be broken they have the money to fix it quick, probably within a few hours. Win Tai Market is quite clean and safe.

2010 Jan 5
LOL, you guys are funny.

Sorry, but what I meant was I don't think just advising the store will be enough.

I really don't want someone else to suffer this and they still have a ton of this same product in the freezer! Highly doubtful they will discard it based on my one complaint.

2010 Jan 4
Have to love the power rangers area... I remember that commercial actually played on TV...

2010 Jan 2
Since you asked... try the following:

2010 Jan 2
I went to this grocer this past summer and noticed that half their freezer was broken.

A few days ago, I bought a frozen product and ate it for supper. The product did look different on the inside, but I figured it was simply because it was a different brand .

Unfortunately I woke up about 4 hours later with food poisoning.

I am pretty confident that this product must have become unthawed and then was re-frozen.

I'm unsure how to proceed at this point, but I'd like to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

I'm still feeling the affects and my lowered immunity due to the FP has now garnered me a lovely cold LOL.

Can anyone advise?