They are a peanut and nut free establishment. Also have wheat free cake and eggless and dairy free cakes.

The Cake Shop
The Cake Shop
Foods from The Cake Shop

2012 Sep 24
Um...... is age causing you memory issues, Sugar Sugar? Only in your comment from less than a year ago, on October 12th 2011 on "Ice Cream Pies", you said you were 76 years old. And now less than a year later you're 80.

2012 Sep 24
Ok, but let's meet at the cake shop. DM me and we can meet some time around 4:30pm. I'm near there daily.

2012 Sep 24
Hipfunkyfur , I have no connection to them other than being a long standing customer.

And to the other member, I am 80 years old , would love meet you for a cup of tea at my retirement residence. That should put to rest that I am not working for them.
Please let me know a time and a day, I will put you down as a guest for tea or lunch if you prefer.

Our chef makes a nice lunch every day and we do have dessert as well but not fromThe Cake Shop.!

2012 Sep 24
Sugar sugar's former OF name: cakelady
The Cake Shop's twitter: Cakelady1234
I think not

2012 Sep 24
Sugar Sugar, I wish you would just come clean about your connection to the Cake Shop. Maybe you would get fewer thumbs down every time you comment on it.

FelineFan - the rolo one was also the freshest of our bunch. I think chocolate cake stays moist longer than vanilla cake.

Just wanted to add, after reading through the comments below, I too had to track down and loudly interrupt the conversation the staff was having in the back room. I wasn't sure how long I was expected to stand by the cupcake display before they would come over.

2012 Sep 21
Last Sunday I bought a dozen mini cupcakes. Some were fresher than others, and taste wise, I thought they were only so-so, with the exception of the rolo one which was quite good and also the freshest. They had 6 kinds on offer so I bought 2 of each. I did not care for the icing, either. I was hoping it was a buttercream, but most were just plain old "icing sugar" icing and there is way too much of it. Now if there was that much buttercream on them I probably wouldn't complain.

I was surprised by the number of bags of cookies they had on hand. I don't think I'll be buying any as I cannot imagine the turnover is such that they are very fresh.

2012 Sep 21
They send the left over products to The Shepards every week. I know they do this because I volunteer at the Sheppards.
We have never received bad goods from them and we always look forward to the deliveries.
Personally I enjoy there cookies and they are always fresh.
With Thanksgiving coming up soon they send us pies every year to serve.
So, even if they are all painted pink they have a social conscience that is very appreciated by the less fortunate in our community.
Hipfunkyfur do you know for a fact that they don't sell all the products in a timely manner and that they sit and get stale.?

2012 Sep 20
The cake shop is now on Wellington st near Parkdale ave. it is A very large store painted pink inside. This type of place does not appeal to me at all, but I was in a bind and needed cupcakes. I bought a dozen minis for $16. These are one bite cakes (two if you eat the icing separate from the cake).

Overall I found the flavours dull. I had an assortment. Once we opened them later we could not figure out what the individual flavours were meant to be.

On the shelves were many packages of cookies. How do all these cookies stay fresh? There is another bakery - Isobel's a few blocks away making the same things, but it has fewer products going stale on the shelves.

There were lots of cakes, including ice cream cakes ready to go, so if you are in the area and want a cake you'll be all set since they'll be waiting there for you (again, how long to baked goods last? What happens to the old cakes?)

2011 Oct 19
Wish I had read these reviews before heading to the cakeshop. I bought a strawberry shortcake for my husband's birthday and it was the biggest mistake I ever made! The cake was over 90% whipped cream with a very thin layer of cake ...or maybe two extremely thin layers (pretty much no cake at all), and the strawberries on the top appeared stale and unwashed. I threw out most of it as no one wanted to eat that much whipped cream ($38 worth of whipped cream). I sent the company an email complaining about the rip off and they did not as much as acknowledge my email. I would NEVER buy from this store again...the customer service is nonexistent and the product, at least the strawberry shortcake, is of very inferior quality.

2010 Sep 16
Stopped by there yesterday for my first visit. Looking for a birthday cake for my son & some nut- free cupcakes to bring to school.

