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Bakery at Hazeldean and Terry Fox. Offers French-style tarts, cakes, pastries, chocolates and artisan breads.

La Provence
La Provence
La Provence
Almond Tart at La Provence
Croissants at La Provence
Tiramisu at La Provence
Chocolate Cake at La Provence
Bread at La Provence
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2013 May 1
Apple tart!!

2013 May 1
I bought 3 little tarts (apple, lemon meringue, mixed berry Clafoutis)Paris brest, opera, moca cake, croissant and chocolatine.
Croissants and chocolatine was okay but they were not flaky at all. Moca cake sponge was dry and too grainy.
Mini tarts are very good. I loved apple tart so much. All the tart shells are crispy and fresh.
Good portion size too.
I will come back for apple tarts for sure.

2012 Oct 25
I knew i saw their stuff somewhere! I finally figured it out!

It was a famous bakery there before and new owners bought it and made it ''LA PROVENCE''! La provence got lucky and purchased a bakery all equiped, i forgot the original bakery's name tho, but they have 2 bakerys in orleans.

not too original if u ask me! everything looks the same!

2011 May 7
A friend brought over a box full of these single-serving puddingy treats yesterday. I'm not even sure what they should be called... clockwise from top left, they are: Creme Caramel, Tiramisu, Lemon, Mango, Blueberry.

I had a Tiramisu and tasted the Mango. The former was nice but very mild -- almost bland, with no discernible taste of coffee. The mango was bright and flavourful. These are great for entertaining and the quality is good!

2011 Apr 6
I worked at la provence for 2 years as a baker before, mostly making the cakes.
I guess you could say im a bit biased but i will put in my 2 cents honestly.
Almond Tarts are FANTASTIC and under rated! One of my favourite treats with a coffee.
Must Trys:
Croissants (chocolatine, butter,
Cheese croissants are made with St. Alberts Chedder Yum!)
Banana Muffins (Taste of pure butter and bananas!)
Pistachio Pastry square (not a regular item, but i wish it was!)

2009 Dec 13
I ordered a chicken pot pie from the bakery. The crust was perfect. The pie itself could have had a bit more flavour, so I just added salt and pepper to it.

They also have adorable edible cake toppings!

2009 Nov 5
La Provence provides a much needed "oomph" in Kanata. So its not Paris. But the croissants are very good, especially compared to the only other option in K-town (grocery stores!). The cakes are quite decent, as far as I have tried--and frozen if done properly is ok. And it beats Costco. I had a black olive bread that is very good. We sliced it thinly and had it with olives and cheese. Yum. I won't "review" what I haven't tried but the fares look appealing.

2008 Jul 25
la provence is just a OK bakery, to my taste..

2007 Apr 27
So after lunch at Phnom Pehn, I stopped in to check out this bakery - I have been meaning to do so for over a year now. I purchased a chocolatine (chocolate croissant) that I ate guiltily in my cube later in the afternoon. Yummy. Light and flaky and moist with an excellent chocolate center. It is going to be hard to stay away from this place now that I know the products are good. They also had a very nice cake and pastry selection. At least nice visually... It might be dangerous to the size of my butt to sample all of the offerings, but based on the chocolatine, I would bet that everything else is really good too.


2009 Dec 13
Just like FF, I opted to try the white loaf. I was very impressed! Tasty indeed. Loaf stayed fresh for several days.

2007 Jan 31
I've been meaning to try this place for a while since I heard they have good bread. By the time I got there, they'd sold out of their more "hearty" breads so I had to settle for a fluffy Belgian loaf.

No problem! This was easily the best tasting fluffy white loaf of bread I've ever had. I still prefer more dense, moist breads but as far as fluffy goes this one was top notch!


2007 Jun 7
I had tried several kinds of cakes from La Provence, EVERYTHING was delicious, particularly their tiramisu cake, le Parisien and the ladybug raspberry mousse cake that I ordered for my baby girl's 100 day birthday. I do wish that their cakes are freshly baked instead of frozen, oh well...


2007 May 25
I tried their Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse cake (as shown in the photo). Both were very good. A small one like this costs $17.99.

The cakes were frozen. So, allow 1 hour to thaw before serving.


2009 Jul 22
My friend brought me a treat (a Tiramisu cake from La Provence) today. I just ate 2 pieces (yum). I think I am in trouble since I also ate a big piece of chocolate cake from Swiss Pastries this afternoon.

P.S. I hope that they can sell fresh cake daily instead of selling frozen cakes.



2011 May 5
The plain croissants here ($1.50) are very good in comparison to grocery store offerings. Buttery and hearty though they are, they just don't have the joyful crispy airiness found in a perfect croissant. A little too sweet for my taste.

I will return to try the chocolatine and cheddar versions. This style of croissant would work well with fillings!


2011 May 5
Bella Baker's suggestion was a sound one! These moist and dense little tarts are full of almondy goodness (no artificial extract flavour). There's a tastefully thin layer of raspberry jam in the center that helps make this a special treat.

I suggest having a light lunch (like a croissant) if you plan to eat one of these for dessert. ;-)