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Healthy appetizer, a variety of tapas, salad, seafood pasta, chocolate fondue with Strawberry/pineapplie/banana/etc., corn chips with salsa, etc.

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2013 May 4
Enjoyed a nice afternoon and evening at "Foodie Wednesday" at Le Nordik. You get entry to the spa and a four course set meal with a generous wine pairing for $120, tax and service included. They have expanded the place massively since my last visit--it was great before, and now it is amazing. Food was very good: A bit imaginative, well-executed, and nicely presented. Service was a little tentative but good natured. Overall, a nice experience and a good value.

2012 Aug 13
Went over the weekend to Le Nordik for a girls day at the spa and decided to grab a bite to eat for lunch while we were there. I was extremely shocked at how good the food was. Both myself and my friend commented that we expected plain and healthy tasting "spa" food but what we got was actually delicious. I ordered the chickpea enchilada, which was more like a wrap, but it was still very tasty and so was the side salad. My dining companion had the lamb curry burger which she said was very good. Portions were the perfect size, we left full but not overly stuffed and could still enjoy the rest of our day at the spa. If you are heading out to Le Nordik for the day, I would say don't hesitate about eating at their restaurant, it's worth it and it's not outrageous in price like I orginally thought.

2012 May 5
Ok ..wife and I have been there since it opened and I have always wanted to write a quick review. The menu is small but does not lack for variety. OK ..they have the best ..and I mean BEST Salmon Burger..I have every had. Salad ..ok but so so ..but the Burger with the home-made sauce never fails to fill me up and its 2 thumbs up. They are bang on each time I have had it .. And the wine is not bad after a long day at the spa ;-)


2011 Dec 10
If I visit the spa and time permits, I do not leave without eating at the Nordik Spa's restaurant. It is by my estimation, one of the best restaurant experiences in the region.

The food menu rarely changes -- it doesn't have to, each dish is tested and true and comes with the most beautiful presentation, high quality ingredients, produced locally or nationally. No matter how many times you try the same dish, you always look forward to it.

My favourite starters are the daily soups (a delight when following a 15-min outdoor relaxation session on a snowy day) and the Rose of smoked salmon saumon from la Boucanerie de Chelsea which a makes a beautiful accompaniment to the enjoyment of a glass wine. The fish has an excellent, tender texture that melts in your mouth -- it's presented with a spoonful of beautiful cheese, cherry tomatoes and multi-grain, white and walnut toasted bread.

Last night, I tried the Bison on their new menu. It was cooked to perfection with beautiful small vegetables in a delicious brown sauce. My friend had the salmon burger and was equally pleased with her experience. The burger is spiced up with some horseradish sauce, a unique combination for a tasty fish sandwich.

Do not venture into Chelsea without trying this most wonderful restaurant for yourself as it provides the height of food happiness.

2011 Jun 26
a pleasant surprise here. Its a posh setting, after all, and my drive through friday's biblical storms to pick up hot-tubbing spouse allowed for reflections on a $12 cup of coffee, or similar, that would reward my arrival.

A glance through their menu, lucky for me, quickly put to rest that cynicism and minutes later, i felt warm and comfy w/ a couple tapas sized plates + a decent glass of red sitting on the table.

Orders included a well-proportioned grilled portabellos with a moz / panko topping and an interesting bruschetta, each reasonably priced @ $8 and $6 respectively, tasty and nicely plated. The iphone photo does no justice.

$8 for the healthy pour of wine, shared with my spouse who joined me to order some type of tuna plate she described as reasonable, though not spectacular, in the $13 range.

Service is friendly and professional, the ambiance and surroundings what you'd expect at a semi-secluded spa. But, as suggested above, chauffeurs won't feel out of place, nor terribly out of pocket, killing time on behalf of their luxuriated-others.

2010 Jul 20
I was here on Sunday.
The lychee martini was good and the rose wine.

The house salad was very good and the salmon burger was also very good.

I wish the waiter would have told me a house salad comes with the burger though, because I ordered the salad as an appetizer.

My date had a cheese plate as an appetizer which looked delicious and a chicken panini he seemed to enjoy as a main dish.

2007 Aug 19
I have been to this place for the outdoor Scandinavian spa few times already. I always went to this place after lunch. During my first visit, I had an afternoon tea/coffee and pea soup for my afternoon snack. But I never had lunch there. So, we went to try their lunch at their patio in our last visit. They have a very healthy menu.

We also tried their Chocolate Fondue with a variety of fruit plate ($19.99) and tortilla chips with salsa as afternoon snacks (sorry, no photo since my camera was in the locker).

For all the foodies here, I am sure you will enjoy a spa day with your spouse at this place. I like the idea of doing some fun activities without spending too much time to drive.


2007 Aug 19
This is the warm chicken breast salad with a creamy coconut sauce ($7.50). The coconut sauce was a bit spicy and was very tasty. The chicken was tender and not dry. I enjoyed this salad more than the food at L'Orée du Bois.


2007 Aug 19
This is the Chickpea Enchilada with Monterey Jack and Chedder Cheese served with a green salad ($10.95) my hubby ordered. Both of us had very healthy lunch.


2011 Dec 10
A must-not-miss item at the Restaurant (not sure it has a name) is the Cheese Platter.

I usually leave it to the chef to choose the different cheeses and have not been let down so far.

My favourite these days would have to be the "À Brûl’" a New Brunswick semi-soft, semi-firm cheese with delicious taste and texture. The accompaniments are plentiful enough that it warranted the attached picture.

The very best value $20 can get anyone.