I walked in - no one was to be found. I could hear the girls in the back chatting up a storm. Looked around to see what they had available, checked out the books for cake designs and was in the shop over 10 mins & no greet at all. Called out for someone - but still no answer.... but I at least I found out how much the girls in the back enjoyed their night out.

Left with a bad taste in my mouth. Won't be returning here at all. 'Nuff Said'

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2008 Aug 12
Wow, we bought a Black Magic chocolate cake from the Cake Shop, decadent and rich and fudgy.


2008 Aug 13
Cake Lady - Sound Crazy NO, like a Shill YES.

2008 Aug 13
i know I sound crazy, but I love the Cake Shop. I am addicted. My family go crazy for the shortbread cookies dipped in dark and white chocolate as well as the strawberry flavoured chocolate and the cappuccino dipped cookies.


2012 Oct 10
holy moley, the cake shop is crazy expensive. i just got price quotes back for a 3D birthday cake request I sent them and it starts at $460 and up!!

FYI: Here's an example of what I wanted:

I understand its art but I think $460 is just a tad high LOL

Thank goodness I found a lady who does excellent cake designs and has much much more reasonable rates. Can't wait for my bday cake!

2011 Jul 10
I also frequent this store regularly and always get a nice greeting. That being said they are only human and might just have had an off moment when you came in to the store.
When I go to my bank I sometimes don't get a personal greeting but don't rush home to write a negative review on my experience. I weigh up my total experience and leave it at that, an off moment!
Hope you give them another try.

2011 Jul 8
We frequently get cakes from The Cake Shop. As both my children have allergies I love being able to let my kids pick whatever they want from there. The service is hit and miss, sometimes they're very friendly, other times not even a smile or thank you - and we're regulars. We do find there is too much icing on the bday cakes, but just scrape it off. We like their cakes, but have had better and for less. For us though the peace of mind on the allergy front outweighs everything else.



2008 Aug 14
Common, this is getting ridunculous. I might as well re-register as "BecktaBOI" and troll for them....

2008 Aug 14
Saw the most amazing cakes there yesterday, Yes I bought another cake (Rolo cake)!!
They had a red cake with a gold dragon wrapped around it, with flames shooting out of its mouth.
Also saw a picture of a sneaker they made a few weeks ago. Very creative ladies!


2010 Feb 15
I know the wedding cake designer has retired and they are moving in another direction with there cakes.
Nadine, the owner told me they are comming out with a new line of cakes in the Spring The are making some amazing 3 d cakes, I saw some on there website.
I have a beautiful picture of a wine bottle that they made for a friend of mine but not being very computer savvy I cant put in this comment.

2010 Feb 15
I visited this place in December, hoping for a beautiful wedding cake. Walking into the shop, you can see a few beautiful tier-cakes. However...

The lady at the counter rudely said that they do not do wedding cakes. They are also closed on Sundays, so even if we got their cupcakes instead, we would have to store them somewhere for a day.

So we left...with a chocolate mud mousse, which was delicious.

2011 Oct 12
Sorry I don't work for the Cake Shop!!
Maybe I should changer my name to Cake lover instead!!
How you come about this is news to me!! Since I am 76 years old and a pensioner I don't work , I just eat good food and in particularly like nice desserts.

2011 Oct 11
I don't know what they're planning for Christmas, cakelady, but since you obviously work there, maybe you could tell us?

2011 Oct 11
We bought a Pumpkin spice ice cream pie for our Thanksgiving dessert and Wow! It was great..
We could have bought 2 as my family gobbled it up.
At $14.00 it was very reasonable. I hope they keep making ice cream pies. wonder what they will come up with for Christmas.?


2012 Sep 30
the standard sugar free chocolate mousse cakes are baked in bulk and frozen. They are then defrosted one at a time for decoration and sale.

If you buy one ask when it was baked and when it was defrosted. It might not be defrosted that day since the Cake Shop defrost one and keep it until it sells then defrost another.

If you special order a cake, they require 4 to 7 day notice and since their baker only works 3-4 days a week expect the cake not to be freshly baked unless you are very very lucky.

Used to be semi regular customer for this for special occassions but after several defrosted and/or stale cakes and some not fresh / spoiled blueberries decorating the last one, going to give them a miss in the future.