Chip wagon located on Baseline near Clyde, between Petro Canada and Tim Horton's. Accessible from the Value Village parking lot.

JP's Crispy Fries
Poutine at JP's Crispy Fries
Poutine at JP's Crispy Fries
JP's Crispy Fries
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2011 Oct 30
are you sure that they weren't cut then frozen on site? ie. the freezing is a part of their process for a good batch of fries?

reason i ask is because i've eaten here a few times and i would find it hard to believe that the fries are of the "frozen" variety. they're similar to Crispy Chips (which used to be called JP's).

can anyone else confirm/deny?

2011 Oct 29
I really wanted to try this place, but when I saw them pulling plastic bags of pre-cut, frozen potatoes from the freezer I decided to go elsewhere. Real chip truck fries are cut and cooked onsite.

2010 Sep 12
Checked out this chip truck this weekend. I've heard some pretty good things about it so far.

The guy who served us was super friendly (I wonder if he is JP himself?). We got a poutine and a pogo.

Pogo was great (I'm a sucker for them!) and the poutine was pretty good. It had TONS of cheese curds (which I loved) and a good amount of gravy.

We thought the gravy was probably from a package - because of the way it tasted. Also, the person I was sharing the poutine with said he thought some of the fries weren't good all the way through?

I liked it. (as much as I could like a chip truck)

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2014 Aug 29
The fries have that magical crispy quality that is hard to come by. Still one of the very best poutines in town in my books.

2013 Oct 22
Yes, they're frozen fries and they're positively drowning in gravy now, but it's still a tasty poutine with lots of curds. I couldn't believe the size of this Small ($5.50). Honestly, after opening the lid I'm pretty sure I couldn't have closed it again. It's pressurized poutine! :P