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2010 Jul 20
This place is pretty good.
The waiter that usually is there during the day is always pleasant, chatty and smiling.
The pasta is very hearty.
I enjoy the salmon alfredo and the bread is always delicious and fresh.

2008 Aug 13
I went to Carmello's (Spark St location) for lunch today. Bottom line: it was a completely unpleasant experience.

The service from the start was … frankly, shockingly arrogant. No one greeted us upon entry although various servers and the host was milling about in the front. As for our server -- while I cannot say he was mean, there were some things which shocked us including an extremely rude and unacceptable comment he made to one of my dining companions.

The food was dismal. I ordered one of the specials of the day. The starter salad was the best part of the meal. The dressing was a delicious poppy seed concoction. The main dish was chicken cannelloni. The ground chicken stuffed in the cannelloni was dry and without flavour. I don't think there was any cheese in the dish. The accompanying grilled vegetables (one piece of red pepper and two pieces of yellow zucchini) were cold to luke-warm. The saving grace of the plate was the rosé sauce.

To complete the meal, I ordered a cappuccino -- usual a favourite of mine at Carmello's. Even the cappuccino sucked! It wasn't close to the usual creaminess I had become accustomed to.

I dine quite frequently at Carmello's but after this experience, I will not be going back any time soon!

2008 Mar 31
I like this resto quite a bit. I often go for lunch during the patio months -- sometimes on a weekly basis. One of my favourite dishes is the calamari salad -- freshly grilled calamari over a nicely mixed salad. The dressing is light and it's simply a nice lunchtime meal.

The pastas and pizzas are also good. I especially like the smoked salmon pasta over fettucine.

Other favourites include the cappucino (very yummy and a surprisingly good price) and their tiramisu.

The servers bring thyme bread to the table for you to dip into balsamic and olive oil. By my taste buds, the bread isn't exceptional but can hit the spot while you await your order.

The service is hit and miss sometimes, particularly when they are super busy. I don't like the small water glasses they use which constantly need to be refilled.

2008 Mar 27
I've been there three times already and the food there is really good! I got the special each time and I remember getting a pretty tasty risotto. The prices are really good and the quality is great! There is a large selection of pasta. They can accommodate you with a big table for a large group (for work colleagues at lunch time for instance). During summer, they have a nice terrace, it's also a quiet area! In a nutshell, you can go there, you won't be disappointed!!

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