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Aux Chantignoles is the main dining room at the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello. Situated in the world's largest log cabin, Aux Chantignoles has a wonderful view overlooking the Ottawa River and the grounds of this four season resort.

Sunday Brunch Buffet at Aux Chantignoles (Fairmont Chateau Montebello)
Foods from Aux Chantignoles (Fairmont Chateau Montebello)

2009 Jul 13
for our out-of-town guest's benefit, we splurged on a "staycation", spending a night (this weekend) at the Montebello Chateau, where we also dined and an enjoyed a next day breakie.

The two women were impressed w/ their dinner mains (and i was just happy to have two women in tow, Hello!).

Crab cakes for guest, and cod-something for partner. Our guest was wowed by her crab plate's artistry (high praise from a Japanese traveler), and even pulled her camera out for a rare (for her) at dinner shot. She raved that the taste matched the aesthetics. Partner's cod was also well prepared.

I was less wowed by my veggie option, a potato cutlet concoction accented w/ aged cheddar atop a mushroom reduction base. It was good, but (imo) just good. Of course, my impression means nothing, and my prole-leanings were exposed when both companions pronounced the poachings from my plate as delicate and delicious.

The appies and salads were excellent, esp. guest's cream of porcini and my partner's roasted-beet + goat cheese salad. I actually later contemplated a bowl of the soup as my desert (but opted for Talisker).

Nice ambiance, the largesse of a CP hotel-restaurant, w/ the right amount of formality, but none of the stuffed shirt stuff.

Overall, For the $, not certain i would return as a sole diner. But, its definitely on my bring-a-VIP-to list, esp. visitors from afar, parents and the like.


2014 Feb 3
An hour's scenic drive along the Ottawa River, the oversized log cabin called Fairmont Le Château Montebello likely offers the best Sunday brunch buffet in the area.

This is a veritable feast combining standard buffet fare with more regional and exotic options such as foie gras profiteroles, roast bison, braised rabbit, smoked trout, lamb osso bucco, curried scallops, crab legs, game terrine, Grisons beef, and more. Quality is (obviously) not up to the level of made-to-order food, but it's well above most buffets and the variety is unbeatable.

The dessert tables were impressive, both in breadth and quality. The chocolate mousse was top notch and the tarte au sucre addictive. Everything else ranged from good to excellent.

I felt great after gorging myself on the food in this photo, which seems to be a sign of excellent quality ingredients. But I didn't eat again until 22 hours later. :-)

2008 May 25

Sunday Brunch is organized into two seatings, 11:30 and 1:30. Our family chose the latter, so that we’d be less rushed. There was 8 of us, 6 adults & 2 children. The huge log beamed and stone walled dining room looks out on the Ottawa River. We were seated on the lower level (there are food service stations on both floors). Tables were dressed with fine linens, china and heavy cutlery – old world service. After an exchange of hellos, cards & kisses we got down to the job at hand… the buffet. This is no ordinary buffet. There are basically 8 stations, set up as follows: Soup, Salad Bar, Mixed Salads, Cold Seafood, Breakfast Items, Mains, Cheese & Breads and Desserts. “The Man” and I began with the various cold selections… I chose the Mixed Salads and Cold Seafood, while he began at the Salad Bar. All food items were at a perfect temperature, and there was plenty to choose from. As a nice touch, every item is labelled with placecards in both French & English. The Seafood was amazing… Fresh Oysters on the half shell, large peel & eat shrimp, a variety of fish – tuna, mackerel, salmon all prepared different ways… I went for the salmon, there was smoked, cured (lox) and salmon salad all were outstanding.

Drink service is provided at the table by your server. Besides tea & coffee etc. ($3 and up), 4 white wines and 4 red wines were available by the glass ($7 to $10) – sadly though none of the 8 wines were much to speak of, evidently a decent selection however is available by the bottle (didn’t see the wine list, so I can’t comment). The server was attentive, pouring water and removing plates in a blink of an eye. A nice touch here is the fact that cutlery also is removed and replaced as needed, also sideplates were replaced if they had been used to collect items such as olive pits, shrimp shells, etc.

We both skipped out on the Breakfast Items (scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, etc) both instead deciding to check out the many mains on offer. The cornerstone here is the roast hip of beef, a huge cut with something to please all (Rare to Well Done). The usual accompaniments of horseradish, mustard and au jus were available. I added to my plate: new potatoes, roasted veggies, seafood paella, stuffed pasta, baked salmon. Unfortunately with so much to choose from, I passed on the duck, creamed veal, ratatouille, and others. Next I made a short trip back for a side plate of bread (there were so many types to choose from) and some fantastic cheeses. The majority were Quebec cheeses, and very tasty! After eating every delicious bite, it was time for a breather.

“The Man” ordered a coffee, and I a tea. The coffee was bottomless, and generously poured as we took the next 45 minutes chatting, relaxing and finding room for dessert. Tea service is the old fashioned kind (selection from a tea chest) and my tea came in a good sized stainless steel teapot with a proper pouring spout (no drips here), and kept the 3 cups within piping hot.

The desserts were out of this world… at least seven types of pie, including the required Sugar and Apple, Crème Brule, Crème Caramel, Mini Mille Feuilles, Custard, Mousse, Cheesecake, Mini Waffles and Crepe Suzettes with the appropriate toppings. The choice was mind boggling! I settled on a crepe suzette with a topping of caramel and maple syrup, with a side of warm cherries and whip cream. True decadence! “The Man” chose a large slice of pecan pie (his favourite).

Overall the experience was fantastic! The setting lovely, the service impeccable, and the food well worth the money ($39 for adults). In honour of Mother’s Day each of us ladies (2 Moms & a Gramma) were presented with carnations. After Brunch our party walked the grounds. Sunday Brunch includes access to the grounds & parking, additional activities can be purchased and added onto your package when you make your reservation (spa or golf). Montebello is a great way to spend a Sunday.