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Foods from Le Mezzé

2009 Jun 9
Last I saw the windows were covered up... Not sure if they've closed?

2008 Mar 27
I am not impressed by Le Mezzé. I love lebanese food but I think this restaurant has nothing better than a small place with cheaper food and same quality. I would not go back because it has nothing special. The waiter was nice but he wasn't very professional, we had to ask him a billion times for the bill, we waited quite a long time for mezze (when there was almost no customer in the restaurant yet).

2007 Sep 22
As someone who eats lebanese food on a daily basis, I was looking forward to taking the day off from cooking and treat my mom and myself to authentic lebanese food. We decided to go to the market and try this restaurant. BIG MISTAKE. We ordered maza (appetizers), and were very disappointed with the quality and quantity. Our server seemed very much distracted when taking our orders.
When the platter for 2 arrived it was even worse. The kafta was over cooked, the meat was under cooked. Terrible experience. We were even charged for an appetizer that we ordered but never got, which the server fixed by giving me change instead of reversing the credit card charge. The 15% tip was already charged on the bill, I am usually a good tipper unless I get bad service. In this situation I would not have tipped 15%. We did not even get any water, until I asked for it, it was never refilled until I asked for it too.
The potential could be great, but it seems like a place of inexperienced staff, from the kitchen to the floor.
Definitely not worth the money I paid, will have to stick to going to Fairouz next time.

2007 Sep 12
I came here for dinner on a Tuesday night several weeks ago. The restaurant had only one section indoors open, which was about half-full. The patio was about half-full also. There were 2 servers and a host working. I was seated and waited well over 10 minutes without anyone coming to my table. Finally the waiter serving another table was kind enough to fill my water glass and ask if my server had been yet. She eventually turned up and I decided to order my app and main course at the same time. I also asked for a glass of red wine. A long time after that, the other table's server filled my water glass for me (again) and I asked about my glass of wine. My server came trotting over with a glass of white, she then apologized and returned with a giant glass of red (which was later comped). My appetizer arrived....a red pepper and almond spread served with pita wedges. It was very good, but I couldn't finish it all. It was taken away and a plate of crudites was dropped off for me to much on while I waited for my lamb. At this point a table of ladies who had been seated shortly after me got up and walked (they hadn't even gotten menus yet!) I can't help thinking that a couple of complimentary glasses of wine and the prompt appearance of their server (the same girl serving my table) would have kept them in their seats. I also heard the four-top behind me wondering out loud if their mains would ever arrive. Actual quote here "It's been so long since we ordered I don't remember what I asked for."
My main course finally arrived, after tasting it I realised it was not the dish I had ordered, but I was just happy to have food given the way the night was going. It was good, but I had ordered lamb cooked with pomegranate, and had really been looking forward to trying it.
Overall, the food that eventually arrived was delicious but the neglectful and disorganized service was really distracting, and I would have found it embarassing had I brought guests with me.

Topping off this bizarre some point I had started jotting down some observations after noticing that the server was clearly in over her head. On one of her rare appearances at my table she spied my pen sitting on the table and asked to borrow it and made off with it....I didn't get it back