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2010 Jun 18
i love how people join these groups only to bash someone personally....get a life.

2010 Jun 17
i agree with hipfunkyfun....this place has great coffee and food. So different from the usual chains (which i heard get there food flown in from toronto) no thanks!

My husband and i sit on their patio often...we love the prosiuto and bocancini panini...yum! definatly try this place before listening to bad reviews!

2010 Jun 17
i'm sorry that new user had a bad experience. this has never happened to me.

they have really fixed up their patio, added more shade, some wooden fencing, plants and nice tables. it makes a really nice spot to sit, drink coffee, eat cookies and people watch.

2010 Jun 16
Disgusting coffee the owner made for me: I saw her make it and she didn't properly empty the old espresso before filling it up again and making a new one. so my latte was all grainy. This italian lady does not know how to make coffee! Plus she was really rude and looked very cocky about her perfect (not) restaurant. I'm never going back there again thats for sure!

2010 Apr 19
i've been going here on the weekends quite regularly since morning owl is closed. their lattes are great and reasonably priced compared to elsewhere (i think $2.55 for medium). they are offering a lot more lunch and bakery items, the counter is overflowing with treats. the biscotti almost seems like an after thought - it is still delicious.

the patio is open and they have added a fountain. they really need to add some greenery out here, it gets very hot in the sun.

the occasionally have large boxes of biscotti ends on sale for cheap. a large plastic clamshell full of various types was only $5 the other day.

2010 Mar 24
Try "black pepper biscotti" dipped in chocolate and
"sweet and salty" biscotti topped with coarse salt.
I wanted to take some pictures, but I ate them all before that...

Very tidy store, owner is friendly :)

2009 Oct 4
Just tried Simply Biscotti this morning, and loved every bite! I have had many biscotti, even home made and this is the most fresh I have ever tasted.

Had the hazelnut biscotti, a latte and then a canolli for fun.

Super impressed with the selection, price, decor and music! The service was great too.

I will certainly return!

2009 Aug 10
Went here today for breakfast sort of.

Me and the SO had two vanilla lattes with a free orange biscotti.
The lattes were very well done, and I LOVED the biscotti. I've had the biscotti from Starbucks before where its all dried and crispy, and after trying it here it has totally revolutionized my taste buds for biscotti.

No ants, no staleness, I didnt try the bathroom so I didnt get to see in the fridge, and I didn't think it was dirty. hehe

Definitely LOVED the chocolate chocolate Toblerone cookie :)

I am happy this place is a short walk from my house. I hope the construction isn't too devastating.

2009 Jun 3
we stopped in here on the weekend after a trip to the heart & crown on preston street. we picked up two tiramisu cups and two nutella peanut butter cookies.

the cookies were not as great as the first time i had them, but still good. i really (really) liked the tiramisu cups. i am not sure how much they were. we split one cup and it was a nice light finish to dinner. i could have eaten a whole cup, but was trying to stay on diet.

they are very light and fresh tasting. sometimes i find tiramisu can be a bit heavy. i will definitely keep buying these for an easy dessert after dinner.

2009 May 30
So after the all of the buzz, I decided to pop into this place for some biscotti.

I picked up 6 assorted biscotti and basically had to restrain myself from getting any of the cookies. All of the baked goods look fantastic.

The biscottis that I have tried so far have been great. A lot richer than biscottis that I have previously tried.

The place is very cute and neat. They also carry a lot of intersting chocolate and imported sodas.

Definately be a great stop for a coffee and something sweet.

Staff were very polite and attentive.

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2012 Jun 8
I love the biscotti from Simply Biscotti! They are so light and fluffy, nothing like that hard-to-bite over-baked ones that you would normally find at the coffee shops! There are many flavors and all are excellent, I think I tried 5 or 6 of them, they were all great! Texture reminded me of Scottish short-bread, it's very yummy!

2009 Apr 24
ever since a friend gave me her super-easy recipe for homemade biscotti, I've been kind of a biscotti snob and don't buy it from cafes anymore, but the cookies and other pastries here are YUMMY.

I'm eating a nutella cookie right now which is delightfully chocolatey, soft/chewy, and has tons of peanuts in it.




2009 Apr 24
you can get a giant sandwich + a pop for $5. they'll grill the sandwich for you and it makes a nice crispy exterior. a coworker and I got one to share - yum - will be back here for these!

Cannoli -3