Foods from Bearbrook Farm

2011 Nov 22
Their smoked turkey breast is the best! So much better than the nitrate filled crap at delis.

2008 Jan 27
Wow! What a great all you can eat brunch buffet. Service was great, food was fresh and hot. I gather that the menu changes but off the top of my head, things I can remember:

Venison Stew, Wild Game Stew, Wild Boar ribs, Buffalo Meatballs, Wild Boar Roast, Emu Roast, Venison Roast. Also venison, wild boar and buffalo pepperonies.

Lots of standard breakfast fare (bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, etc), spatzle, red cabbage, all kinds of fresh fruit, desserts, and fresh squeezed apple and orange juices.

Deffinitly go with an empty stomach and remember to make reservations.

2007 Jul 15
Just picked up some today at the Ottawa Farmers Market, and it is a particularly delicious smoky version. Best enjoyed sliced into little pieces and eaten with mouthfuls of good bread!

2009 Jan 23
Bearbrook farms has amazing pepperettes. Not sure where you can buy them now though, in the summer they had a booth at the farmers market. They had a bunch of different ones, from bison to elk to emu.

2013 May 16

Juniper berries
Herbs & spices
Red currant
35% cream

2013 May 16
One of my favorite foodie discoveries last summer was Bearbrook Farm's venison stew at the Brewer Park Farmers Market. The stew was beyond delicious with large chunks of perfectly stewed venison with a side of potatoes for approximately $10. The stew can also be purchased frozen for later (an option I haven't yet tried).

I tried the stew again last week and was disappointed to see that they had added peas. I hope this was a one time mistake. The stew is still delicious and I will be back weekly for it, but I hope they take out the peas.

The elk and buffalo stews are also delicious but I would only get them if there is no venison left as I find them more fatty and oily.