Stittsville Meat Market
Foods from Stittsville Meat Market

2013 Aug 16
Well, Bobby F, if you ever have a hankering for perogies, order some of their home made ones. Heaven on a plate.

2013 Aug 15
No, Ivan's is alive and well in the old Stittsville Meat Market location. I've had a few very good sandwiches there, but haven't tried much else yet.

2013 Aug 15
Are you talking about Ivan's? Say it ain't so!!!!

2013 Aug 15
They now appear to be closed. All windows are covered with butcher paper. Does anyone have any information?

2011 Oct 19
They have moved to the old RBC location sharing the parking lot with the home hardware. Personally I find the new location very sterile and boring (what do you expect from a bank).

What is more disappointing is that despite the huge increase in sq footage there was no appreciable increase in selection.

PS the new deli is called Ivan's. It has been "opening soon" since mid-July.

2011 Oct 19
I thought this as well as there is a new sign up in their old location, BUT luckilly/thankfully, the Stittsville Meat Market has moved just down the road on the opposite side (towards Fallowfield). I haven't gone in yet, but it looks like a much nicer location, and much newer.

2011 Oct 19
RIP - I believe the Stittville Meat Market is closed and reopening as _insert_name_here_ European Deli.

2011 Jan 25
Called the meatloaf sandwich. Not what I was expecting but sure was generous, and good.

2008 Sep 6
Great little shop. A local restaurant I used to work at sourced their sausages and double smoked bacon from here. Try their kebabs and cabbage rolls!

2008 Sep 6
I keep driving by this place and haven't had a minute to go in. Finally I was down to one child this week and took the time to go in.
The second you open the door you're hit by the scent of dry smoked meat. If you weren't hungry before, you sure as heck are now.
The guy I was chatting with was youngish and very knowledgeable. They make most sausage in house and dry smoke it. The beef comes from Alberta and they try to age it 3 weeks though in the summer it tends to fly out the door too fast for that. They use a lot of local sourcing. They have regular delivery days for all their meats.
I bought two kinds of in house smoked sausage. The texture wasn't gristly, the flavour was perfect as was the smoking. I bought (preservative free) bacon and will be using it tomorrow. Apparently the kebabs are a fast seller.
I ordered double thick cut pork chops and will be picking them up today. Will let you know what I think of them.
They offer sandwiches to go with deli meat (they've never sold Maple Leaf products). These are giant sandwiches for $3. The buns are fresh and stuffed full. I more than got my money's worth on these.



2008 Sep 9
This place isn't too far from where I work, so I find myself dropping in once in a while for a tasty sandwich. For around $4 (price depends on meat choice) you can get a nice cold cut sandwich. They also have a special "mixed meat" sandwich for $2.95 or so. It makes for a very reasonable and satisfying lunch choice!

2009 Jan 22
They sell the small pepperettes you can find at any deli, but also some longer (maybe 1 foot) more fresh looking ones. Two of them cost us around $2.50 (they're sold by weight). They're available in two flavours: mild and hot. The hot one has a just a hint of heat. Most tasty in that spicy meaty pepperette way.