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2010 Jul 8
I haven't eaten in the restaurant but I got take out from here recently and it was very good, as good as my usual take-out Thai place - Baan Thai.

I'd certainly order from here again. Everything was flavourful, the prices were reasonable, and we didn't have to wait a long time to pick up the order.

2009 Feb 17
I find it peculiar that there are two 'new user XXXX' posts regarding Singha Thai, both of whom haven't commented on any other vendor. And, they look an awful lot alike. The best part, the newest post follows two days after a negative review! Something fishy going on there...

2009 Feb 16
Been there few times now.. decided to head there for valentines day with my family.. Extremely busy! good thing we had reservations...we noticed alot of walk-ins as well! we ordered Tom Kha soup/cashew chicken/green curry,and the beef with basil all lovely dishes..no complaints..being as it was valentines day we knew it wasnt gonna be our usual service but we werent in any rush..The staff did the best they could we got our food and we were all satisfied...we also walked up to pay for our bill but thats not something to complain about we were being considerate=)and they appreciate it too!

2009 Feb 15
I believe the rationale is that it's considered rude for the restaurant to bring the bill unasked because it seems as though they're trying to push you out. The restaurant is trying to be welcoming and polite, yet it's taken the wrong way by customers who aren't used to that cultural tradition.

It's unfortunate when a simple misunderstanding can cause undue animosity. If I ran a Southeast Asian restaurant, I think I'd explain it on the menu... something like:

"It is our tradition to make guests feel welcome by not bringing the bill until you ask for it. Please wave to your server when you are ready to leave and would like to pay for your meal."

2009 Feb 15
Asian friends have told me that it is customary to request the bill and that is why you almost never receive the bill otherwise. I've found this odd in the past as well.

2009 Feb 15
We were here last night for our Valentine dinner and it was a memorable dinner, for all the wrong reasons I rarely post negative reviews, as you can look at my previous posts over at restaurantthing.com or RedFlagsDeals, but I feel this one warrants a mention.

To start off, we ordered some fresh wraps but the waitress told us to pick something else because it would take long to get the order out. Red flags were raised right there. We ended up getting 5 deep-fried shrimp rolls and they came out fairly quickly so that wasn't too bad.

What ensued is quite memorable. I ordered a soup *Tom Kha* with shrimp and ended up getting something with beef. I also ordered a main dish (curry with beef and coconut and eggplant on steamed rice) and the dish never came out. I mentioned it to the waitress and she was apologetic. Being a good-natured and easy-going guy and seeing the restaurant was quite packed, I didn't want to raise a fuss so I told her to let it go and I ended up sharing the food with my companions. You could almost tell the relieved look on her face when I told her not to bother.

We then ordered a papaya salad because we were still finishing off our wine. I wasn't the biggest fan of it because they put some kind of sauce (possibly fish) in it and I didn't think it was a good combination.

I had to go up to the counter to ask the waiter to get us some coffee and to pay the bills. This is something that I have noticed in a lot of Asian restaurants where customers don't get the bills at their tables. Not that I have any serious problems with that, when it's busy, it's busy... but there were a lot of white Canadians at the joint last night and let's just say they weren't expected to walk up and pay like fast food.

The server who took care of my bills apologized for the issues and he said they were short-staffed. It just blows my mind that they weren't prepared for one of the busiest night of the year and that's too bad because it's a lose-lose situation.

I don't think I would go back to this place, service issues aside, the food is not comparable to other Thai places. The decor is nice and the location is good but that's about it.

2009 Jan 27
Great place! been there few time for takeout..but decided to dine in last week and it was even better of course! The fresh wraps were delicious..I notice alot of place pre-roll their rolls because the rice papers are so dry but at Singha it was definitly fresh! let see..i tried #25 Pad bai gra pow (chicken, basil with chillies and vegetable..a lil spice to the dish but very flavourful and my girlfriend had the padthai with chicken as usual..once again not a dissapointement. For those who havent been satisfied with their Pad thai perhaps dine in to get the fresh taste. Padthai tends to dry really fast when ordered for take-out...thats jus from my pass experience from any thai place... also has anyone tried thier traditional pappya salad?? think i will try that next time!

2008 Jul 27
Went there for lunch last week after having a craving for chili-induced endorphins. Ordered one of the dishes labelled "spicy": Pad Med-Mamoung (Chicken with cashew nuts and dried chili served with steamed rice).

Unfortunately, I was kinda underwhelmed. The sauce was fairly sweet, and the heat was localized to the dried chilies themselves, not from the sauce. Perhaps the chilies was added too close to the end, so it didn't have enough time to infuse into the sauce?

Since I was just eating sweet chicken and cashews, I had to get my ya-yas by eating the dried chilies whole. It worked, but it wasn't the same ;)

This was a work-driven thing; I'd only go back if it were suggested by work. Otherwise, I'd stay with Sukhothai or Siam Bistro if I were in the west end or Centretown, respectively.

2008 May 2
Chicken satay appetizer was fine as was the accompanying peanut sauce. The gang goree was delicious. I agree the pad thai was pretty ordinary. all in all I think I will drive the extra distance to the Sukothai restaurant in Bells Corners in future given that prices were about the same.

2008 Feb 20
It's bonus season and I've been on a major Thai kick lately, so I decided to get some takeout again. I have been meaning to try Singha Thai since it opened in the same strip mall as Mellos Coffee Shop on Merivale (across from MHK Sushi) just a few months ago. The restaurant bills itself as 'Fine Thai Cuisine' - they have a fairly nice decor, lots of art and wooden artifacts strewn about the restaurant, and play soft Pan-Asian background music. Looks can be deceiving...read on.

I had an order of spring rolls to start. Unfortunately, they ended up being those rolls that are just whole pieces of shrimp wrapped in spring roll paper and deep fried. To add insult to injury some them weren't fully cooked and the sauce was eerily similar to a President's Choice bottled product I've tried before.

After being severely let down by the spring rolls I had high hopes for the Pad Thai. After all this is 'Fine Thai Cuisine' and what better measuring stick to use than the famous old standby? Singha Thai's version was lacking any real flavour and required a healthy dose of sriracha to what otherwise was a lifeless dish.

Moral of the story: don't judge a book by it's cover.



2008 Feb 20
Verbatim from the menu "Soa Noy Horm Pha - 5 Shrimp Spring Rolls". I too thought I had ordered shrimp rolls by accident. They don't have shrimp rolls listed anywhere else on the menu, and right below the item I ordered was "Pak Horm Pha - Spring Rolls stuffed with vegetables". Bad assumption on my part.

2008 Feb 20
Are you sure these were marketed as spring rolls? They are normally listed as "shrimp rolls" on Thai menus, and they're supposed to be like that (well, except they should be fully cooked).

2008 Feb 20
Singha Thai's version are whole pieces of shrimp wrapped in spring roll paper and deep fried. To add insult to injury some them weren't fully cooked and the sauce was eerily similar to a President's Choice bottled product I've tried before.


2008 Feb 20
What better measuring stick to use for a Thai restaurant than the famous old standby? This restaurant's version was lacking any real flavour and required a healthy dose of sriracha to what otherwise was a lifeless dish. A big disappointment.