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A Kosher bakery recently captured in the documentary film "One of the Last". They have a selection of breads, rolls, bagels and baked goods as well as some grocery items.

Rideau Bakery
Doughnuts at Rideau Bakery
Cheese at Rideau Bakery
Bread at Rideau Bakery
Foods from Rideau Bakery

2018 Jul 13
The Cronut from Rideau Bakery was so good. It tasted super fresh and airy. It had a creamy delicious custard on the inside and just the right amount of glaze and chocolate drizzle. Tasted like heaven. Did I mention it was good?

They also have consistently fresh and tasty donuts (Way better prices then the fluffy hipster donut shops that I also have enjoyed). Not to mention their Challah (Egg Bread) makes amazing french toast! It's also the same bread the Sherwood Deli uses for their sandwiches.

2010 Mar 22
The marble rye is amazing! I had it for breakfast while visiting my boyfriends parents with him. I was bummed when I went in to find out they only make it on friday & sunday. [I'm pretty sure it was those days]. Either way, try it!


2010 Aug 15
I have been going to this bakery for as long as I can remember. The bread has not changed in 25 years. I have yet to find a similar loaf of light rye in Ottawa yet. The shiny crust is just amazing and so chewy. Here is a triple light rye that will go great with the home made turkey soup defrosting on the counter for supper tonight.

2010 Jul 3
The BF and I bought our first loaf of light rye from Rideau Bakery yesterday. It was delicious. We will never go back to store brands again. It was so fresh we both had to have another piece!

2008 Jan 4
I just, for the first time, bought some light rye bread and 9-grain bread from here. I've only had the rye so far, and so far so good! I was pleasantly surprised that the breads were only $2.90 each....very affordable for fresh handmade bread.
A little disappointed that they use enriched flour but oh well.

2007 Sep 23
I've been eating the rye bread from here since I was a child. I remember their old logo used to be this menacing baker that looked like a cross between the Pillsbury doughboy and the Michelin Tire man. That aside, it's great bread and it toasts quite nicely.

2010 Oct 24
Stopped in for a light rye and a pumpernickel for lunch and notice they now have their own cheese. I enquired and was told they started making cheese a short while ago up the street. There were four flavours of mozzarella. We tried the Tex Mex and it was really fresh and still squeeky.Yummm.

2013 Dec 29
Pictured here is the best Boston Cream I have ever eaten! The doughnut itself had a nice consistency, a bit chewy and very slightly crispy on the outside. The custard cream was not too sweet and a bit eggy. The chocolate also melted well when bitten into. It's also just 1.85 each and it's huge!