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2012 Aug 11
The Cannoli are in a super crunchy shell (which some people like) and the filling is more like cupcake icing than any cannolo I've had elsewhere -- it certainly lacks the full flavour and light tang of ricotta and/or lemon. I can't recommend these.

However, the other offerings look good and I'm keen to return to sample their sfogliatelle (both lobster tail and traditional kinds).

2012 Jul 30
Prompted by the recent review in the Ottawa magazine’s weekly lunch pick section, I decided to try this place on Preston. Like Shawna Wagman, I had previously assumed their only offerings were various desserts and coffees and was surprised to learn about their list of sandwich options.

We tried two “special” sandwiches ($7.99 each) and enjoyed both:
- goat’s cheese, sautéed rapini and sweet roasted red pepper on toasted focaccia
- chicken with all sorts of things in it – roasted red pepper, avocado to name two, again on bread toasted in the panni press

As well, I had a cayenne pepper chocolate biscotti which was quite spicy. Although I enjoyed it, I think next time I will try one of their substantial number of other flavours.

I would have to say the best part about the lunch was eating it on the patio on a beautiful summer’s day. Despite walking by often, I have never noticed their delightful courtyard that was dabbled in sunlight and had a small water feature. Set back from the road it is a little urban oasis with pots of herbs and flowers amongst the tables.

Service was also particularly cheery.

2012 May 25
Visited Simply Biscotti for the first time today. It's an intimate sandwich shop and bakery, serving simple Italian sandwiches - some panini style. The also have a great selection of pastries - lobster tails, cookies, tarts, eclaires and of course, biscotti. I noticed about a dozen different types of biscotti, ranging from almond to cayenne pepper.
On my visit, I had a spicy Italian sandwhich, a mini cannoli and an espresso. All simple, but tasty.

I would definitely return to enjoy some more baked treats on their humble patio.

2011 Dec 4
went there today, bought couple of cannolis, fresh and tasty

2011 Apr 17
I found this cafe last summer and I've been addicted ever since. I go at least four times a week. I have never found the staff to be unfriendly with anyone and the food is ALWAYS fresh, I've been there while she's preparing everything. They even make the pasta fresh for their lunch specials.

(New User 2764: I thought this site was about reviewing restaurants, not about the physical condition of the people who own them. Some one is jealous!)

2011 Mar 3
What does the owner being obese have to do with anything??

2011 Mar 3
Went back. Still unimpressed. Obese owner/worker isn't friendly.

2011 Jan 20
I love this place. I work across the street and routinely "forget" my lunch so I have an excuse to go down there. Staff's always friendly and the sandwiches are always excellent. Wish they'd do the Italian sausage special more often though.

2010 Jul 6
Live close by and go here often. Diffcult to beat the selection of pastries/biscotti. Check it out.

2010 Jun 18
i love how people join these groups only to bash someone personally....get a life.




2012 Jun 8
I love the biscotti from Simply Biscotti! They are so light and fluffy, nothing like that hard-to-bite over-baked ones that you would normally find at the coffee shops! There are many flavors and all are excellent, I think I tried 5 or 6 of them, they were all great! Texture reminded me of Scottish short-bread, it's very yummy!

2009 Apr 24
ever since a friend gave me her super-easy recipe for homemade biscotti, I've been kind of a biscotti snob and don't buy it from cafes anymore, but the cookies and other pastries here are YUMMY.

I'm eating a nutella cookie right now which is delightfully chocolatey, soft/chewy, and has tons of peanuts in it.




2009 Apr 24
you can get a giant sandwich + a pop for $5. they'll grill the sandwich for you and it makes a nice crispy exterior. a coworker and I got one to share - yum - will be back here for these!