Foods from Jericho

2011 Oct 8
I agree with the previous reviews of the food at Jericho in the Glebe. While I love the ambiance of the paintings and artwork and certainly find it superior to any other Lebanese restaurant in town, the food, sadly, leaves much to be desired. I have enjoyed their fattoush salad...and that's about it. Service is slow and the restaurant often appears completely empty, or maybe with one or two occupied tables...I wonder how they've been able to stay in business. For excellent, quality Lebanese food in a sit-down setting I much prefer and highly recommend Les Grillades in the Westboro area.

2011 Oct 2
more pics of the terrible food

2011 Oct 2
we were given a 50 dollar gift certificate for this restaurant and having recently welcomed a new baby into our home we were happy to have to not worry about dinner. boy were we wrong. first i tried to call and place our take out order. after trying for 35 minutes and always finding the line busy i walked over to place my order.

if not for the gift certificate we would've simply skipped the idea of eating there based on the fact that the phone was busy for that long.

when i got there to place the order the first thing i noticed was that the coffee machine and the espresso machine were in need of a serious cleaning and that, for such a cold autumn day, they still had 4 flies buzzing around, as if it was still summer and the door was open.

anyways i placed our order. we thought we would order a few different plates and hopefully have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. WRONG. we ordered the lamb kaftas (a house specialty), a chicken shawarma, a spanokopita plate, a kibbe plate and some baba ghanoush. i live 3 blocks from the restaurant so the walk back home wasn't responsible for this culinary mess.

the lamb was tired, greasy, overspiced (as if they were trying to freshen it up with some new spices), and burnt tasting. the shawarma was mealy and was given a failing grade. the baba ghanoush was "boosted" with some hummus and was bland and boring. the spanokopita was a greasy sponge of old flavors, possibly heated in a microwave and the kibbe were made who knows when and tasted like they had been fried in cold grease.

the sad thing is we didn't finish any of it and found no redeeming qualities. avoid this restaurant. it seems "tired" and is in serious need of fresh anything (air, ingredients, attitude, decor).

I've attached pics less anyone think i am being too mean. now if you'll excuse i need to go cook some dinner.


2010 Sep 10
Noticed this place across the street from Infusion Bistro. I really enjoyed the artwork of the owner so much we are contemplating on buying a piece but have to find a place to put it first. Started with the assorted appetizer of baba ganoush spinach pies grape leaves and falafel which were really good. I must say this was the best part of our meal despite the copious amounts of salad on the plate. I ordered the beef kafta and my wife ordered the house specialty lamb kafta. Mine arrived with way too much salad,hummus and fresh pita. The kafta was heavy on the paprika and light on the tabbouleh with a sweetness I didn't really care for. The lamb kafta was better than the beef but both seemed from frozen the texture giving that away. The pita bread was also of the sweet variety. The one bright spot was the falafel I would go back just to order that plate and to buy a piece of artwork.

2010 Jul 3
I ate here recently and greatly enjoyed my meal. I ordered the lamb kafta, which was excellent. Served with nicely-seasoned potatoes and rice. My boyfriend's chicken shish kebab was also very tasty. The decor is original and warm, and the prices are very reasonable. I would definitely go back, and next time I'll have to try the humus!

2010 Mar 20
Went here the other day. I have to say good value and very good food served with friendly service. This is no fast food shawarma place but a sit down restaurant. Although shawarma and falafal sandwiches are served, the humus, kebabs and kafta are the main attractions.

Owned by a Palestinian and an Israeli the place oozes middle eastern charm with art, a decorated ceiling, and glowing lights emanating from little nooks in what would otherwise seem like a dark little restaurant.

The food was great, we ordered humus for the table which was homemade and excellent. The chicken kebab plate I ordered was tasty and spicy, but not hot. It was cooked with a special mixture of tomato, wheat, yogurt and spices that drenched it in flavour. Served with rice, spiced potatoes and excellent made to order tabbouleh which I ordered as a substitution to the salad for a small additional charge.

With most dishes going for under 12 dollars it's a bargain, and the quality is above anything you'll find at a shawarma joint. I recommend it!



2009 Sep 16
It's a bit sweet, very floral, and very dark. It is absolutely wonderful with spicy and savory Middle Eastern foods at Jericho. And, at the same price as their soft drinks, a good alternative for non-alcoholic bevvies.