Foods from Bryson Farms

2008 Nov 28
That's really great news! The charges seemed pretty trumped up to me from what little I saw about them!

2008 Nov 28
Ron Eade just announced on his blog that Bryson co-owner Stuart Collins has returned home after charges against him in Texas were dropped.

Looks like Bryson is back on track!

2008 Aug 21
I've just signed up for delivery in Hull which they now service. I can't wait for the basket this week. It's very inspiring to get a surprise every week. The creativity in the kitchen is about to go UP!

From my email notification:

This week's basket should be exceptional - probably golden or chioggia beets; green, yellow, or red french filet beans; fingerlings; sweet peppers; baby carrots; chard; summer squash or Italian zucchini; tomatillos; lots of heirloom tomatoes and so much more! Also, we still have lots of our baby leaf salad greens which is very unusual at this time of year.

And our certified organic sweet corn has started we are never sure how much we will have until we harvest so if you only receive a few couple of ears (or none) this week, there will be lots more in the baskets in the weeks to come and well into September. To learn why our sweet corn is so late and the perils of conventional sweet corn, please read our note below.

2008 Jun 23
I love 'em too. I'm single, and I get the 2 person delivery every second week. I eat the tenderest stuff the first week, and the more durable stuff the second week. But because it is so fresh, I find that almost everything easily lasts two weeks.

I love getting stuff that I've never tried before... it's early in the year and I've already got some nice white radishes and neon colored chard. Looking forward to purple and yellow carrots, purple potatoes, and multicolored tomatoes!

2008 Jun 23
I am a big fan of Bryson Farms... the concept and execution, not necessarily the owners (I try to avoid the politics).

If you can get past the Ottawa Citizen reports and focus on the product, this is the best $ you will ever spend.

We get the weekly basket for 2 at $45, delivered right to my door. The price is comparable to the grocer, but the quality and diversity is second to none. Our basket easily feeds our family of 3, with veggies for 10-12 meals... and we eat a LOT of veggies.

I love the heirloom tomatoes and the mixed salad greens. In the summer the corn is fab. And in the winter the dark leafy greens are awesome. My daughter's favourite items are the crazy purple and red carrots.

If you have the $, and your family eats 20-25 servings of veggies a week, I highly recommend getting on their wating list, you won't be dissapointed.

2006 Nov 13


2013 Oct 2
So, NU5655, what you're saying is that they were quick with a refund and you didn't have to hound them for it, right. Sounds like good people to do business with.

2013 Oct 2
We had several deliveries from Bryson Farms. We very much believe in organic produce, as well the concept. The quality was fine but we found them a bit pricey.

One thing we think others should know is that they charged us in advance for deliveries, and it took two or three weeks and two e-mails to obtain a refund when we decided to no longer get vege-tables from them.