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2018 Jun 12
Pictured here is the Terriyaki Chicken bento box lunch special.

First off, after tax, it was $10. For the amount of food, that's not a bad price. Well worth it I'd say.

Now, moving on to the compenents. The miso soup was basic miso. Tasty, salty, but not super deep in flavour, but decent enough.

The wakame salad was great. Tangy, but with punch. I honestly would eat an entire big bowl of it if I could.

The spring roll and the dumpling were good. They were crispy, but cold, but then again I got this at 1:30pm, so if you go a new I bet they would still be hot.

The two rolls were tasty and had decent flavour. They are what you expect from lunch counter sushi tbh. They weren't the worst sushi I ever had.

Now, the main attraction, star of the dish. The chicken terriyaki. You get an entire breast. I figured, well, fast food chicken, for cheap, will probably be bland, and a little salty.

I was wrong.

It was actually good. Even without the sauce, the chicken had flavour. A bit of saltiness, which leads me to belive they brine the chicken they get, with possibly a bit of sesame oil. Either way I was pleasantly surpised.

In short, for the amount of food you get for $10, and some surprisingly good dishes, I would very much recommend this.

2011 May 17
I chuckled at the prince of shawarma / shawarma prince. I just find the names so similar yet different. It's like they're trying to one up each other. Prince, king, city, palace, and planet.

But I saw the signs today too. I think it will actually do better then all the previous eateries. Unless, of course, the food is terrible.

2011 May 16
Looks like the Merivale location has closed and will soon be replaced by a Shawarma Prince. Unknown if it's associated with either the Prince Shawarma on Prince of Wales or the Shawarma Prince in the East End.

2010 Nov 14
I had a few different types of maki from here last week while doing some shopping. For the price point, I think this place does a reasonable job. They seem to do a reasonable job with the rice here for a take out/fast food type place.

It trumps the supermarket stuff anyday for the same price point.

I also had a good can of iced green tea. Very refreshing, although it was just cold tea.

2010 May 6
I stopped here for dinner last night on one of my many shopping trips down Merivale.

I'm always a little perplexed as to why it never looks very busy. Perhaps the two AYCE sushi places trump this a la carte/fast food style sushi shop.

The decor of this place is very modern, almost sterile but not uninviting.

Ordering is done cafeteria style at a cashier. They also have a cooler with some quick grab items such as salads and cold edemame. You can also buy various Japanese snacks and sushi making supplies. There is a cooler full of drinks but I don't think they serve alcohol which may make this place more suitable as a lunch stop.

I like very more traditional sushi-tuna with green onion maki are some of my favorite or just plain sake rolls. I also tend to lean towards sashimi but don't bother unless I know a restaurant serves top notch fish.

I was reasonably impressed with the rolls. The fish/rice ratio seemed good and the seasoning of the rice was quite good.

I also ordered a shrimp tempura- this was not that great but not bad. I thought the quality of the shrimp was poor- slender, flabby sort of shrimp. The tempura was prepared with panko rather than the thin batter which I prefer. It was fresh and hot which is important for tempura. The presentation was nice as it was served with fresh mixed greens tossed with a japanese dressing.

This was definately better than my a la carte experience at another sushi restaurant in the area. I probably wouldn't bother with the tempura again as it is not quite to my liking but the maki were perfectly acceptable.

2009 Jul 21
Ate lunch here today. Not bad, fresh, but for the price, more fish would be great. The Alaska roll (cream cheese and smoked salmon) is pretty yummy.

I had the miso soup once a couple of months ago, good price (99 cents), but surprisingly weak and bland.

2009 Mar 14
Looks like they have a 2nd location opening soon @ 1667 Merivale Road (believe it was formally occupied by a Mr Sub)

2008 Apr 14
I discovered this place today during lunch hour and popped in for a quick dose of sushi-to-go. Yum! I was impressed. I had the Kana rainbow roll - 6 pieces of mixed sushi. I can't be sure on the kinds of fish, but seems to me to that it was salmon, shrimp, caviar and some white fish.

It was 6.99 for the package. Not exactly cheap, but reasonable. Plus it was fresh, tasty and ready-to-go, so I was happy to pay. Much better than other pre-prepared sushi lunches I've tried.

I can't wait to go back and sample more of their wares - apparently they sell bubble sherbet as well!