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2010 Apr 4
awesome tea selection and good for holistic health. big source to infuse your dishes with unique worldly flavors as well.

2006 Oct 11
This place is neato.. it sports a huge selection of loose teas, either for drinking right there or for taking home to steep yourself. They sell various tea-related equipment like teapots and strainers. One unique thing I noticed is that you can buy a variety of teabags individually wrapped in case you don't need a whole box (e.g. if you're just trying them out). Oh, and the salesperson was cool because she told us one of the teas we were buying makes her pee a lot. :-)


2009 Aug 6
Really good! Nice, plain, cold tea- the most refreshing thing to drink on a hot day in the market. I love it.

2011 Sep 4
The last two times I've had scones from here, they haven't been cooked through. Needless to say, rewarmed, undercooked pastry is as bad as it sounds.

2009 Mar 15
Scones here are served warm, with butter, whip cream and jam on the side...mmmm! Grab a cup (or a pot!) of tea and it makes for a great catching-up session with friends after work!