The first Sobey's store in Canada was on Foorde St just north of Acadia Ave in Stellarton, NS. Today it is Canada's 2nd largest grocer from coast to coast. In Ontario they are a good, reliable source of quality seafood - true to their Maritime roots. BTW, original name was indeed "Sobey's" with the apostrophe, but they dropped the latter in the 80s when moving into Quebec for the first time.

Birthday Cake at Sobeys
Foods from Sobeys


2007 Dec 24
Sobeys seems to be one of the better spots in the city for Lobster - at least on a consistent basis - true to their roots in the Maritimes, I suppose. In general they carry types of fish and other seafood you may only otherwise find at specialised fish markets. As of this writing they have Lobster on at $8.99 / lb. Only reason I did not buy here is that it's quite a bit further away - but my buddy from Newfoundland told me they were good-looking seabugs.


2011 Aug 27
We tried the birthday white cake from Sobey's. It was very good. I can guarantee you they use more eggs than regular birthday cake bought from say Metro or other grocery stores.

My son has a mild egg allergy. He can eat cakes from most grocery store but the one from Sobey's, it makes his tongue 'feels funny'.

2011 Mar 22
Last week i had to get a birthday cake for my daughters 5th birthday (special year) mother told me to try Sobeys so i thought i would give it a shot. I was a little sceptical because I never thought about a grocery store before for cakes. WOW WAS I SURPRISED!!! The cake I bought was so delicious and what a hit! The little princess toys they put on top of her cake made her grin ear to ear. She still has them on her nightstand (after i washed them, of course).
I am going to be going there everytime now. And it was cheaper than the bakery i used to go to.
I heard they are opening a new store in Ottawa soon, which makes me really excited because it is a lot closer to my house. My mom says its suposed to be like the new 'market' feel stores. She lives in Kitchener and one like it just opened up a couple months ago. I am going to her house for dinner this weekend so I will blog back and let you know how it is.

2011 Feb 25
I went with Fresh Foodie's recommendation for vanilla cake from Sobeys for my son's 5th birthday. Ordered a cake made of small cupcakes, both in vanilla and chocolate. The vanilla was much better, and close to a good Betty Crocker ready mix cake (a way to say it is not your typical flavorless sponge). The frosting was more than generous, which kept moms and dads at the party on toes, and the kids on cloud nine. The price was excellent, something around 45 bucks for a 32 decorated cupcakes + 2 iron man toys + candles.

2009 Mar 23
We were as surprised as anyone to find that Sobey's makes some of the best birthday cake around. They do all the usual kid-type themes and also custom ones by request. This past Saturday, we celebrated our kids' 5th birthday with a chocolate "Dinosaur Skeletons" cake and a white "Disney Princess" cake, both from Sobeys.

You know, I'd even go so far as to put the flavour of their white cake up against any other white cake in town. Over the years we've tried cakes from various fancy bakeries, grocery stores, and specialty cake shops all over Ottawa and now our quest for birthday cake perfection might finally be over. We used to source them from the Cake Shop but stopped after a noticeable degradation of flavour a few years ago. What's the point of real buttercream icing if it doesn't taste better?

Sobeys chocolate cake is good too: fluffy, with a satisfying moist chewiness to it. But I wouldn't begin to compare it to, say, a Chocolate Mousse Cake from 3 Tarts. That white one is something else though -- everything an iced white cake should be!