This vendor no longer exists!


This small shop is located on Somerset street near Bronson. They offer many of the same baked goods as Kowloon market or Uni Mart. Bring cash as they do not take interac.

China Town Cake and Bake Shop
Foods from China Town Cake and Bake Shop


2010 Mar 14
Sad to see them go...where else am I going to get 6 buns (curry beef, BBQ pork, coconut cocktail rolls, egg tarts, whatever is left over after 5 pm) for $3.00? It's not even the price, just the personal touch and the surprise element of it all that I'll miss.

2010 Mar 11
The owner of Yummy Sushi told me the bake shop owners came here to open the shop from Vancouver and they chose to close it shortly after T&T opened.

Too bad, they had great stuff at incredible prices. Their sticky rice was especially good and they had good vegetarian stuff that my daughter really liked. We also got cakes from there for birthdays and such.

p.s. Moxies next to T&T . . . wonder if the name had anything to do with it? :-)

2010 Jan 24
What I heard is that Rogers Wireless gave a very good deal to the owner for the lease transfer. I also heard that many stores on Somerset have been affected by T&T. Customer flow is now a big issue for Chinatown restaurants and grocery business. I hope that it is only because it is winter!

It is also very sad to find out from the local Chinese newsletters (those you can pick up from any Chinese grocery stores) that few restaurants on Somerset are listed for sale (for less than $40K). I read one bubble tea store on Somerset is also for sale. Is it because of T&T or the economy is getting worse?

P.S. Yangtze and Moxie's will be built next to T&T. However, Yangtze will offer fusion food instead of authentic Chinese food (and I think this will not be a good decision). Who wants fusion food when Ottawa already has so many restaurants offering AYCE and fusion food?

2010 Jan 24
Does anybody knows whatever happen to China Town Cake and Bake Shop? Did they move or closed due to lack of business? I visited the store yesterday to buy a cake and instead found a Rogers Wireless store.

2009 Mar 1
I agree that the convenience of not having to go to a separate counter makes this bakery a better choice than Kowloon or Uni Mart. Their sweet buns look fresher and more appealing.

2007 Jul 17
This fairly new bakery offers many of the same bakery items you can get at Kowloon market or UniMart, but the advantage here is that you can walk right in instead of having to pay at the small bakery counter inside Kowloon. As well, there seem to be some items I have not seen at Kowloon and the bakery items here look much nicer than the ones at Kowloon.

2007 Jun 29
Looking for whole wheat bread in china town? Finallly, there is a place that sells some (kind-of).

In addition to the traditional chinese bakery items (bbq pork bun, ham and egg bun etc), they sell whole wheat (ish) bread along with some whole wheat buns (kind-of shaped like a croissant).

The bread is still chinese style (brick bread) but it's a start!. I have also bought their egg brick bread which is perfect for making french toast. They have whole wheat buns that I get for eating with hamburgers or sausage.

So if you live near Bronson and Somerset and don't feel like walking to Hartman's or to Preston Street for fresh bread, this place can help you out. The stuff comes out fresh everyday but they only seem to make a couple loaves a day so it goes fast.