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2015 Jan 12
Went here for my birthday dinner on Saturday. Was glad someone else was paying for it. The cocktails were great, as was teh food. Had the Artisinal Board, Pork Belly, Tuna Pate, and Grilled Cheese. Holy crap all of it was super super amazing.

2014 Mar 11
The Moonroom is a gem on Preston St. Their version of the Vieux Carre is impeccable. I have found the music to be above reproach, and the bar staff works harder than any staff I have seen. It may not be everyone's cup of Pimms, but if you "get" it, The Moonroom is miles ahead of any watering hole I have visited. Ask the 'tender to make you a Chardonnay Sour, if you don't believe me. Love it!

2014 Jan 22
I went here with a friend for the first time last night. I really loved it. The cocktails were pretty good. Now, they no longer have the moonboard, but they do have the artisinal cheese board, and that was also delicious.

All in all, I think I've found a cool place to have drinks now.

2013 Mar 18
Stopped by late on Saturday evening and grabbed a seat at the bar. Wanted some snacks and cocktails but the service was neglectful, so we didn't get around to the snacks. My cocktail was good and the room was clearly full of cool people, but it wasn't that great for us. Perhaps if we had known the staff.

2012 Nov 23
I love this place and have yet to be disappointed, although I note from other comments that this might be a bit of a rarity?

The atmosphere is intimate and warm, with exposed bulbs hanging down from the ceiling and providing a gentle light. The music is always awesome.

The menu of tapas is eclectic and, albeit pricey (5-20$), of impeccable quality and creativity.

I consistently go for one of their signature cocktails (all of which are deliciously potent) and either the cheese board or a "pintxos", which consists of an entirely original appetizer (typically a crostini topped with something) paired with a mini alcoholic beverage. They are my absolute favourite thing to order, as they are made on the spot, with fresh, in-season ingredients, and the added beverage is always a treat. During the summer, it was a crostini topped with goat cheese, tomato, balsamic reduction, and basil that my friend and I actually watched the server pluck from their backyard garden. The last time we received the most amazing crostini topped with steak and gooey blue cheese, along with a little glass of stout. Also, the whole thing is pretty reasonably priced around 6 or 7$, especially for the effort the server puts into it, and the total variety. They are about three or four bites of wholesome, food-gasmic bliss.

They also offer dates stuffed with cheese for a dollar each, which is kind of a fun treat. I've tried a few other things on the menu and have consistently been impressed with the quality and creativity.

Servers are relaxed and kind, though I can see how they might come across as inattentive or cold to some.

Overall it's a really relaxed kind of place, and definitely where to go if you feel like you want to treat yourself or your friends.

2012 Oct 15
WOW! Wonderful experience I had on Friday night. Flawless!
The atmosphere is good, the service is impeccable (common on, they are only 3 persons running the show in this little place: food, service, music, all!), the food awesome, and finally, a place in Ottawa where the music IS GOOOD! They have a great wine selection and Ottawa needs seriously more places like the Monnroom, it is a real hidden gem!
We tasted almost everything but the paté, tataki and albacore sashimi were excellent.
For all of you who are looking for a place to bring your Montrealers friends out in Ottawa, that is the place! And it’s open late!

2011 Sep 17
went to the moonroom tonight. food choices were fewer, the drinks prices were higher. cocktails starting at $12+. my glass of wine was $10.50 (seemed really high to me), the bartender couldn't tell me anything about the wines to help my selection, which i found odd.

my big issue with this place is the ceiling. i never liked the draped fabric panels for the ceiling, it feels too low and claustraphobic. the fabric panels have obviously not been cleaned. they had dead bugs resting in them. the back room panels had huge water marks on them and the frayed edges and end pieces were drooping really low.

the music was inconsitant in genre and volume.

if the owners read this site, please take the fabric ceiling panels down, wash them, use stain remover and perhaps replace a few.

on the plus side, both servers we had were very friendly and personable.

2011 Mar 14
Absolutely horrible service. The owner and waitresses are very rude to customers. Overpriced, horrible menu options, but good music.

2010 Apr 17
This place is so awesome. I love the food selection, very different from other places. Nice snack sized portions. The atmosphere is so nice. This is a great place to chill out and relax. :)

2010 Feb 14
Went in for a quick drink before the Roller Derby bout last night. We were famished, so we had a few nibbles.

I thought the Sausage Pot was passable and the Moonboard was a dissapointment.

However, the beef tartare was quite good, as were the roasted tomatoes, and marinated mushrooms. The "VERY CARROT" cake was moist and quite tastey.

Overall, I like the ambience and the wine list. The food is decent but the choices are somewhat pedestrian.

Oh yeah... and I didn't get carded when ordering my beverage :)