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2012 Nov 12
I recently went to Carmello's with my colleagues for a work lunch and everyone enjoyed their meal. I had the lunch special pasta which was a white sauce linguine with chicken and sundried tomatoes. It was delicious! The entrée was a squash potage which was also well made.

The staff were attentive and accommodating. Two of my colleagues are gluten intolerant and they were able to substitute ingredients for them.

I have been here several times over the last ten years and always enjoyed the food. It can be a bit noisy at lunch time but the food does not disappoint.

2012 Aug 8
My wife and daughter were spending a few nights at the Marriott (Taekwondo World's) and decided to go to Carmello's for a post weigh-in meal. Their pasta dishes were fine (ravioli and alfredo) but nothing great. But the big surprise to me was when my daughter ordered cheesecake for dessert. She took a bite and said "it tastes like there's alcohol in it"...shrugs and continues to eat it. After a couple bites she sees why it tastes funny. It was mouldy!! She showed the server. He took it away and when they went to pay, it was still on the bill!!!! They paid, without leaving a tip. When I heard this, I called the restaurant and asked to speak to a manager. I was on hold for 5 minutes before someone returned and told me that there was no manager and that they were "on leave". I explained my situation and the server (I assume) apologized and said that it definitely should not have been on the bill, but that no manager was available. I'll likely head over there tomorrow and see if this is true. Pretty sad. I've made sure to let others in the Canadian Delegation know to avoid the cheesecake or at least examine it prior to eating.

2012 Aug 8
I went for a "going away" lunch with a big group from work. Service was pretty slow, as you might expect. For those of us that ordered the special, it came with soup or salad, but these were delivered either with, or after the mains. The food was actually pretty good. Portions are big, pizzas have lots of toppings and the prices are reasonable. Bread and water are provided when you arrive, and fresh ground pepper and shaved parm are offered when the mains arrive. Anyway, it was mostly a fine, if unmemorable lunch... but I had to post this review, because of my colleague's calzone order. We had a good laugh at the ... garnish? on the plate. See the pic. Not sure what someone was thinking here.

2012 Jan 3
The juniors tournament was in town. As it is every year.

And since they mostly stay at the Marriot, they swamp Carmellos. As they do every year.

And judging any restaurant when you see it's swamped with massive tables of hungry junior hockey players and their parents is just unfair. Not sure what you expected the manager to do... comp you because you walked into a full restaurant?

Anyhow, imnsho, Carmello's is a solid pizza/salad place. It never blows me away but it's always good and really handy for takeaway when working late downtown. Great patio in the summer too.

2011 Dec 30
I've never been to Carmello's, so I can't give a review, but I feel that panning a restaurant because of a fleeting occurrence like a bunch of kids all visiting at the same time you did ... well, that's not exactly cricket.

If you enjoyed the food and atmosphere previously and had one bad experience that had nothing at all to do with the restaurant, then I feel you're a bit out of line. I'm sure that you feel the experience wasn't what you were expecting, but you can't really blame the manager because there were kids there (even if unruly).

2011 Dec 29
I always enjoy Carmello's except my last visit. The restaurant was pretty full but this time, hockey teams, which means lots of children running around and screaming without parental supervision. We had trouble hearing ouselves at our own table so I had to go see the manager .... The service was so so. What was my favorite Italian restaurant is now just a restaurant.

2011 Sep 6
Quick review: Have been to Carmello's many times, patio-style, for apps, food and drinks. I've never been disappointed and the service has always been incredible -- nice bread is always served, glasses of water are always brought out and topped up regularly, and the mussels are always yummy. There are a couple of different types of mussels apps, but I don't remember them exactly. To oversimplify: one sauce is leek and the other is pesto.
All in all, love it. One of my favourite spots. Prices are very reasonable.

2011 Sep 5
Out of town visitors took us out before going back to Toronto.
Not a busy night, it was a Sunday night so we could just walk in and get a table easily.
As mentioned before nice warm herb bread to start and a nice beer started our evening.
Salad starters where good and plentiful.
We ordered 3 of the 'old world ' thin crust pizzas and were really disappointed.
The dough was a pre made kind, perfectly round with the the telltale docking at the bottom of the crusts.
Baked up limp and tasteless.
The toppings were just ok!
I am surprised that an Italian restaurant would not make there own pizza dough, it's easy to do!!!
The veal marsala was tasty but tough, not veal??? Who knows.
The grilled calamari was tough and came with a huge mound of salad greens swimming in dressing.
All in all not the best Italian food I have had in Ottawa and will not be back anytime soon.

Felt for my friends as they wanted to treat us to a nice dinner.

2011 May 28
Stopped by for dinner on Friday evening around 7 Place was pretty busy
Had the mussels in white wine and cream leek sauce - good. Large portion good to share for 3 people!

Had the gamberi pasta dish - nice sized jumbo shrimp (about 8-10) on spinach fettucine with a very hearty cream sauce - good - will go light on the sauce next time. Awesome bread

Very good and will return!

2010 Nov 10
We spent a cold,rainy weekend doing an Ottawa Staycation--art gallery, shopping, food. We stayed at the Marriott-lots of problems mainly due to renovations. The in house restaurant was closed and The Merlot was booked so we booked next door at Carmello's for Saturday evening. Excellent choice! We needed to eat but told our server we were not too hungry. Warm bread was delivered promptly--nice quality. We 2 shared the Grilled vegetable Salad (Mushrooms, lettuce, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, etc. with balsalmic dressing & back olives, feta. This was one of the best salads ever! It really was enough for a lunch dish.
Pasta is made to order--we had linguine with creamy tomato[green onion/sun dried tomatoes and italian sausage--very delicious!!)
A nice Merlot for $27; attentive, unobrusive service, relaxing light jazz music = excellent night of food, wine and light music. Reasonably priced and light entertainment-great!)
Overall, one of my best foods recently--and fun!!!