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Foods from Cathay Restaurant

2011 Jan 20
228 Albert location: CLOSED DOWN. Will probably not be missed at what they had become, a pale shadow of their glory days.

In its place, "coming soon": "Kirin Express", with lower level Asian Food la carte and upstairs all-you-can-eat sushi. Advertising for cooks and servers.

2010 Sep 22
I get take out from the Woodfoffe location sometimes. The egg rolls are delicious. The soups are good. If you like Canadian Chinese it's pretty good.

My bigest complaint is that the menu selection is actually fairly small. I get tired of ordering the same few things all the time.

I'd like to find something with a better selection outside of the Canadian standards, but the choices in that neighbourhood are limited, the egg rolls really are delicious and my kids love them, and so I continue to order from here and get Thai instead when the kids aren't home.

2009 Jul 22
Here we go. The first of the Westside Chinese Food Experiment. This is really nothing more than me trying to find decent Chinese food close to my new residence. Here are the first of my findings.

I was told earlier that the egg rolls at this place aren't bad. I have to agree... not bad, not great. They were the best dish of the night I'd have to say. They didn't have ends, so the insides were a bit crispy which I liked. I also liked the fact that there was meat, instead of the ubiquitous cabbage and carrot mixture. However, that being said, the wrap was chewy; Fortunately not too oily, since chewy oily = bad.

I also ordered General Tao's chicken, Cathay Crispy beef (mild), Bok Choy with garlic and Cathay Fried Noodle, or something like that. I got the Bonus Chicken Fried Rice because my order met some criteria.

The chicken was, imo, the best part of the meal. The meat pieces were largish, and there wasn't too much batter. Also, the dish was actually spicy. There were thai bird chilies in it which I gobbled up.

The crispy beef... well it wasn't crispy, and was covered in something brown.

The bok choy, well, it's bok choy. Still crispy, so can't really say anything particularly good or bad about it.

Chicken fried rice... ditto... it's chicken fried rice. Not as good as I make at home, but meh.

Cathay Fried Noodle: Didn't really try this one as it's destined to be my lunch tomorrow. Veggies look crisp, and there's a decent amount of foliage on top of the noodles.

Food: 2.5/5 I didn't get sick, but when the egg rolls are the highlight of the night, you know it's going to be a long night.
Ambiance: NA, it's a take-out joint.
Service: NA, they didn't mess up my order.
Noise: Frying stuff in woks sounds cool.
Decor: Uh... no comment.
Recommended dish: Er... uh... yeah... about that...
Overall: 2.5/5 I'll give it a marginal pass. It's not terrible, but I wouldn't order from hereagain unless I had to.

2009 Jan 27
I hate here once
alas I feel ashamed to say I did
It was even western-styled Chinese food
not sure what it was
and I really wish I wasn't starved at the time and could have walked to Somerset

2009 Jan 27
I actually haven't eaten at this restaurant.

But I did order takeout. So I don't know if it counts, but I will tell you what I think anyway - especially since no one has written anything yet.

We ordered takeout one night, and ordered many different plates. To be honest, no one liked any of the plates we ordered. We ended up throwing most of it out. Even the white rice was mushy.

Pass on this one!