This diner is found at 55 Montreal Road, near the Mercado Latino. According to an article posted inside, they open at 4 am every day.

Fontenelle Restaurant
Fontenelle Restaurant
Fontenelle Restaurant
Fontenelle Restaurant
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Fontenelle Restaurant
Foods from Fontenelle Restaurant

2018 Dec 18
I would guess itís still one of the cheaper breakies around.

2018 Dec 10
Did the price of the 1991 $3.00 two breakfast rise at the same rate as inflation (consumer price index) over the years ?

According to The Bank of Canada InFlation Calulator Website (, $3.00 in 1991 is worth $4.85 in 2018.

So, if you use $6.95 as the 2018 price, the cost has risen 43% higher than the inflation rate.

2018 Dec 8
When I moved to Ottawa in 1991 two egg breakfasts cost on average about $3.00 at the various diners and family restaurants around town. Fast forward 27 years and the cost, due to inflation as well as the oil-is-expensive-now-so-everything-else-is economy, seems to range from 6 to 15 dollars. Fontenelleís version is good enough, especially considering the $6.95 price. What really sets this place apart is the old school diner atmosphere. Iíve eaten breakfast here half a dozen times this year between 10:00-11:00 am on Saturdays, and each time the kind servers as well as the kitchen had been slightly overwhelmed by the volume of business they had to deal with.

2012 May 8
Happy Mouth's post yesterday reminded me that I wanted to stop in again to check out lunch specials at Fontanelle, and I was in the neighbourhood yesterday so I did.
There were a couple of specials, and I chose the pictured Hot Pork Sandwich. Slices of real roast pork, white bread, gravy and those great french fries.

Pork was a generous portion and tender, though on the bland side for my taste. Coleslaw and fries were as good as the last visit, but the tomato was a bit sad.

I was interested in their offering of rice pudding for dessert - a pleasant throwback and totally in keeping with the spirit of the place, but I was too full, so it will wait till next time.

2012 May 6
I have passed this restaurant a thousand times giving it no more thought than wondering why anyone would name an eatery after the soft spot on an infantís head. The Fontenelle is nestled into a sad, neglected stretch of Montreal Road across from the old bingo hall amongst several empty for rent retail spaces with nothing more than an old, nostalgic sign rising off the roof to announce it. Passing right on by is standard for most people, I would guess ó it certainly was for us.

New blog posting on Happy Mouth about this timeless treasure. Among the best breakfasts in Ottawa!


2012 Apr 29
I've driven by this place for years and have always been intrigued by the fifties style neon sign. Yesterday I decided to give it a shot for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised.

Fontenelle looks pretty much the way diners and coffee shops have looked since the 50's. Patterned Formica tables, turquoise vinyl banquettes, bad art on the walls and a coterie of what appeared to be regulars huddled at the back chatting with the staff over coffee. The atmosphere is pretty much the way I imagined it must have been when it opened decades ago. I really prefer this kind of shopworn authenticity to the newish/retro diner thing featured in places like Zak's or Johnny Rockets.

I chose the hot chicken sandwich. Not sure if they roasted the chicken in house or not, but it was real chunks of roast chicken, complete with a bit of skin - not deli chicken slices. Coleslaw was really nice; A vinegary style, and served with two slices of red tomato. The french fries really impressed me. They were definitely hand cut and tasted as if they had been precooked before being fried - evenly golden and crispy outside with fluffy interior. Very nicely done.

Other half had the lunch special of the day which was a soup/sandwich for $5.95. Toasted bacon and tomato sandwich with crisp bacon and the aforementioned red and juicy tomatoes. French canadian style pea soup, not sure if it was house made, but was thick and tasty. Both very well reviewed.

Including cans of coke lunch was $17 and change. From the menu, offerings are pretty typical, sandwiches and burgers, but it seems they do have daily specials (sole and baked ham were two that I saw on the board from the previous day).

And it opens at 4 am for breakfast if you're an early bird.

I look forward to checking out the daily specials again next time I'm in Vanier.

2008 Apr 20
I tried this place for the first time this weekend. There are 4 or 5 diners within easy walking distance of my house so I'd never tried this one before.

I chose the 2 egg breakfast with meat and 2 sides.
The choices:
Meat: bacon, sausage, ham or bologna
Sides: homefries, beans, salad or tomatoes.

I went with homefries and beans. The eggs were nicely cooked, the portion of bacon was fairly generous, 4 or 5 slices. The homefries could have been fried a little more, but they were actual potatoes that had been fried, not frozen things dumped into a fryer. The beans were the big surprise...they were really good. I don't usually order beans with my breakfast...I've had too many crunchy or mushy and tasteless ones. They were a little sweet for my taste, but my french-canadian stepdad would have approved.