Pizzeria whose signature dish is Pizza + Gravy

Pizza at House of Georgie & Sorento's Pizzeria
Pizza at House of Georgie & Sorento's Pizzeria
Foods from House of Georgie & Sorento's Pizzeria

2011 Jan 21
I order pizza from here - pizza is great, service is fast (I do just live a few blocks away, though) and the delivery man is always in a good mood. 4*/5*


2009 Oct 2
Eeek. Thats just wrong.

2009 Oct 2
love the picture....brings back many memories of nights on Elgin street. It is an old buddy that invented the pizza on gravy thing....it is officially called the "Bob Special".......may go for one right now.................

2009 Sep 30
FYI: Given that the average slice of pizza from Pizza Pizza is around 350 calories and that a half cup of gravy is 206 calories, you're *only* looking at 550 calories for the whole deal.

Not that I'm condoning it. I'm just clarifying.

[Editor's note: 206 calories per half cup would have to be southern style sausage gravy! Canned meat gravy is around 50 calories per half cup. Plenty of sodium though.]

2009 Sep 30
gravy pizza @ house of georgie's. uniquely interesting pizza in ottawa that tastes so good for psychological health, yet so evil on your body. an alternative to hangover poutine. my definitely recommended dose is ONCE A YEAR (for me). any of their pizza's can have the added pizzazz via drenching with their gravy which looks to be either chicken or turkey gravy with (among many other ingredients) lots of black pepper. my guesstimate for one slice alone of this bad boy is 750 calories or more or also 1 hour on an elliptical cross-trainer @ high resistance.

2009 Sep 23
My husband and I are long time patrons of Georgie's -- we'll even drive the 20min from Barrhaven to pick-up a pie every once in a while. We're always greeted warmly and every once in a while we're given a special deal as long time customers.

I too was EXTREMELY skeptical of the gravy but alas one time I tried it and have never looked back. We always get our gravy on the side (unless we are just getting a slice in which case - go ahead and throw it on top) and delight in dipping our pizza into the gravy. You don't even have to necessarily have had a few to enjoy. Definitely not the healthiest thing to do - but sooooo delicious.

Great dough, even better sauce and delicious toppings.

We even witnessed them cooking their Thanksgiving turkey using the dough to cover the bird in the oven !

Love my Georgie's.

2007 Oct 11
Recently I have tried two pizzas from here. The first was called Johnny's Special (as far as I remember) and consisted of fresh garlic, green peppers, roast chicken and tons of CHEESE! The pizza was delicious - we watched them carve part of an actual roasted chicken (rather than a fake roasted chicken, ha ha) to put onto our pizza. The fresh garlic taste also came through nicely and if you like cheese, you will definitely like this pizza.
As for the sauce, it was fresh and nicely spiced and a little sweet (which I like). The crust wasn't too doughy but was not what I would classify as a "thin crust pizza" either.

The second pizza was the steak pizza. It sounds so unlikely and I was terribly skeptical (can you tell it was not my turn to choose the toppings?). However, it was DELICIOUS. The steak was cooked until tender but not in the least tough or chewy and there were copious amounts of steak. In addition, the fried onions were very good and lots of mushrooms and fresh garlic. Equally cheesy as pizza #1.

I also recommend trying the garlic sauce. It's made in-house and rivals the garlic sauce of any Shawarma Joint/Shack/Stop/House that I can think of.

Not sure about the gravy pizza - am a little nervous about trying it but I am sure I will overcome that in time. :)

2007 Sep 21
This was the first time I had ever heard of Georgie's gravy pizza and then a friend recommended it the very same night.

Is it weird? Yes.
Is it healthy in any way? No.
Does it taste great? Yes it does.

They have a small counter area where you can eat, no tables. The pizza itself is of the thick and chewy variety. A puffy dough, and plenty of gooey cheese.

2007 Sep 18
An Ottawa institution who specializes in Gravy Pizza. Legend has it a regular drunk patron used to come into Georgie's to order a slice of pizza, fries, and a side of gravy. Aghast onlookers watched as he sloppily dunked his slice into the gravy. Soon enough a trend was born and the rest is history...

Try it for yourself!

* image taken from a Cheap Eats Ottawa blog